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  1. I just did that yesterday.  Depends on method of transport.  I took a taxi from Vientiane hotel to the bridge.  Was a bit of a line at exit Immigration (took maybe 20 minutes).  After exiting, I chose to have my own taxi to Udon Thani airport....cost was 1000 baht....versus doing the bus across the bridge and figuring it out from there.  Turned out to be a good idea....taxi dude actually steered me through Thai immigration (meanwhile kept my luggage in the taxi) and that helped a bit (he was keen on getting me in the shortest line....which in fact was the diplomatic one).  Trip from Vientiane hotel to the bridge took about 45 minutes, getting through Lao exit immigration took about 20 minutes, getting through Thai Immigration took about 10 minutes, and ride from there to the Udon Thani airport was about an hour.  Whole deal was maybe 2 hours and 10-20 minutes.  So, yea, 2 hours and 40 minutes is realistic.  Given I went through this on a Sunday, I suspect that the two immigrations might be a bit faster on weekdays (both were faster going into Laos this past Thursday).

    Oh...and taxi dude handed me a TM6 form which I filled out going over the bridge so that saved a couple of minutes.

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  2. 11 hours ago, EricTh said:


    In the past I always report more than 24 hours but less than 7 days after I travel abroad and they have no issue with that.


    I mean we are tired from flying a few hours and need to go home and have a good rest. Then we can go the next day which may be more than 24 hours.


    Are they that strict nowadays?




    No, they're not.  Many have updated (versus reporting a new address) several days after arrival back to their TM30 registered address without a problem.  I've mentioned before that 2 different CM Immigration officers have told me that updating within 4-5 days is fine (and, like you, I've done that several times without a problem or even comment about it).  

    CMNightRider's situation doesn't involve updating but apparently involves reporting a new address (meaning filing an original TM30) and I don't know how strict they are about the time limit for that; however, I'm doubtful that they are going to nail (fine) anybody who reports within a few days of moving to a new address.  

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  3. On 7/31/2018 at 8:06 AM, ChiangMaiLightning2143 said:

    I heard from several O-visa/extension holders there is a 7 day grace period for 24hr reporting at CM immigration. (Not confirmed this myself).

    There is at least some leeway as two different CM officers at different times have told me that updating of the TM30 within 4-5 days is acceptable.  I've updated several times 2-4 days after I've returned from abroad to Chiangmai to my TM30 registered address and there was no issue or comment about it.

    So there is zero to worry about if one arrives on a Friday and updates on the following Monday.  Whoever posted the actual situation (versus, hopefully, not some hypothetical), he/she hopefully will come back and post as to exactly what happened (or didn't happen). 

  4. 2 hours ago, Sheryl said:

     ....The law also specifies that the responsibility for filing lies with the landlord/house master not the alien though granted the consequences fall onto the alien if they need to use Imm services and no TM 30 on file.

    A bit puzzled by that conclusion and omission of rather clear language in the law. That law places equal responsibility on three (not two) entities/persons:  the house-master or the owner or the possessor.  If the "alien" isn't the possessor, who is?  

  5. 9 hours ago, Small Joke said:

    I found this looking for a similar  answer. 

    Live in CM. Done the initial report TM30 and then got my 1st annual extension of retirement. Left the country last week with Re entry permit. Returned Friday and stayed in a hotel in BKK. 

    Returned to to my home address in CM Saturday night. 

    Do I need to do another TM30 or just the next 90 day report dated  from my Friday return. Thanks. 

    Since you have re-entered the country and now have returned to your already TM30 registered address, CM Immigration expects you to update your TM30 filing.  Two different officers have told me that updating within 4-5 days is acceptable (versus the 24-hour requirement mentioned in the law itself).  So yes, you need to update.

    [To update, you simply take yourself and your passport (with the TM6 in it and hopefully your TM30 Receipt of Notification) and they will enter a couple of items on their computer (likely your new entry date and new departure card number) and then put a new date stamp on your TM30 Receipt of Notification.]

  6. 22 hours ago, beddhist said:

    ....the way I understand the law....

    Best to ignore what the law says and simply find out how your local Immigration office applies it.  All (or many) of the Immigration offices in the various provinces treat the whole TM30 business quite differently....some not even bothering with it and others strictly enforcing it by requiring updating within 24 hours of being away from your registered address (regardless of where you went).

    With many posters making a TM30 inquiry or comment without referencing what province they're talking about, the discussion ends up with confusing and contradictory advice.

    In Chiangmai, they are requiring a TM30 to be filed for your residence and they are currently requiring updating when you return to your registered residence only after you re-enter the country (i.e., you don't have to update regardless of how long you're gone in-country).  As for the TM28, almost all of those that have been tried to be filed here are handed back with a comment that they don't want them.  Now, as to how even Chiangmai (or any other province) will apply the law next month, your guess is as good as mine.

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  7. Had a right inguinal fixed at RAM Hospital in March of 2016.  Total cost was 25, 540 and I was rather happy with the service.  If I recall right, I was in about 9AM and went home about 5PM (and, if I recall right, they were suggesting I could/should stay overnight but I elected to go home).  No complications, scar became invisible within a year.  

  8. 4 hours ago, steve73 said:

    As I understand it, even if you were able to register at CM Imm on your first arrival, once you have then stayed in Pattaya (and assuming the hotel registered you there) then legally you should re-register again on your return to CM. 

    Whether CM actually require you to do this I have no idea, but there was a report a few months ago from a Phuket Immigration officers recommending that you re-registered whenever you have been away from your home province for more than 24 hours.  

    CM Immigration so far is requiring updating (presuming you're returning to your TM30 registered address) ONLY if you're returning from abroad.  No updating is currently required if you've been traveling within Thailand regardless of the time you're gone from your TM30 registered address in Chiangmai province.  This information applies to CM Immigration (what other provinces do is beyond me). 

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  9. You shouldn't have a problem.  Two different officers have told me that doing the updating within 4-5 days is acceptable and, given your circumstances, you should be okay.

    In answer to a couple of your other questions:

    (1)  Everything is moved to the new (old) office near the Airport and that's where you do the updating.

    (2)  You only need your passport (with the your new departure card).  Nothing else is needed.  Presuming you've got your TM30 Receipt of Notification stapled in your passport, the staff will enter a bit of info (likely the new entry date and new departure card number) on their computer and place a new date stamp on your existing Receipt of Notification (or, if it's full of stamps or a bit shredded, they'll print out a new one for you). 

    Don't believe you can update in Chon Buri as Chiangmai is your registered address.

    I have little clue as to the  "point" of all this given their computer already knows your registered address and given you've confirmed that again on the arrival card you just handed them.  

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  10. 4 hours ago, Mahseer said:

    TM30 is in the new main building at desk 1 on the ground floor to the right. I was told on more than one occasion that once registered you have up to 7 days from date of arrival to report but no doubt others have heard different.


    I actually went to building 3 Friday around 1530 straight from the airport and the only thing in there was a bloke with a broom!

    I was at Building 3 the day before (Thursday, September 20th) and, while partially cleaned out,  a few staff and a computers were still there so I could update my TM30 in the usual 5 minutes.


    You indicate that TM30's are handled in the new building on the ground floor (desk 1 to the right).  The regular Immigration people at Promenada also handled TM30 filings and updating (on the second floor) while at the same time the Investigation group in Building 3 at the old (now new) site also handled them (and in a much quicker fashion).  What I'm wondering is whether one can bypass desk 1 on the first floor and simply go up to the third floor where the Building 3 people are now located and handle TM30 business there (it's likely faster with them).  I'll eventually try that but would appreciate anybody attempting to do it on the 3rd floor to post their experience here.

  11. 25 minutes ago, Bournville said:

    I'm still waiting for my 90 day to be returned. This is Day 6 for me. Fingers crossed. Did those 6 days included weekend days?

    Be happy

    No big deal, I've had them come back (new Receipt of Notification for 90-day reports) as early as 4 days and as late as 14 days.  They suggest you don't worry about it (or go to Immigration to inquire about it) until at least 2 weeks after your 90-day report would have been due in person.  Presuming you have your EMS receipt that you sent it to Immigration, you have nothing to worry about.


    Based on my history of doing the 90-day reports by mail, I've guessed that the staff (or interns?) only get to these mailed-in 90-day reports one day a week and I've somewhat guessed that's on a Saturday.  I could be wrong there but that seems to be the pattern for me (i.e., if I send by EMS on a Thursday, I tend to get the Receipt back early the following week whereas it takes a lot longer if I've mailed on a Saturday or Monday.

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  12. Presuming a TM30 has been filed for your "home" address and you leave the country and return to that same address (as the OP seems to imply), I don't believe any new TM30 report needs to be filed; however, you do need to update it by going to Immigration yourself (they'll enter some data....likely new departure card number and dates...and put a new date stamp on your TM Receipt of Notification if you have it) or by having whoever filed the TM30 for you do the updating. 

  13. Updated my TM30 an hour or so ago at Building 3 (as usual, process took 5 minutes).  The Building 3 office is 90% cleared of equipment and they told me they'd be in full operation at the new building on Monday.  Building 3 people (Investigation Section) will be on the third floor of the new building.


    All the visa/extension services we falang will normally have will be handled on the first floor of the new building.  The second floor is for administrative offices.  And (geez, isn't this the 21st century?) there is no elevator in the new building (the few staff in Building 3 mentioned this unhappily). 

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  14. As noted, just make sure you can withdraw the funds at any time (although, also as noted, you'll lose all accrued interest if you grab the funds ahead of the maturity date....although the banks do have similar accounts that let you occasionally withdraw some of the funds without loss of interest).  Whenever my "visa/extension" account matures and I end up setting up another longer-term deposit, I always ask if the account they are proposing qualifies for the annual Immigration letter (if so, it should be fine).  This info is good for Chiangmai Immigration (I have no clue about the other province offices).

  15. 9 hours ago, trainman34014 said:

    Police Office where we do TM30 has always been in a separate building and apparently that won't change, as they consider themselves to be 'more important' than the other Plebs !

    The boss of Building 3 told me this spring that their office will be moving into the new building when it opens; hopefully, presuming that move does occur, it won't affect the rather quick and pleasant experience of filing and updating TM30 forms that the Building 3 people have always provided in the past.

    Presuming they have no real need for Building 3, some demolition would result in a bit more parking. 

  16. The need for a letter from an embassy/consulate apparently depends on the given province.   At Chiangmai Immigration last September, I had my stamps transferred to my new passport and I had no embassy/consulate letter and nobody at Immigration even asked about one.


    (I would note that I got the new passport while I was in the US last summer so perhaps it makes a difference where you are when the new passport is issued?)

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  17. 59 minutes ago, sam neuts said:

    I am not saying it would be enforced only that the law exists

    The problem with your first post, the one that started this (so far) 9 pages of questioning and partial alarm, is that you posted information that likely relates only to the Immigration office in your particular province while inferring it applied to everyone everywhere.   Had you said that this was happening only in your province and then accurately added that you don't have a clue if other provinces are enforcing the law the same way, you would have avoided some of the grief you've been shoveled.


    What's being enforced at the Immigration office in your province is not the same as the Immigration offices in other provinces.  For example only (this information applies ONLY to Chiangmai Immigration), enforcement is only happening with respect to any TM30  if one needs an extension of some type (e.g., no enforcement when doing 90-day reports), no updating is required unless one leaves Thailand and returns to the same address (if returning to a new address, of course the whole TM30 filing requirements start over again), and updating can be done within 4-5 days of returning to the country (they're not currently strictly enforcing the 24-hour rule). 

  18. With respect to the OP's comment about entry stamps into the US,  don't worry about that as there are none for US citizens.  They just swipe the passport into their computer system and place no markings whatsoever within the passport.  I have no clue how we US citizens would ever prove when we re-entered the US other than indirectly through guessing from an exit stamp from another country or via some boarding pass; on the other hand, I'm doubtful we'd ever have the need to prove a date of re-entry (nobody has ever asked me that question after I've re-entered 40-50 times).    

  19. 6 hours ago, Santogold said:


    Is he an Immigration agent that has his own kiosk or room that is labeled as such? Or is he more like an agent in a travel agency and I just go in and ask him for the service? Can you clarify please?

    Easy to find per directions above.  Looks like this:



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  20. On 5/21/2018 at 2:55 AM, Kohsamida said:

    The "receipt" I posted is NOT sufficient to prove residency for EITHER the Non-O Visa or the Certificate of Residency.......... Once copies of the actual TM30, then I can use them to satisfy requirements for the visa, and also for the certificate of residency (for getting a drivers license).

    To provide some proof of residency, typically one provides a copy of a lease and/or yellow book (a few have indicated that utility bills in their names have been used to satisfy the residency proof). I've never heard of the original TM30 (or photocopy thereof) or the typical TM30 Receipt of Notification (or even the landlord's online report as you posted above) being used as proof of residency for any purpose.  Either you've hit upon a new method to show residency or, alternatively, your real estate broker is a bit mistaken.  Please report back once you've actually tried to use the TM30 copy to obtain the formal Certificate of Residence and/or a Non-O Visa. 

  21. 1. In Chiangmai, you can apply for your annual extension up to 45 days prior to expiration.

    2. For the first time, 2 months is the minimum.  For all subsequent extensions, it's 3 months.

    3. Not sure.  I actually have to go back to my original SCB bank on Chang Klang to get the bank letter (other branches won't issue it).  You obviously need to ask to make sure on this.  Typically the bank letter is good for 1 week only (it doesn't need to be the day you apply for the extension).   Get it the day before.

    4.  You don't actually need your bank book to have an entry the day of (or day before) the extension date; however, you need to have your bank book state the same balance as the bank's letter (i.e., if you're going to withdraw some money, do it right before they issue the bank letter so your bank book and the bank's letter match).

    5.  Totally unknown.  On some days, you will not get a queue number for that day if you show up at 9AM (or even 7AM or 8AM).  Depends on how busy they are that day.  If you get there by 7AM and get in line, you'll likely get a queue number on that day....although it might be for the afternoon.

  22. If the OP plans on being here during the time period his current extension based on retirement expires, I'd think the easiest and cheapest method is to simply keep extending that (presuming he has either the requisite funds in the bank here or can get the annual verification from his embassy).  Will cost him 1900 baht plus possible embassy/bank fee plus cost for single or multiple re-entry permit).  If OP doesn't plan on being here for that time period (within 30 days of expiration for all provinces or within 45 days of expiration for a few provinces), then I'd suggest he follow UbonJoe's advice (90-day Non-O from embassy in England and then leave and return to get another 30 days free).  


    If the OP's time period to be spent in Thailand fits in with renewing his extension based on retirement, then he can simply stay as long as he wants and not worry about shorter time limits, border hopping, or whatever.

  23. 4 hours ago, st11x said:

    Do you need passport photos for the driver's license as well or just for the residency certificate? If you do, may I ask is it also 2x2?




    No...no photos needed at driver's license bureau.  At the end of the process, they'll take your photo and a few minutes later hand you your license(s). 


    Edit:  Come to think of it, I don't remember having to take photos to get a Certificate of Residence at CM Immigration either.

  24. On 3/29/2018 at 1:12 PM, tgeezer said:

    It says “looking after Tiger cubs, crocodile babies.” 

    It means looking after the babies of creatures which are dangerous brings trouble. 

    I think that you can take it that babies of bad parentage bring trouble. 

    I'm confused by the phrase/idiom and understand the literal phrase "tiger cub" also means a boy scout; regardless, can you please advise as to the word "ลูด" as I can't find it anywhere (just a misspelling of "ลูก"?)?

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