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  1. You ain't kidding tried it a couple of times and it didn't work!!
  2. Thanks for that buuuuuut - clicked on home page and could not find anything that said 'start a new thread' PS i am alot thick when it comes to computers
  3. Sorry for posting this here but I need some help. Where do i go on this site to pose a question? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Fantastic news - well done to the rescue centres. Hope they all survive and thrive.
  5. I applied for my uk state pension in July last year. It couldn't be done on-line. I downloaded all the paperwork - extensive form. Also they what to know all my employment history and where I have lived since birth!!! Thankfully I had an old C.V. so it was easy(ish) to do but if you have moved around alot it is a bit difficult to remember your home addresses. That said all original document were returned quickly and I got notification of payments to my account a few weeks AFTER it had been paid but I think this was due to postage delays more than anything else.
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