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  1. 2 hours ago, R123 said:

    I know this has been asked many times before but:


    If living in Thailand on a retirement visa with re-entry permit (CW office) then I take a trip outside Thailand...on return to Thailand , do I need to go to Immigration to file a TM 30 within 24 hours?

    Even though address etc not changed? 

    Probably depends on where you live.  In Chiangmai, the answer is "yes."  When I say that, one must (when re-entering the country and returning to your TM30 registered address)   update the TM30.  If your condo office or landlord does that for you, ask for a copy of something so you can later prove it was done.  In Chiangmai, they haven't been strict about the 24-hour rule and people have updated within 4-5 days without a problem.  I update myself (given my landlord doesn't have clue if I've hopped out of the country) and here in Chiangmai it's an easy process usually taking 5 minutes or so (they just stamp a new date on the TM30 Receipt of Notification hopefully stapled in the back of your passport). Typical fine up here for messing up the TM30 process is 1,600 baht (why it's double the 800 baht mentioned in this thread is beyond me).

    Here in Chiangmai, they have no use for a TM28 and typically hand it back to whoever attempts to file one. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, worgeordie said:

    ....like day and night.... literally....

    No kidding.  Did my annual retirement extension and ME re-entry permit today....arrived at 11:01 and was done with both at 12:26 (including the time to truck across the street for a copy of the new extension).  A far cry from Promenada days.  

    A heads up in that they wanted a copy of the original Non-O (my original was 10 years ago so, in my case, they simply took a copy of the transfer stamps in my newer passport).  They required the same thing last year (which was the first time for me).

    Other than that, standard documents, no issues, no problems.

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  3. 1 hour ago, krabbyken said:

    Went for my renewal on Wednesday.  Officer wanted copy of every single page of Passport and all signed in blue ink.

    She would not accept my letter from bank on the 800,000, as she said it was dated the day before and I could have withdrawn the money.  Also wanted a copy of every page of my bank savings account book and the last page had to have current day's date.

    One of the veteran lady officers a few years back also wanted a copy of every single filled-out page (even of foreign visas) of my passport (this same lady had done extensions for me in prior years and asked for no such copies).  I politely argued with her as to whether that was really needed and she insisted....and she also acted a bit disappointed when I reached into my folder and quickly produced a full set (I take the kitchen sink with me as you never know 100% what they want on a given day).

    As to the bank letter being dated the same day, that's really unnecessary if one wants to go early to Immigration; but, given I'm doing my annual extension this coming week, I guess I'll play along and get it the same day.

    Now, as concerns updating the passbook (presuming they want it updated the same day), that I cannot provide.  I bank with SCB, keep the 800k in a term account, and it cannot be "updated" regardless if I or SCB personnel stick the book in their update machine.  

  4. 7 hours ago, JimGant said:

    .....Question: Has anyone noticed if, at extension renewal, whether or not the IO does anything other than glance to see if you have a TM30 receipt in your passport? ...

    Friends of mine who have already done their annual extensions this year were required to provide a copy of the TM30 Receipt of Notification to get the extension (and some, who only had a printout from their condo office, were required to go up to the third floor to get the smaller TM30 Receipt of Notification and then provide that as part of their extension copy packet).  I go in for my annual extension next week and I will include a copy of same with my packet of documents.

    Presuming a copy is required, no need for the officer to check out the actual Receipt of Notification that ought to be stapled in the back of one's passport.

    Let us know if you choose to not update and then obtain an extension without getting nailed for a fine.

  5. I've spelled it for more than a decade simply as Suthep and never had a problem.


    Seems to me most of your address is needed (skipping spelling out Tambon and Amphur and Jangwat.  Ought to be:


    Condo Name, Unit #

    Soi #, Road Name

    T. Suthep, A. Muang (I presume)

    Chiangmai, Thailand 50200

  6. 1 hour ago, amexpat said:

    If you are still renting, does your landlord go to imm to do the TM30 when you return?


    No, I just stop by myself and it usually takes 5 minutes or less (my landlord has no idea that I've taken a trip over to Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, or wherever).  All they want to see is your passport with the TM30 Receipt of Notification stapled in the back.  And they just put a new date stamp (sometimes with a red circular stamp) on that Receipt (or print out a new one if it's fairly full of stamps). 

  7. 12 minutes ago, AAArdvark said:

    Does CM care about TM28s?  If so, the OP himself might have to file one after 24 hours.

    In my opinion, no.  Friends of mine who actually attempted to file a TM28 had them handed back to them with a comment of "we don't want."  I've never even attempted to file one in the last 10 years and nobody at immigration has said a word about it.  An original TM30 was filed for me a few years back (landlord was fined 3000 baht for that as I had already lived in his townhouse for 3+ years) and I update 2-3 times a year when I re-enter the country and return to my TM30 registered address (and I've updated 2-4 day days after returning without any issue).  

  8. Technically, either you as housemaster or your son as owner, are required under the law to file an original TM30 for your guest; however, as poster Gant has noted, enforcement of the TM30 rules (so far) has only occurred when an extension at CM Immigration is needed.  So, presuming your guest has no need for that, don't bother.


    For your other questions:

    (1)  Immigration allegedly has a desk open even on weekends for TM reporting/updating (so you could theoretically do it on Saturday or Sunday).  But, again presuming your guest needs no extension, I wouldn't bother.

    (2)  I'm guessing you are referring to trips within Thailand; if that's the case, there is no need to update a TM30 here in CM for that (plus, if you choose not to file an original TM30 in the first place, there's nothing to update anyway).  One (so far) only updates a TM30 in CM upon re-entry to the country and return to a TM30 registered address. 

    (3) There are no consequences under current application of the TM30 rules here in CM unless your guest needs an extension.  No, exit immigration at an airport won't question TM30 requirements at all. 

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  9. 7 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Some offices may want a copy of every page that has a stamp or visa for Thailand on it.

    When I transferred my retirement extension and re-entry permit to my new passport here in Chiangmai, they asked for a copy of every single page of the old passport (including non-Thai visas and stamps).  Just in case they ask for it, perhaps wise to take a full set of photocopies of the old passport.

  10. 10 hours ago, eyecatcher said:

    So....24hrs to update your TM, I didnt know that

    Many have updated their TM30 2-5 days after returning to their registered address without any issue or even comment.  A friend returned to his CM registered address this past Monday and updated Wednesday afternoon without an issue or comment about the technical 24-hour rule (he also went in the afternoon and said it took all of 3 minutes).  Appears, based on at least one other's experience, they are either getting more strict or he/she just ran into a given officer who cared about it. 

  11. 19 hours ago, Duvidl said:

    Doesn't Immigration stipulate that you need to send in the original of the previous receipt?

    Typically, yes (but obviously a photocopy, likely signed, works for some).


    On rare occasion (it's happened to me and to friends), an officer at exit immigration at the airport itself has removed (and either retained or tossed?) my last 90-day Receipt of Notification so that I and friends have no original (or even copies at times) to mail in the next time.....and that's caused no problem or comment (I'm guessing they know this happens on occasion).  But, because that has happened to me a couple of times, I now try to remember to take a photocopy before I exit the country.

  12. 8 hours ago, CHARLES1949 said:

    I went to Burma in February....My wife went to CM immigration on the following monday to do the TM30.  I had flown back in on friday evening....The female immigration officer kept telling my wife she should have came in on Saturday...She told her more than once she should make her pay a penalty for not coming in on saturday....She said they were open on the 2nd and 4th weekends of each month.....She did not say what hours they were open...

    Would be nice if all the officers out at CM Immigration followed the same rules.  Multiple CM Immigration officers have said that it's okay to update within 4-5 days of returning to your TM30 registered address and there have been multiple reports (including mine) that there's been no problem (or even comment) by doing so; yet, yours in a very recent post and either they're changing the local rules they apply or you simply ran into a rogue officer.  Time will tell.

  13. On 3/25/2019 at 11:23 PM, FaFaHead said:

    We are returning to Chiang Mai tomorrow from a visa run to Vientiene. Everything I’m reading indicates that I need a TM30. I know it’s the landlord’s responsibility to take care of of it or face a 1600 BHt penalty, but I would like to do it myself for her. I’m assuming her signature on the bottom will suffice along with rental agreement. 

    In the past, they've required a copy of the owner's (Thai landlord's) tabien baan, national ID card, and sometimes a copy of their deed showing they own the property.  I'm very doubtful CM Immigration will accept an original TM30 filing with the Thai landlord only signing the TM30 form.  But wish you luck.

  14. Yes...so long it is an account you can withdraw whenever you want (for most fixed accounts with this feature, you lose all accrued interest if you withdraw before the maturity date).  I've handled my annual extension with the 800k in a fixed (anywhere from 11-22 months) account at SCB for the last 8-10 years.

    If however you mean a fixed account like a fixed-term US cd where you can't get your funds until the end of the term, that will not qualify.

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  15. 7 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    If not then when you apply for your next extension the 800k baht will only need to be in the bank for 2 months on the date you apply and then remain in the bank for 3 months after you do the application.

    Given you are the guru of visa/extension information, I respectfully ask if are you sure about the start of the 3-month "after" period?  I would guess that the 800k has to remain in the account for 3 months after the date your renewal takes effect (versus the date of application which could be 30-45 days earlier).  Would appreciate your comment on this.

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  16. 30 minutes ago, gk10002000 said:

    So by the deposit method, a person must have 800k on deposit for 5 continuous months at a time around the extension renewal times, and a person must keep a 400k Baht on deposit at all times. 

    Actually, the 2 months before (presuming that applies to initial and subsequent extensions) is 2 months before the application date....so it would appear that the actual 800k seasoning time is 5+ months (one can renew in Chiangmai 45 days early so the seasoning period for the 800k amount for that entire period would be 6.5 months). 

  17. The new system is a bit weird (in the past, I either received a check in the mail or, more recently, a direct deposit into my SCB account) but it sorta works with a couple of minor hiccups.  As some have noted, you don't have to open up an account at that bank (I didn't), they'll give (no charge) you an e-money card loaded with your refund amount, and you simply take the e-money card and insert it into one of their ATM machines and withdraw the funds.  The two minor hiccups:

    (1)  I'm not totally ignorant but I simply couldn't figure out how to use the e-money card on the Krungthai ATM machine.  I went back into the bank, told them my problem, received a few rolled eyes (meaning I got that "geez, he's gotta be pretty dumb" look), and then a teller came out and showed me how to withdraw the funds.  I'd note....with some glee....that it took the teller several attempts to make it work (hmmm.....guess I wasn't so lame after all...haha). 

    (2)  If your refund doesn't exactly end in a round number based on 10 or 20, you're going to lose the odd change. My refund happened to be 4,208.18 baht and the teller explained to me that it was impossible to ever obtain the 8.18 via an e-money card and the ATM machine.  A minor irritation....mainly because the bank will ultimately keep that amount...that I presume only affects those (like me) that don't have or want a Krungthai bank account.

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  18. 3 hours ago, ZeVonderBearz said:

    ...SCB actually charges 5baht per deposit into the account....

    I've had a savings account with SCB for about 17+ years and a separate fixed-term account with SCB for 10+ years and at no time have I ever been charged a single baht for making a deposit into either account.  

  19. 19 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

    ....Since American laws apply to all citizens overseas, an assistant district attorney will be dispatched, he will collect the suspect, flown back to the US in handcuffs, and he will be tried in federal court in the US, on statutory rape charges. They are hungry for these kinds of prosecutions. They love these cases. Makes the American puritans feel holier than thou. The feds will throw up to $10,000,000 at his conviction...  

    Not much of that is true at all.  In almost all cases, unless part of the crime occurred in the US, US criminal statutes do not apply at all to US citizens who commit crimes abroad (such as murder, bank robbery, whatever); however, the Protect Act (you can google it) was a special federal law passed which made it a federal crime for a US citizens to have "illicit sex" ( being defined as commercial sex with or sexual abuse of anyone under 18 years of age...or any sex with anybody under 16 years of age).  The charge will be a violation of the Protect Act and the notion that the feds need to pay 10 million dollars to prosecute one of those cases is ludicrous.  While 95% of those charges end up with the defendant pleading guilty, the feds have been known to fly witnesses (sometimes the kids and a parent/guardian) in to testify at trial (but even in those cases you're only talking about several thousand dollars versus millions).  

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