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  1. 3 hours ago, ZeVonderBearz said:

    ...SCB actually charges 5baht per deposit into the account....

    I've had a savings account with SCB for about 17+ years and a separate fixed-term account with SCB for 10+ years and at no time have I ever been charged a single baht for making a deposit into either account.  

  2. 19 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

    ....Since American laws apply to all citizens overseas, an assistant district attorney will be dispatched, he will collect the suspect, flown back to the US in handcuffs, and he will be tried in federal court in the US, on statutory rape charges. They are hungry for these kinds of prosecutions. They love these cases. Makes the American puritans feel holier than thou. The feds will throw up to $10,000,000 at his conviction...  

    Not much of that is true at all.  In almost all cases, unless part of the crime occurred in the US, US criminal statutes do not apply at all to US citizens who commit crimes abroad (such as murder, bank robbery, whatever); however, the Protect Act (you can google it) was a special federal law passed which made it a federal crime for a US citizens to have "illicit sex" ( being defined as commercial sex with or sexual abuse of anyone under 18 years of age...or any sex with anybody under 16 years of age).  The charge will be a violation of the Protect Act and the notion that the feds need to pay 10 million dollars to prosecute one of those cases is ludicrous.  While 95% of those charges end up with the defendant pleading guilty, the feds have been known to fly witnesses (sometimes the kids and a parent/guardian) in to testify at trial (but even in those cases you're only talking about several thousand dollars versus millions).  

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  3. What was the court proceeding?  If it was a civil suit filed against the driver and his insurance company defended, the insurance company likely has to pay (unless, of course, there is some language in the insurance contract that says otherwise).  And if it was a civil suit and the insurance company didn't defend, that might raise the question of whether the policy was even in force at the time of the accident.  However, if the 500k amount was a criminal fine/penalty, I'm doubtful the insurance company has any liability to pay that.

    In either case, sounds like the driver is personally liable for the 500k although collecting it against the driver is likely going to be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.  

    Best of luck to child's family.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Alotoftravel said:

    the bank letter does not have to be the same day I apply for the extension but the bank book needs too, so i Left Chiang Mai immigration and went to the bank ( 30 minutes walk) to get it updated. This was not the case last year...

    I'm presuming you don't keep the 800k in a term account at Siam Commercial Bank (SCB).  The reason I say that is that a term account (one for, let's say, 12 months and which you can withdraw the funds anytime you want but lose all interest if you withdraw early) at SCB cannot be updated (and it doesn't matter if you or the teller sticks the passbook in the machine).  Apparently they have different rules for people keeping the 800k in a regular savings account.

  5. On 2/19/2019 at 12:55 PM, indepth said:

    Jolly good topic ol man, what about Siam Bank?

    I do a swift transfer into a Siam Commercial Bank account each year and the only designation in the passbook is "X1".....which, according to their legends, means only a "Transfer Deposit, Withdrawal Nobook."  In other words, SCB's passbook does not show anything to indicate a foreign or swift transfer of funds. 

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  6. 16 hours ago, allane said:

    You are supposed to report to your new office within 24 hrs. (or next business day) after you move in, though they are not going to know exactly when you moved.  I would not rely on the landlord to do the TM 30, unless you have discussed it with him.

    With regard to the "90 days", it will reset to 0 when you notify Jomtien Immigration.

    OP definitely needs to make sure the TM30 is filed when he moves and retain a copy of whatever the landlord gets when filing or the TM30 Receipt of Notification if OP files it himself.

    While there obviously is a reset of the 90-day address reporting time period when you re-enter the country, I never heard of a reset of that time period when simply moving to another province within Thailand; however, I am only familiar with Chiangmai Immigration's application of the rules and perhaps poster Allane is correct (OP....you ought to make sure about that so as to avoid a fine for late reporting.


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  7. 21 hours ago, sqwakvfr said:

    About a month ago Tian Visa told me immigration would be open on the weekends for TM-30 updates.  I came back from an overseas trip on a Friday and went to verify this.  There were two Immigration Officers at the first counter to deal with TM-30 matters.  I updated my TM-30 on Saturday morning.  Initially I had plan going on Monday to update my TM-30.  I guess I could have been fined? 

    I doubt it.  Unless they've changed the rules they actually apply, updating within 4-5 days after returning is fine (two different officers have said that to me).  And I and friends have updated in the last year 2-5 days after returning and that was entirely acceptable (i.e., officers just quickly updated and made no comment at all about any time limit).

  8. I'm a bit puzzled too as, like you say, the parade (well, mini-parade) has always started at Thaphae Gate and then entered the Chinatown area near Kuang Men Road; however, the CityLife article detailing the press conference of the Mayor specifically says the parade will start this year at the Kuan U Shrine on Soi Kuang Men and then proceed to near the 7-11 junction at Worarot Market.  If that's what happens tomorrow, it's going to be a short parade trip (and I'd expect Soi Kuang Men will be so jammed that any parade will have a tough time getting through).  The article doesn't say what time this will happen and I can't find anything on the Chiangmai Municipal website about it.  

  9. 1.  TM 8 - completed and signed. You can obtain the form from the Thai Immigration website:  https://www.immigration.go.th/download/  (the TM8 form is #15 in that list).  Neatly print your telephone and just below your signature.  Paste/glue your photo over the photo box area on the form  (4cm x 6cm....which is not the size of the box on the form...with a medium blue background although other background colors have been accepted at times).

    2.  Photocopies from passport (all photocopies must be signed):

                a.  Photo/Identification Page

                b.  Current visa (or extension) page

                c.  Entry date page

                d.  Departure (TM6) card

    3.  Original passport. 

    4.  Fees:  1000 baht for a single and 3,800 baht for a multiple.


    Sign the copies with blue ink.  And there was one report (and conflicting reports) that a copy of your TM30 Receipt of Notification was required so best to take along a copy.

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  10. 42 minutes ago, gamini said:

    You have always had to update your bank book on the day that you apply. Nothing new

    That may be true (I don't know) for those using regular savings accounts to store their funds but it's not true for those who hold the 800k in term accounts.  My account is at Siam Commercial Bank and the bank book shows the amount and the date the term started (normally 5-7 months before I obtain an annual extension based on retirement) and that has been accepted for years without question.  I've even tried to "update" that passbook over the years and found out that you simply can't at SCB.  

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  11. 5 hours ago, Trujillo said:

    ...Had never been asked for a TM30 in the past 13 years, and now they wanted one. Had papers ready without dates. Upstairs they said I should call the landlord and were clearly gearing for what must be the inevitable, "It's not my fault" from the foreigner, and I just said, "I will pay the fine. Let's do this." And they did... 

    Although you mention "papers ready without dates", I presume you're referring to all the extension paperwork except for anything relating to a TM30 filing.  As to the fine you paid, the standard 1,600 baht?


    Would note that some people have the TM30 printout that their condo/apartment office does for them but there have been reports that first floor is requiring people with that paperwork to go up to the third floor to get the smaller TM30 "Receipt of Notification" form which normally is stapled in the back of your passport.  

  12. Thanks, MrBrad....yea, it would appear that the requirements change from day to day, officer to officer, and full moon to partial moon.  I always take the kitchen sink with me just in case they ask for it (a couple of years back, the Officer handling my annual extension insisted I provide a photocopy of every filled-out page of my passport...including pages that only contained stamps from other countries...and the Officer was actually taken a bit back when I simply reached into my folder and handed the packet to her).  

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  13. 8 hours ago, briley said:

    Just done a re-entry. No TM30 required.


    Slight clarification, if you have just done your extension you need your current extension page and the new one you have just obtained.

     ie the one up to 2019 and the one valid until 2020

    Didn't think a copy of the TM30 Receipt of Notification was required.

    Your clarification leaves me confused.  Immediately after getting my new annual extension, I get a photocopy of the new extension to add to the other paperwork to immediately apply for my re-entry (multiple) permit; however, I've never given them a copy of the "old" extension (which, technically, still has about a month until its expiration date).  Did they ask you for that or did you simply give it presuming it was needed?

  14. 20 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    That is good news.

    Just the letter from the bank confirming your account is valid and a statement or bank books are what I have been predicting is all they will want.

    I'm curious as to exactly what the OP's "bank letter" said.  You've indicated that it only said the OP's account was currently valid but the OP's comments were a bit unclear on that.

    OP, if you kept a copy of the bank letter, could you post a copy (blocking, of course, name and account number)?  

  15. 23 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    You got in ahead of me. In my experience, it's best to go ask them what they want BEFORE applying, as they often come up with new requirements. That's why I'd never do it at the airport, as one is probably unable to go get whatever new item they have invented to stuff up one's day.

    You're quoting a poster who for some inexplicable reason came to the Chiangmai forum to tell us what he supposedly was required to file in the Jomtien office.  Best to ignore that info as it's irrelevant to Chiangmai. 


    To obtain a re-entry permit at regular Immigration (or at the re-entry desk at the airport itself when departing through the international portion of the terminal) in Chiangmai, one needs to have with them the following:

    1.  TM 8 - completed and signed. You can obtain the form from the Thai Immigration website:  https://www.immigration.go.th/download/  (the TM8 form is #15 in that list).  Neatly print your telephone number just below your signature.  Paste/glue your photo over the photo box area on the form  (photo size is 4cm x 6cm....which is not the size of the box on the form...with a medium blue background).

    2.  Photocopies (all must be signed) from passport:

                    a.  Photo/Identification Page

                    b.  Current visa (or extension) page

                    c.  Entry date page

                    d.  Departure (TM6) card

    3.  Original passport. 

    4.  Fees:  1000 baht for a single and 3,800 baht for a multiple.


    [Poster MrBrad indicated that a copy of your TM30 Receipt of Notification is also required and, if so, that is a recent/new requirement.  Probably best to take along a copy in case he is correct.  Also, sign everything with blue ink to be on the safe side.]

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  16. 4 hours ago, AAArdvark said:

    And your debit card is on a SAVINGS account or on another type of account?

    On a regular savings account.  To my knowledge, you cannot get a debit/atm card on any other type of account (well, at least not on a fixed term account). 

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  17. 11 hours ago, XGM said:

    From what I've seen fees are between zero and a few hundreds baht a year. Depends on the bank and the specific card type.

    I'm not charged an annual fee from SCB for my debit/atm card.  There's no charge for using my SCB card within Chiangmai province although there used to be (and may still be) a 50 baht charge if I used it outside of Chiangmai province.  There also used to be a charge (50 baht?) for using my SCB card to withdraw money from other bank's atm machines within Chiangmai province but I think....but not sure....that is no longer the case due to the banks' agreements.  The only other charge I can think of is a 200 baht fee I was once charged when replacing a damaged card a couple of years back. 

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  18. I have no idea about the dividend tax credit mentioned; other than that, suggest the OP do a search as obtaining a tax ID number and filing a Thai tax return (which is how you can get back the 15% withholding involving bank accounts) has been explained in better detail in prior posts.

    I got my Tax ID number by a simple visit to one of the Treasury offices here in Chiangmai and, 10 minutes later, another Thai Treasury person graciously filed my tax return online for me and I received back the withheld interest in a mailed check a week or so later.  Since then, I've filed the return a couple of times online by myself (it isn't easy as it's all in Thai....but I just somewhat copy what was done before with essentially the only change being the amount of withheld interest).  The refund has been directly deposited in my SCB bank account the last couple of times.


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  19. 18 hours ago, bubba said:

    I just had a look at the CM Transit app, and from the description, the app only shows songthaews. Does it also include the bus?

    It only shows busses (the larger circular icons)....all those other little circles are official bus stops.  On occasion, that app and Viabus aren't working properly and show no busses but that doesn't happen often. Neither app shows songthaews.

  20. There's no expiration date for an original TM30 filing for the same address and lapse of time alone doesn't trigger anything.  Here in Chiangmai (at least so far), one does need to update the TM30 filing every time you re-enter the country and return to your TM30 registered address.  You or your landlord or condo office needs to do that as, if it's missed, you could be fined the next time you need an extension.

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  21. 1 hour ago, motdaeng said:

    what app ... ?

    I have two of them:  CM Transit and ViaBus.  Both seem to work the same for me although on rare occasion they both aren't working (both apps must get their data/signal from the same source). 

    The blue buses are rather slow but inexpensive, comfortable, and cool (temperature-wise). 

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