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  1. hmmm. would be interesting to know the parents of these 14 boys I feel some well connected would be involved. why didn't I have bday parties like this.
  2. can you get these worms from swimming in these waters? which can involve some ingestion of water.
  3. someone said a gik had to be secret? someone said friend you like to do stuff with? now I'm confused. I thought the difference was you take care of a mia noi financially amd she is usually exclusive, and wife knows but wants it very discreet. a gik is just a fwb. maybe some lesser money exchange but not necessary. and wife knows or not. You might as well use a comic book for philosophy instead of the Bible and why don't you guys take it somewhere else.
  4. ah the morality issue has arisen. good riddance some say. government should shut this down. so is it ok for the government to tell a man he can't use his hands for work? his legs? or his brain? some men model. oh the travesty. I dont think I or anyone should be telling women what part of their bodies can and cant be used to make bread. Yes yhere is some sadness and desperation in some of these girls eyes. but I've seen the same with priests, car salesmen, realtors, and financial planners. it will never be stopped just like airbnb can't be stopped. an app or chat room forum can pop up new each day. there will always be a way as long as there is a will. we could start a debate about if legalization could make the world a better safer place. I'm not a monger mainly because I was aalways such a cheap Charlie. I had buddies who would dump half a weeks pay every so often at the men's clubs in Dallas in the 80's. now those were some fine ladies and real dancers. I always preferred the normal gals who we assume are free until divorce then we are reminded of my accountant buddy who liked the seedy Dallas men's clubs to much. he said. "you pay for it ! or you pay for it!. I have seen the bored looking dancers in BKK. but some nights magic happens. just like it did in Denver, Dallas. you see a woman who is just so beautiful amd sweet looking. something to be said for the selection mostly naked on display at crazy house at say 9 pm. when every 2 songs girls trade places from the floor because the stage is so crowded. I tell you it was a little overwhelming for my GF's first time in a go go bar as we were sitting on stools at the foot of the stairs. not sure she will ever go inside again. oh and they were naked.
  5. face shield keeps droplets inside and shield eyes. plus not so easy to rub your face. 1 store here has all employees wearing them.
  6. so sad. maybe a 10 million baht settlement would slow this type of tragedy . lawsuits have a place in this world of lazy, everyone passes the buck.
  7. I wish sound levels in USA would ha e been established and enforced. Harley's ate some of the worst. how can they get away with such noise. I'm tempted to put a loud soundsystem on my truck that sounds like a Harley. then see what the police can do. I suppose it's to late now that Harley's numbers are so high. but 25 ,years as go they could have done something. they ride in packs and a road 200 meters below me is a popular route for these club rides as well as racing bikes. imagine a World with all electric vehicles in cities.
  8. well my state, Utah went from code red to orange so now restaurants are opening. so many people in the park. groups much larger than 10, no masks hardly anywhere. Costco food store must wear asks but many masks wearers store the cheap surgical masks in jean pockets. Utah had its highest #cases of 215 yesterday but the officials still declare they see a plateau. I'm a mountain climber and it's called a false summit. I hope it to m as my false summits . all you naysayers a out the deadliness of this virus need to put your denial in your obit. I still dont understand how Thailand has so low numbers. it defies logic! but so do many things in Thailand. maybe it's the heat? diet, som tom, peppers, or some prior respiratory immunity in Thailand? but if even 500,000 tourists a month start coming I feel Thailand will suffer. if you think this lockdown was overblown, just imagine what a 2nd one would be like. surely longer. where are all the news reports of people dying of malnutrition? yes the easy money from tourists is gone. at least for now. so the government should revamp things amd focus on real problems such as flooding, drug use, China about to stop the mekong river. my thoughts on the Mekong is top 1% ate buying up cheap dry farmland planning on running major pipelines that will allow farming of past dry land. just look at water history around the world. conagra is on it's way. rich get richer. All you naysayers need to volunteer to greet the tourists at the airport.
  9. no word on dormitories. were these 11 positive before transport? were there others on the plane? did they know? are they now in 14 day quarentine? just wait until they open up for international travel, the almost safe Thailand will be back in the deep chit. taxi drivers will get it and then some nightclub will spread it bigly. and it may be a more virulent strain this time.
  10. Have you already bought the small lot? at least it looks like there is a fixed-size lot there that you have to build inside. think about flow. in the house from car with dirty shoes, wet rain costs, umbrellas. carry in groceries, amd you have to walk all across the whole house. google triangle kitchen design. Sink, refrigerator, stove should be in a triangle and only two or three steps away from each other. what about a food pantry. I dont see a North arrow on the plans. House designs should take into account the suns arc. this is #1 in Thailand. I have only visited Thailand 11 times and I do not plan to live there but at one time I was reading all of the house building Forums on Thai Visa plus another website. I was convinced I was going to use the energy efficient blocks possibly a double wall, massive overhanging roof. I was thinking single level because I was think lot size wasnt an issue. oh one more thing is how is city water supply pressure, quality. can you add RO system and drink it? will you need a storage tank amd pump. are you planning on hot and cold water or just point of use heaters in showers and sinks?
  11. garage way to small, depth and on sides of cars what about mud room, coat closet at garage entry area. I dont read thai but where is laundry. I agree think about the roof. how does all that water get down off roof between two balconies above the front door. that's like the deadly narrow slot canyons of Utah. no way could a roof not leak there. to complicated for any roofer laborer unless it's his house. all roof to wall junctions are high leak potential. how big is this family? so many bedrooms. I agree with your US architect. think about gutters and site drainage. have the gutter company do there design then add them in rendering. renderings are cheap in Asia. but I want to see how gutters look above front door. what type of cooling will you use? mini splits? think about line set length, condensor locations. on balconies? max line set length is 65 or 85' on LG, I seem to recall, from my first and only design and self install.
  12. remind me how to block stupid guys like anton. Many Thais are back at work.. but with no tourists, Samsung leaving, orders down, demand down, many dont have work. get used to it. billions of people have learned they can save so much money and enjoy a simpler life. imho the excesses are gone for a long time. Only fools or those who cant cook will be going out to eat at fancy restaurants and bars and paying 3-10 times the food or beverage prices to wait for service, sit next to strangers, eat saturated fat foods. Now that we know how many ignorant SOB there are in USA. I just wish people had to get a permanent trump stamp or virus naysayer tattoo on there forehead so I could not waste a word, or benefit them with my business until I die.
  13. lucky and fortunate. asians wear masks and after some initial waffling, remember that, masks were suggested and the country seemed to have masks unlike USA. no hand shaking. high pepper consumption. I dont believe more sunbathers than Oz or Vit D BS. perhaps this wasn't the first time a virus like this was in Thailand. Some sort of immunity? no handshake and hugs or cheek kisses. tell me BTS open for so long was smart. I think it was just lucky that the sick chinese cancelled their trips. or didnt plan to come. I wonder how many last-minute cancellations in the flights there were from China? I think it's a little early to be bragging about any one country, this is far from over.
  14. it's nice to see awareness like this. maybe in 40 years there will be a different attitude. I remember the time I did the boat crossing of the Chayo Prya near the Royal temple. the amount of plastic trash per sq m was astounding. much if this starts many km away from the ocean. all the dumping in the kings amd even streets of BKK eventually get to the ocean. First order of business is to have trash cans everywhere and putting trash on the sidewalk should be considered littering with 1000 Baht fine. if the police need to make money they need to just go to intersections and stop people who throw cigarette butts out 1,000 baht 5 times and it's 20,000 baht
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