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  1. Yes very cool. I have yet to visit Angkor but it plan on it someday.
  2. Three- weekly. Needs clarification. To me it means 3x a week. 3x- weekly seems to be the easiest way to interpret this. Not 1x/3 weeks
  3. Schools near Udon than I giving shots 2 months ago. It seems it should be by occupation. If no shot tell them you will only teach remotely.
  4. Why no one mentions Delta who use Korean airlines through ICN. Right now Japan having large case numbers. 12 days ago my fiance flew Delta to sea but they also go to lax. Most airlines currently offering no change fees. They tried to stop free changes booked after March 31 but that didn't stick.
  5. So I'm a week late in my prediction. I said 5 k cases/day 3 weeks post songkran. I say testing numbers are still so low the real numbers are unknown. 14 day forced quarantine means lots of people will avoid testing. It seems most testing is done in localized hit spots but contact tracing was overwhelmed 3 weeks ago.
  6. Isn't there a concern for a food grade on your coffee maker?
  7. I don't see how you can fix flooding in the middle of such a large low area? As another commented it will just shift the water to a nearby area. I like to venture around and find these klong walking paths and many times there is enough trash that will clog grates the next flood. I do see some garbage lifters but it's not like they stay on top of this concept when it's not raining.
  8. Sad to see all you guys living in the LOS in such a tizzy for the vaccine. I've always thought it was crazy in the USA to read that spouses and family of healthcare workers were not included in the priority que of jabs. I read some doctors were staying in hotels away from family. If the cabinet hadn't had the jab perhaps they would be working harder to speed up the vax program. Also why was a school near udon thanni giving the vax to teachers 2 months ago? I guess they were clinging to the hopes that school could stay open and not thinking things would get out of control. Als
  9. If a person has a nice house, financial stable in a nice 4 season climate there is only 1 reason to live in Thailand and my woman is the jealous type so no reason. I never slept 1 night in Thailand without more noise than my current location in USA. Really the most noisy location is quieter than Thailand. The street food is tasty but not clean or sanitary. Not getting sick is just a testimony if the human gut. I cant stand the sound of roosters crowing, dogs barking, and monk noise on loud speakers.
  10. If we are talking about one yee pua buying 14 million for 1 lottery draw, Just think how much this poor ignorant population is wasting 2 x a month. Is this number public? I guess you can't outlaw the lottery or else it would just be the black market. But I think it would be best. I feel lotteries prey on the poor with dreams to win big. My fiance says 100 baht is normal but they know it is 80. TIT. She says special numbers cost 120 to 150 . Say if king dies and the number on his cars license plate that is 150. But she says they now have advertising a hotline for illegal sellers but
  11. All this irrational talk and these sandbox ideas because they were to dependent on tourism. What about truck drivers? If they scrap the sandbox idea that means they won't get vaccinated first. I hope they keep after this sandbox experiment so we can see how they will need to force the vax to get over 50%
  12. A year ago I was shopping for a watch for a friend. I like to haggle and so I visited many stores at MBK. The Rolex box was hidden under the counter but readily brought out. It was funny how they would see the enforcement staff coming and out it away. I actually ended up learning who the enforcers were. They sure didn't try very hard. There was probably an app as to their location.
  13. Class, class! Take it outside boys. So much unknown to argue about at this timeline state. Yes cases have risen in much if USA. But it was spring and activities started, rules were listened and people probably got careless. Look at spring break in Florida. Look at FAA passenger numbers. Mask rules stopped in many states due to it being political. Also the shot numbers are in the low 30% range at best, not 70+%>. I'm not even sure we can reach 70% without some sort of government or private sector influence. Perhaps some airlines, restaurants, bars, cruise ships, countries
  14. I think delta said no on antigen test. Or was that the US site that said that. I don't think the US is accepting antigen because 50% or so efficiency.
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