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  1. Anyone who has been a Twitter user the past 4 years knows that Jack Dorsey of Twitter supported trump for an amazing amount of time before he finally had to put his balls on the line for the good of the world. Jack personally met with Donald Trump at least 2 times and many times his post should have been deleted because they violated the terms of service but did not get removed. Most liberals believe Jack is in the pocket of the conservatives but finally he has done the right thing because over all he is an American and he also is a human of the world and he had to stop the terrible things tha
  2. Besides the advice to rent not buy. It makes really good sense to rent now. No way are prices going up. It may take a few yesrs for thai people to realize the golden years are gone for good.
  3. This is rather a harsh statement and you have lost some cred with me. You were near the top of my sexpats. Don't be complacent! Insurance can become required for all visa types after 1 cabinet meeting. This can mean the boot for many older expats. Dont doubt this for 1 minute. We see how HISO have now entered this new insurance business.. soon they will be looking to expand revenue. They have the ear or reins of the rule makers. They have already shown their power or greed by making insurance requirements via thai company mandatory. Is this enough of a red flag Worldw
  4. Both numbers coming out the <deleted>. There needs to be a few hundred thousand guinea pigs then demand may accelerate but the Chinese will be looking at social media trip reports more than ever. Amd the odds of a virus outbreak that hits the e brake on things is very high INHO. All this downtime hasTAT been looking at the things Thailand needs to work on. Any tourist operator training been taking place? And changes to laws making penalties more harsh for treating tourists poorly. My list. Some campaign warning taxis no pick up complaints 3 times will be jail ti
  5. The real sad thing is many of the masses will see this headline and feel good about the current government.
  6. Yes its so disappointing to see Net drag marks, reef fragments, net pieces snagged on broken off reef pieces in the sand flats near dive sites in Thailand. Thailand dosnt understand that protected dive sanctuaries from fishing will bring in serious divers. But I'm sure they prefer Chinese cattle boat groups who don't know any better. In the Caribbean a cattle boat has 20 divers. In Thailand they have 50 and inundate the reefs with snorkelers.
  7. Govonorof utah had press conference today. His daughter and granddaughter have lost sense of taste and smell for months. Granddaughter is losing weight because she is noxious. And there are reports of heart and lung damage. Numbers in my state ar record levels as well as America. Its not over. Cold weather has arrived and they say this will be real bad.
  8. YEs I am familiar with the dumbing down of many mega brewery beers and old enough to have tasted real gold can Coors of the 60's as i grew up 15 miles from the Brewery ,and dads and uncles let the kids have a sip. Plus a sip as we fetched them a refill. I drink for the taste. at least I think so. Changover is the worst beer ever. Singha is bearable. Hennie is Thailand sure tastes like a dumbed down version from the 80's as that was my main beer. I am now into the hoppy samplings under 5%. I will occasionally enjoy a 8-10% IPA but I think the perfect ratio of malt to hops occurs at 6.5
  9. But a soil bearing test will only test the tip layer. The op said this is fill 17 ,years ago. We don't know how deep the fill is. What the underlying soil is. Do we really trust words that it was compacted? How throughly if so. Does time compact well enough. I dont think a backhoe can install piles correctly. Max of it weight. Need a proper pile driving machine. Clay does swell and contract. Good luck.
  10. Ok I will try to follow your thoughts. How about I allow you to describe a safe protocol for what should occur now that this French woman was positive. Lets focus on what to do with the other customers that just arrived at the same ASQ, those that were 1 day away from leaving, what about all the workers, someone changed this woman's sheets during her stay, (probably within 3 days of her leaving) and someone cleaned it after she checked out. Do we make some customers stay another 14 days? Do we ask all the employees to self quarantine at home like the CDC in USA says should occur at a
  11. My fiance in Bkk knew of this story. She believes it was Miramar worker at hotel that infected equipment. That must be what the Thai news is reporting. So were all those people at that ASQ hotel required to do another 14 days? It seems that all the staff and occupants should do a mandatory 14 days. So where did this smoking gun come from? And why was the virus found alive on the equipment? what 5 days or longer after the woman left? This means guests should not be allowed to use gym or the cleaning procedure is flawed.
  12. Comparing mangos and orchids to beer is crazy. Why is Leo or Singha more than bud light? Profiteering with a government sanctioned monopoly.
  13. My first thought was who knows when our last 5 years are. Divide any condo purchase price by 5 yesrs and just rent. Who buys something with an unknown end circumstance? Thai rules change so much there is no trust at all. Its looking like there is going to be social unrest or a new government. Chinese already here and in control are ready to move all there relatives in. If you lived in China how desperate would you be to get out. Just the other day they caught Chinese trying to smuggle millions in cash across the border. Spidermike has lost his way even. My man!! Yes come to
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