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  1. sumrit

    How do you transfer money to Thailand?

    They also an intermediary Thai clearing bank to receive money overseas and transfer it to individual Thai bank accounts in much the same way as Transferwise do using BB, TMB, etc. I tried asking Instarem which intermediary bank they use in the hope that, using the correct bank (eg: Transferwise-Bangkok Bank) Transfers would show up as International transfers but they couldn't/wouldn't tell me. I don't think they understood why it was important to know. Does anybody use this company and know the Thai intermediary bank they use?
  2. I acquired a British Embassy income letter in December in readiness for my extension next month. When I opened a Bangkok Bank account last week they accepted that income letter as the Embassy Letter they require. Just needed my passport, yellow book and that letter to open the account.
  3. sumrit

    Retirement Visa

    Have Chiang Mai Immigration actually said is to anybody?
  4. My extension is due next month so I managed to get an income letter from the BE before they stopped doing them. So I'll get next months extension under the old system and won't have to use the money transfer rules until next year, but like you, because of the unreliable UK exchange rate I'll probably change to a marriage extension to cover any exchange rate fluctuations in the future. I did the same as you and opened a Bangkok Bank account last Friday, in Si Racha. Ended up using just my passport, yellow house book and the BE income letter I received last month. All very straight forward. As I understand it, because these new rules only started from the beginning of January, you will only have to provide proof of income transfers from then and TI will accept the reduced number of months for this year. They won't expect you to provide proof for any months of last year.
  5. I asked Transferwise a similar question in a questionaire they had on their website yesterday. I actually asked if there was an option of requesting that money be transferred using the Bangkok Bank because they show its an International Transfer whereas using other clearing routes, such as TMB, show it as an domestic transfer. I haven't had a reply yet.
  6. So do you not agree then that it's wrong that some people use an agent to cheat the system to effectively stay here illegally while those of us that have always abided by the ruled are now restricted and have to comply with stricter Extension rules than we had before.
  7. 17kB?? Do you make a transfer each week or what ?? Or if you have swift fee about $20-30, maybe you should change of bank at home, because it's just a rip off. FYI the swift transfer fee from PostFinance (in Switzerland) is about $5... Can't comment on Switzerland's costs and I haven't used a SWIFT transfer from my UK bank for a long time but last time I did the bank charges from my UK bank were about £10 (even at today's lousy rate that's about 410 baht), then add the exchange rate loss equivalent of about 1000 baht per month (one baht in the £) and the Thai bank charges of 3-500 baht. That adds up to at around 2k baht per month.....24k baht per year. The total cost of sending £1000 is £6.96 (about 285 baht per month) 3,424 baht per year..........That's a saving of over 20k baht by using Transferwise compared to a Lloyds bank UK SWIFT transfer And even bigger saving than scubascuba3 had estimated.
  8. Indeed.................many in the offices and up the chain rely on the agent money for their "bonuses", many squillions of baht are involved!!! (Take squillions to mean a great many!). That still doesn't make it right. Some of us have always played by the immigration rules and we're now restricted by the tightening of those rules while 'many squillions' (Take squillions to mean a great many!) who don't qualify are still able to break the law to stay here because of the way the agents are allowed to operate.
  9. Not entirely. The biggest fiddles come from people using agents because they don't have enough income and don't have 400/800k baht in a Thai bank. If you really want to ensure that people staying here have adequate funds then get rid of the agents and their fiddles, make them illegal.
  10. Until the use of an agent is banned and you have to do it all yourself................
  11. Not entirely accurate. It's NOT money you have already spent, it's a minimum amount of money you have been forced to transfer into a Thai Bank from overseas every month, whether you actually need the money in Thailand or not.
  12. In Pattaya we use the yellow book as proof of residence, did you include any other proof in your application?