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  1. So why does it only cost an average of just £200 per year for NHS treatment in the UK but cost a fortune in private hospitals everywhere else??? After all, were always being told the NHS is a first class service.
  2. Yes it does, on the back. At least, mine does. Apologies. Just looked and my new DL does (renewed it last December). I looked at my old licence to confirm when I wrote that because it was convenient in my desk drawer. That one, which is 5.5 years old definitely doesn't have my address on it. Just looked and neither does my wife's which is just over four years old. Adding it must be a later addition. The back of my Dec 2013 DL2013 DL back.docx
  3. That shows just how much of a rip off private insurances are in Western countries are doesn't it. When a foreigner goes to the UK on a LONG TERM VISA, as part of the visa application, they must pay about £200 per year to the UK NHS service to cover the cost of any NHS medical costs they might incur. That equates to less than 10k baht, or $300 per year (at today's lousy exchange rates).
  4. Your yellow book is permanently valid with no expiry date (must be changed if you move house permanently of course, the same as Thai nationals do). Your Thai DL doesn't have your address on it, so it can't be used as proof of address for starters. That means a time consuming trip to your Immigration Office to apply for a Residence Certificate every time you need proof of address and, although it should be free, usually costs between 200-500 baht at most Immigration Offices and is only valid for a short period of time and for specified reasons. To name just a few: You can use your yellow book to prove your address when applying for an extension at Immigration, you can't with your DL. With your yellow book you can register a sim card, you can't with a DL. With your yellow book and ID Card combined you can renew your Thai DL, you can't with your old DL. With your yellow book and ID Card combined you can open a bank account, with a DL you can't. With your yellow book and ID Card combined can buy and register a car/motorcyle you can't with a DL. Using your ID card you can send registered mail (EMS) worldwide through the postal service, you can't using your DL. In fact, whenever you need to prove your address and/or ID you can use your yellow book and/or ID card. You can't using your DL, YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME AND COST to get a residence certificate from Immigration each and every time plus, when needed, carry your passport with you. As I've said before, you can choose whatever method you want..........I personally prefer the CONVENIENCE of having a yellow book and pink ID card.
  5. Worked for me at bangkok pattaya hospital too. I also registered using just my pink ID at both the Burapha University Teaching Hospital in Bang Saen and the Phaya Thai hospital in Si Racha.
  6. Convenience. Of course you can use other methods but they are more time consuming and can (sometimes) be more expensive.
  7. OK thanks. I forgot to add that the cost is a mere $39.99 per year (or $4.99 pm) https://browsec.com/en/orders/new?plan_id=annual&utm_source=Chromium extension&utm_medium=inpage_notification&utm_campaign=inpage_notification-www.bbc.com&utm_term=en&instd=329 Have used Zenmate in the past but that doesn't either now.
  8. I have the standard Browsec VPN but, as everybody knows, it's been useless to watch UK TV for a long time. Just recently I've had this info popup occasionally on my desktop suggesting the Browsec Premium version allows access to watch BBC's i player. Has anybody else used it? Is it reliable and can you access the other UK TV channels (ITV, Ch4,Ch5, etc, etc)?
  9. Of course the Thai authorities have set up a system for foreigners to prove their permanent address to allow them to complete certain tasks and that is applying for a residence certificate each and every time they need to plus carry/produce your passport each time as well OR you can get a Yellow Book and Pink ID Card and use them instead in the same way as a Thai National does to get a Driving Licence, register a sim card, proof of address for extensions, open a bank account, registering for TM30's, register a vehicle, proof when sending EMS mail etc and proving address for various different official functions. It's called CONVENIENCE.
  10. Thanks for the very comprehensive report. Hopefully it's answered a lot of the queries from some of the more pessimistic posters have raised on various threads on this forum.
  11. Firstly yes, LINE does work using wifi. When your friend sent you a message did you receive that message on your mobile phone? The message you're getting is because you're using your tablet and the windows version of Line for the first time. They will normally have sent you a message via your mobile (cell) phone for you to input that code via your mobile. Did your friend put the correct mobile number in when he installed LINE on your phone.
  12. I live in Chonburi and damaged my hip in a fall a few weeks ago (no, I wasn't drunk) and went to Burapha University teaching hospital outpatients department in Bang Saen for treatment. I registered using my Pink ID Card and that's all I needed. They never asked for a credit card or insurance details. As it turned out the x-rays, treatment and medication only amounted to 1300 baht but it could have been a lot more expensive. Nobody asked me for 'proof of funds' when I went in or when I saw the doctors, etc.
  13. As far as I'm aware, it hasn't happened yet, but the pessimists that frequent this forum have suggested that some IO's wouldn't accept your documents of foreign bank accounts as confirmation because they wouldn't understand them. I must say, those regular pessimists have been very quiet of late though.
  14. As I understand it, the process is: In your TW account, designate the Thai bank you want your money transferred to (either Bangkok Bank or Kasikorn Bank are your only options) as your primary account. Then contact TW, either by phone or by email to request/confirm you want your transfer routed directly to your primary Thai account. (A single call is sufficient) When actually completing the transfer request form ensure you have again highlighted both your primary bank account in that request and you have selected the 'transfer to Thailand' in the drop down box. TW have confirmed they WILL route all transfers directly to your designated Thai account unless on the very rare occasion there is a technical issues that would prevent this. They (and the Bangkok Bank call centre international section) told me they have had discussions with those two Thai banks and, If this does happen, you can obtain a 'Credit Advice Receipt' to prove it was a foreign transfer. I bank with BKKB and, in the past two years, I've only had two transfers go via the 'wrong bank'. The first was in November last year (before it became an issue anyway) and the second was in July when TW were updating their software. All other transfers have been designated FTT in my bankbook. I've averaged two transfers per month in that time.
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