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  1. The combo method always involved both income (verified by an embassy/consulate affidavit) and money in the bank (verified by bank letter) along with various copies of things.  To my knowledge, the only way to prove the income component of the combo method has always been by way of the income affidavit issued by an embassy/consulate. So far, to my knowledge, Immigration has not relaxed those requirements for the combination method. So, if your embassy/consulate will no longer do the income affidavit (e.g., the US, UK, etc.), then the combo method isn't available to you.  Apparently (if somebody has actually tried it and succeeded or failed, please post), nothing has changed with the combo method for those with an embassy/consulate that will issue the income affidavit for the income portion of the combo method.  (Whether Immigration will or should relax the proof method for the income portion of the combo method for those countries no longer issuing the income affidavits is not currently known). 


    The straight income method historically also required an embassy/income letter but Immigration has relaxed that requirement for some countries (at least for the ones no longer issuing income affidavits) and is allowing income to be proved for those countries by the showing of monthly foreign deposits to a Thai bank account in the proper amount.  For those who have an embassy/consulate that still issues the income affidavit, nothing has changed at all.  And, as Amexpat has pointed out, Immigration doesn't care where the monthly amount came from as long as it was the proper amount and came from a foreign source into your Thai bank account.


    The third option - keeping money in the bank - used to require proof (by bank letter along with various copies) that you kept 800k for 2 months prior to application for first-time applicants (3 months prior to application for subsequent annual renewals) but you could spend all the money right after you obtained your annual extension.  That's changed to require the 800k to be there two months prior to application,  keeping 800k there for 3 months after the application, and keeping 400k there the rest of the year.  For those permanently parking 800k in a Thai bank account, nothing has changed at all. 

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  2. On 8/24/2019 at 3:36 AM, elviajero said:

    Again, I am simply pointing out — for the OP’s benefit — that questions might be asked if the applicant spends 6 months plus outside the country every year; as that square peg doesn’t fit immigrations round hole.

    I asked before but you didn't respond so here goes again:  Do you know of any cases where Immigration has even questioned an expat (who is on a retirement visa/extension) as to why he is out of Thailand for many months per year?  If you do, that information would be helpful; if you don't, I wonder if it's all that helpful to speculate as to what Immigration might do (I've been on a retirement extension for a decade+ and have been out of Thailand 4+ months in a row each year for that whole time period and Immigration has never said a word about it). 

  3. "2.  What documents do I need to take to my local immigration office if I file a TM-30 to report a "return to my residence" after staying overnight in another province - again, considering I have a legal right to use the property (just like a lease).  I'll obviously need to do this until I have access to the online system."


    It may depend on what provincial Immigration office is involved.  In Chiangmai, updating only requires presentation of one's passport which has the TM30 Notification of Receipt* stapled in the back.  They'll simply briefly enter some info on their computer and then put a new date stamp on that Notification of Receipt.

    [*For those who only have some printout of the TM30 filing, I suppose that is needed instead of the TM30 Notification of Receipt.  In Chiangmai, if that is the case, they'll print out their form of the TM30 Notification of Receipt (it looks very much like the 90-day Notification of Receipt), date stamp that, and then staple that in the back of your passport.  And, if your Notification of Receipt is full of date stamps or too damaged, they'll print out a new one for you.]


    Anybody doing anything - original filing or updating - via their online system ought to keep a printout to prove the filing/updating has been done. I'd note that, so far, Chiangmai has only required updating upon return to your TM30 registered address after re-entering Thailand (although, given one poster claimed he/she was required to update simply for being gone 24 hours within Thailand, perhaps that is going to change). 

  4. OP may want to do a bit of online research - which will reflect several studies that a CT scan is no more accurate in detecting kidney stones than an ultrasound.

    I've had kidney stones three times and twice had them removed in the US and all that was done beforehand was an ultrasound exam.  I also had (likely still have) a cyst on one kidney and they kept an eye on that for many years (again, using only ultrasound).  


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  5. 4 hours ago, Sparkles said:

    I haven't really get abreast of this TM 30 nonsense but I have a situation late this Saturday PM when my daughter and 6 yr old Grandson arrive from Australia for a 10 day stay at our home which is in my Thai wife's name.

    I have explained to her that being the house owner she is the one that has to submit a TM 30 House Master form or is it another form ?

    As I am on a retirement visa what ramifications are there if she ignored doing it as she has never had any connection to Immigration apart from sometimes being with me when I renew.

    Saturday the office will be closed once our family arrive and it will need another trip into the city on Sunday which we don't really need



    Presuming your wife (and/or you) have properly filed a TM30 for yourself, then you're fine (you'll need to have done that and to have properly updated it at least on any returns you've made from out of the country......any requirement at CM Immigration for updating for trips within Thailand is doubtful but still presently up in the air).

    Technically, yes, your wife should file a TM30 for your daughter and grandson; however, so long as your daughter and grandson do not need any extension from Immigration (i.e., they'll be at your home less than 30 days on an exemption or less than 60 days on a Tourist Visa), then don't bother as there will be no enforcement at all (unless somehow out of the blue CM Immigration catches wind of them staying there or makes a snap physical inspection).  And nobody at any airport exit immigration booth will even ask your daughter or grandson about it. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, JimGant said:

    So, they want the passbook to be updated sameday? And do they want a photocopy of that updated page of your passbook?  

    Depends on the type of account.  If, for example, you keep your funds in regular savings account, many/most of the officers want to see the passbook updated (along with a signed photocopy) the same day you apply for the extension; however, if the funds are in a term account, then a signed copy of that passbook is all that's required.  For some term bank accounts (e.g., the ones I've had from Siam Commercial Bank for years), those passbooks cannot be updated no matter who sticks the passbook in the update machine.

    (to avoid confusion, I'm talking about people obtaining extensions based on keeping 800k in a Thai bank account....and, of course, the bank letter verifying the funds is also required)

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  7. When I did it a couple of years back, they wanted the form noted and a photocopy of every filled-out page of my old passport (plus copy of TM6 and TM30).  They might not want all of that for you but probably wise to have all those copies on hand.

    Other than that, they handled it at CM Immigration in about 20 minutes and, as stated, there's no fee for this.  I'd recommend immediately checking the dates on the transferred stamps (retirement extension and any re-entry permit) as, if they make an error there, you'll want to get it corrected before you leave.  

    (Edit - and they'll want a photocopy of your new passport photo page too).

  8. 11 hours ago, 503726 said:

    ...Sorry to be pedantic but … can the immigration service take issue with the money being not instantly available when it is deposited for a term period or that amount being confirmed by the bank in separate sentence in their formal letter or if its done by a second letter?

    To qualify for an extension, the bank account money must be instantly available.  SCB (and other banks) have those accounts and, while they are "fixed term" (for 6 months, 11 months, etc.), they are nothing like a "western cd" where you can't get your money until the term ends.  These "fixed accounts" being talked about allow you to withdraw the funds whenever you want but, if you take the money out early, you lose all accrued interest.  Just ask your bank if whatever account they're trying to sell you will qualify for the annual immigration letter.  I've had this type of account at SCB for 8+ years without any issue or problem at all.

  9. 11 hours ago, JimGant said:

    Copy. Any idea of where someone from Doi Saket would go?

    Nope....but am guessing you might need to go to the Chotana Road office (within that big government complex just south of the 700 Year Road) as that office would be the closest to you.  At worst, they'll tell you where else to go.  Would note that (at the Chotana office) you get your tax ID number on the first floor (half way down the hall to the right as soon as you enter the building) whereas the filing of the income tax return occurs on the second floor (the tax ID number person will direct you there).

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  10. 11 hours ago, scottiejohn said:

    Just the info I was looking for.  Are there any special docs I need apart from the bank forms, passport and Bank book?

    I have a loose memory (don't trust it...I wouldn't) that the lady at the Revenue Office who gave me the tax ID number wanted a Residence Certificate and she accepted a photocopy (versus an original) that I had that was not very fresh; perhaps take that (if you have an old copy)....or a lease copy or ownership papers if you own a condo?

    Other than that (and, like I said, I'm not sure about that....it was many years ago), nothing else was required.

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  11. 4 hours ago, scottiejohn said:

    I know this is TV but as I have already said I have read PB's posts and discussions there about opinions and outdated info not necessarily applicable to CM, but I would love it if people could possibly stay on topic and provide information that is factual with regard to  CM in the last year. i.e.
    1.  Where did you go
    2.  What documents did you need
    3.  How did you get your PIN/TIN etc


    If and when I get thru this procedure I will post my experiences for the benefit of all.

    A few comments which I hope help to some degree:

    (1)  To get withheld interest back (if you qualify...and you will if you had no other income in Thailand other than bank interest), you need to file a tax return.  They will do this for you at the Revenue Office.  And to file a tax return, you first need a Tax ID number....and they'll also do this at the Revenue Office.

    (2)  I first did this many years ago at the Revenue Office up on Chotana Road.  I got a tax ID number on the first floor (took about 10 minutes....all they wanted to see was my passport) and then went up to the second floor and some nice lady actually filed a return for me online and I ended up getting a check for the withheld interest in about a week.  Then, for a few times, I filed the annual tax return online myself (which isn't easy as it's all in Thai....but I luckily figured it all out) and the refund was paid directly to my SCB bank account.

    (3)  However, things have changed.  This past January, I couldn't even find the online deal (the site I used before is kaput) so I marched out to the revenue office on Chotana Road.  They told me I had to go to the revenue office on Charoen Prathet (on north side of the road about 300 yards east of where that road hits Chang Klan).  Apparently, where one goes depends on one's residence location (I live on the west side near Sirimangkalajarn Road).  Now, once I got to the other office, I see two buildings - #1 on the left and #2 on the right (if my memory is correct).  I went into the one on the right (figured I had a 50/50 chance of being right), took a queue number from the machine and in about a half hour it was my turn.  The friendly lady took my information*, filed a tax return for me online, and said I'd get a letter or something in a week or two.  In 2-3 weeks, I got a letter thing from the Revenue Department and it was all in Thai and made no sense to me (other than I could read it said something about Kasikorn Bank).  A Thai friend read it and told me I had to go there for my refund.  So went to the Kasikorn branch at KSK and, after a 15 minutes or so, a lady there took a look at the letter and my passport and ended up giving me a "sorta-ATM" card which one takes to their ATM machine and withdraws the cash (refund) that way.  Apparently, the Revenue Office is only giving tax refunds this way any more [there are three options....have Kasikorn deposit the refund to your Kasikorn account if you have one, get your refund via Prompt Pay (whatever that is), or get the "sorta-ATM" card and withdraw the money yourself].  Actually, the process (although a bit confusing at first), was easy.

    (4)  As a somewhat humorous note, at the end of the process the Revenue lady looked at me somewhat sternly and said "Next year, go the correct building!  It's the #1 building next door."  Apparently, if you live on the west side, it's the building on the west (which I'll try next January!).

    (5)  Finally, would note you can actually get back withheld interest for the prior 3 tax years (this January, I got back 2 years worth as the amount for 2017 didn't merit me bothering with it). The banks have this interest form on their computer so they should be familiar with what you need to show the Revenue Department.

    (6)  I know nothing about late filings or fines...although I did read somewhere long ago that you're supposed to file the return before March or before some such date.  I've always done it in January.


    *When I first did this, I had to have an interest statement (sorta like a US "1099" form) from my bank but his year, I simply wrote down the interest withheld from my accounts and gave that to the Revenue lady (plus, I'd note, my actual bank passbook listed the amounts withheld and she looked at that too).  I'd recommend you get that bank form the first time you seek a refund as the form has your bank's tax ID number.  I apparently got away with not getting that document this year as I had my bank's (SCB) tax ID number from prior forms and/or the Revenue lady either verified that via my bankbook or verified the amount from Revenue Department records as to exactly how much SCB withheld and sent to the Revenue Department.

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  12. On 6/28/2019 at 6:09 AM, asiaexpat said:

    Took the letter from the Revenue Department to my local KTB and easily got the e-wallet card. I immediately withdrew all of it at an ATM. Not a big deal.

    Did the same thing in Chiangmai and, like you said, rather easy.  All they wanted to see was the letter from the Revenue Department and my passport (likely to simply verify I was the person mentioned in the tax refund letter).  Within 5 minutes or so, they gave me the card and I took it to their ATM machine and withdrew the money.  

    I suppose it wouldn't have been so easy if the given KTB branch had none of the cards as I had no desire to open an account with KTB nor did I have Prompt Pay set up.

  13. 2 hours ago, Pib said:

    Sending fees are only part of the cost analysis.  The other part is the exchange rate.  The Transferwise exchange rate will be higher than your sending bank or receiving bank.



    No, that's not true, at least in my case.  I always wire in US Dollars and the exchange rate given is the rate on the given day it shows up in my Thai bank (in my case, Siam Commercial Bank); however, if one tried to wire in Thai baht, you're correct in that the exchange rate given in the US for Thai baht is typically 3-6% lower.  

  14. 12 hours ago, BritManToo said:

    Even the 30bht sign is cheating foreigners.

    In Thai the sign reads up to 30bht, which is the maximum fare they are allowed to charge.

    Correct.  Too many people simply see (and can only read) the number 30 on the side of the songteaws.  Occasionally, when asking a driver if he/she is going to a particular location, the driver will either say 30 baht or raise 3 fingers meaning 30 baht and, when that happens, I have the right to say okay or not (typically, the extra ten baht doesn't stop me from taking the ride); however, unless that happens, the fare remains at 20 baht and that's all I pay (and not once have I had a scowl or problem with any songteaw driver over that).


    But people who either (1) ask how much or (2) show up at the passenger (or driver's window) with a paper or phone map are going to see a slight smile on the driver's face as the fare is about to go up.  

  15. 1 hour ago, CMoldie said:

    At the risk of stating the obvious, they also want the receipt from your previous 90-day report.

    I'm not so sure about what they will ask for if you do not have a previous receipt - ie if you are making your first 90 day report after returning from outside Thailand.

    Typically it's stapled in the back of one's passport but, yes, wise to have it (if you have one).  Occasionally, as you infer, airport exit Immigration will remove the Notice of Receipt (seems to happen to me about every 4th-5th trip outside the country) and in that case you wouldn't have it.

  16. Question for Ubonjoe:  One's passport expires February 1, 2020, and one obtains a one-year extension based on retirement on May 20, 2019 (the day before the current annual extension expires)...... it's pretty clear that the extension will be granted only to February 1, 2020.  Then the person gets a new passport in October of 2019 and goes out to Immigration to transfer the stamps.  What will be the expiration date of the extension stamp in the new passport?  (I guess in other words I'm asking if this situation re-sets the date for one's annual extension). 

  17. When I did the transfer of stamps a couple of years ago, they required a photocopy (all copies signed, of course) of every filled-out page of the old passport.  And the one form (Transfer to New Passport....forget which TM number it was) completed and signed.  I didn't need the embassy letter you mentioned as my new passport was issued in the US when I was there on a trip...but it's apparently required if you get your new passport while in Thailand.

    No fee for the transfer and hopefully it will be quick and easy for you.

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  18. 22 minutes ago, bubba said:

    Commenting from Chiang Mai here. I was told by my condo management when I moved in that TI is very serious about the T30 here and they advised me to let the front desk attendant know each time I return from a trip out of Thailand. They then do the filing for me. Note that they did not say returning from a domestic trip, where I know the hotel would have TM30'd me. Just to be safe, I ask the front desk agent to TM30 me each time I return from any trip.

    It's helpful that posters identify which province they are talking about when it comes to the TM30 requirements (or application) as many provinces treat it differently.  You're correct about how CM Immigration treats it excepting that you only need to "update" the TM30 when you return to your TM30 registered address after you've been out of country.  There currently is no need to update if you're only traveling within Thailand.

    Also (again, CM Immigration specific), people showing up for an extension of any kind who have a printout of an online TM30 filing are being asked to go up to the third floor of immigration and replace that printout with the smaller/standard TM30 Receipt of Notification form (and then providing a copy of that form for their extension).

    Again, this is only how CM Immigration is currently doing it. 

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  19. 2 hours ago, CMoldie said:

    Green Pharmacy(which sells newspapers as a sideline) in Kad Suan Kaew has the Bangkok Post. It is on floor 2 next door to the Domon clothes shop.

    The Suriwong Book Centre on Sridonchai road also has them.

    There is a small book store inside Suan Dok Park, the multi story car park (parking ramp to Americans) at the junction of Sirimanjalakarn and Suthep Roads. It sometimes has 1 or 2 copies.



    I'm a newspaper junkie (Bangkok Post) and I normally grab a paper at the Green Pharmacy mentioned above (and, if they're out of papers, you can also get one in Centran on the third floor of KSK by the bookstore/office supply area).  Besides the ones mentioned by CMoldie, you can also get a copy of the Bangkok Post at: (1)  The Wararot building (building due west of the flower shop building), (2)  a vendor on the west side of Charoen Prathet about a 100 yards south of the Governor's residence,  (3)  a vendor on the south side of Ratchadamnern about 100 yards east of Thaphae Gate, (4)  Maya Mall (basement bookshop although they usually don't get the paper until about 1PM);  (5)  Airport Centran (basement, front part of Topps grocery store); and (6) two separate vendors about 50 yards apart immediately north of Sompet Market on Moon Muang.  

    Only a couple of these places have The Nation newspaper (e.g., Green Pharmacy occasionally gets one copy only). 

  20. 1 hour ago, cusanus said:

    Have used BB fixed deposits some years in the past and no bank letter was required then. What's the basic problem now, were bank books actually being modified to show fake balances? 

    Puzzled by that comment as in all 9-10 years of basing my retirement extension on the 800k in the bank, every single year the bank letter was required. What was required prior to 2009 is unknown to me and perhaps that's the time period you're talking about.

    The issue that was discussed was whether one needed to update the passbook as of the day of the application for an extension (or some date near that) and it appears that all regular savings passbooks from all banks can be updated whenever, Bangkok Bank's (and perhaps other banks also) passbook for a term deposit can be updated whenever, but Siam Commercial Bank's term passbooks cannot be updated.  In a sense it doesn't matter as one can obtain an extension using a SCB fixed term passbook without having it updated. 

  21. 4 hours ago, EricTh said:

    I've moved my FD to SCB, I was afraid that might be a problem if we can't update to the latest balance.


    Bangkok Bank FD doesn't have a problem with updating to the latest

    Apparently BB will update but, for a fixed term account, SCB won't (and their machine cannot).  I even discussed this with the Immigration Officer and she said "no problem."  I'm guessing she/they already know about the issue.

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