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  1. On 4/29/2020 at 7:56 AM, jayboy said:

    Yes that was also my initial thought, and it probably partly explains the low number of recorded cases in Thailand

    A lack of testing doesn't reduce the number of deaths. Tested or otherwise if somebody is exposed to the virus they will become infected. Testing will not determine who will die from covid 19 and who will survive.


    High level testing will possibly highlight the speed that the virus is spreading, the hotspots and who is likely to be more vulnerable and reduce the number of deaths, not a lack of testing.

  2. 18 hours ago, KhaoYai said:

    The point I'm making is that a married couple (Thai) with no kids are getting 5000 baht each whilst single parents only get 5000, no matter how many kids they may have. If you can't see the problem with that, I feel sorry for you.

    Maybe the mother is expected to get a payment from the absent father(s) 

  3. 4 minutes ago, EvetsKram said:

    My wife also has a small hair salon in Korat,  we live in it.  The housebook is in her name and she did not qualify either.  It really sucks when they close you down then do that <deleted> to you

    OK, that's my theory up the Swanee. Luck might be the next best. 555

  4. It appears that maybe most of those that are rejected because they are 'farmers' have never updated their address and are possibly still on their parents(?) tabien baan and the householder is registered as a farmer.


    My wife runs a market stall and is registered on our house Tabien baan. She got the 5k straight away.

    Her friend on the next market stall is still registered on her mothers Tabien baan in her village. She was refused the 5k because she was a 'farmer'.

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  5. On 10/12/2019 at 5:10 PM, Oxx said:
    On 10/12/2019 at 2:22 PM, ivor bigun said:

    anyone know which are free leach?


    They're now "featured torrents" and are in the big rotating banner at the top of the home page.

    No, they're actually still on the torrents page, not the home page. It's the symbol below the home page on the left hand side and distinguished by being coloured in a pale yellow.

  6. 2 minutes ago, AJS150654 said:

    I had over 12 months of transfers with Kasikorn, but as I said, because I was using Bahtsmart, these showed up as domestic transfers in my Kasikorn statement.

    You can get a credit advice receipt to show that all those Kasikorn 'domestic transfers' originated of overseas. Not sure who you would go to but Kasikorn's international department would definitely be able to tell you.


    Kasikorn are aware of the problems and when one of my Bangkok bank transfers went via Kasikorn in July (due to a software update) Kasikorn international department supplied me with a credit advice receipt to cover that payment.


    You will need to go to the 'bahtsmart' intermediary bank for the credit advice receipt but Kasikorn will be able to tell you who to speak to.

  7. 12 hours ago, ramrod711 said:

    My thoughts exactly, well put. I've been here 14 years, married, 3 pensions so no problems meeting financial requirements. One fly in the ointment, I'm diabetic so any health insurance that I can buy are very unlikely to cover heart, stroke etc. I don't want to buy insurance that excludes those ailments and probably couldn't. Previous reports state that 400,000 baht coverage would be the minimum requirement, how about allowing people to deposit 400,000 baht for the exclusive purpose of medical care. I wouldn't mind doing that, I don't expect Thai people to pay for my medical costs.

    The regular changes to various visas/extension requirements are to encourage,channel people into using the correct visa.


    The insurance requirement only applies to O-A visas used/issued after 31st October. As you are married and came here 14 years ago, I assume you arrived with a non O visa and extended (marriage) yearly after that. So the insurance rules wouldn't apply to you anyway.

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  8. 23 hours ago, lopburi3 said:

    Fm US to Thai rather than from UK.  Sorry as see could be misunderstood.

    From reading the countless posts from US expats on this forum since the changes in Transfer requirements came into force, I get the impression that the US Governments obsession with money laundering regulations, plus their more more complex and diverse banking system, causes a lot of the delays experienced by many expats from the US.


    The UK appears to have a different monitoring system which means we can transfer money, for everyday living expenses, without any problems or delays.

  9. 3 hours ago, gk10002000 said:

    The US mobile system is fine.  It is overseas where charges and plans can become a challenge.

    Sorry, I thought the US mobile phone system used different frequencies to most other parts of the world, meaning you could use your US sim card anywhere but would need to buy a different phone to put it in while in Thailand for example. I thought US phones didn't work on Thailand's mobile system. Maybe it's just older phones. Apologies if I'm wrong.

  10. 37 minutes ago, gk10002000 said:

    I pay little for my communication device and it does all that I need

    Except allow you to use Apps obviously.😁😁😁



     I have a computer at home, and at work use them all day long

    No problem then. Personally I just find it easier, more practical and more convenient to use the Apps on my phone.


    Reading what others from the US have said on TV, it does appear that both the banking system and the mobile phone system in the US is much more complex and difficult to use when compared to what we have in the UK. We can use the UK banking system from Thailand, via the internet, without any problems at all. I also have a UK sim that is fully accessible and usable in slot two of my mobile here in Thailand. 

  11. 1 hour ago, treetops said:

    We should all be aware that despite the reason for transfer drop down now having the long stay in Thailand option available, Transferwise have said they still can not guarantee it will always show as an international transfer.  Keep a Plan B up to date to avoid a repeat of all the wailing from early July when things went wrong for a while.

    Nobody can guarantee 100% that there will never be an occasional blip in the system but what TW have done is talk to their three partner banks in Thailand who have agreed that should a rogue transfer go initially to the 'wrong' bank, that bank will supply us a 'Credit Advice Receipt' to confirm the transfer originated from abroad. Immigration at Si Racha told me that, because this document is supplied by a Thai bank, it will be acceptable.


    I have used this system successfully twice so far. Firstly, when TW updated their software in early July I, like others, had my transfer sent via the Kasikorn Bank to my Bangkok Bank account. On request Kasikorn supplied me with a Credit Advice Receipt. It took less than a week to get and cost 200 baht. 

    I also had a transfer go via TMB last November and, although I don't actually need to show where it originated from, I  decided to apply to TMB to see if their system worked. It does. They have a dedicated section at head office in Bangkok to deal with TW queries and I sent the documents they required via email last Thursday. They kept in touch on the progress and on Wednesday (two days ago) they contacted me to say the 'Credit Advice Receipt' had been delivered to my local TMB branch in Chonburi so I could collect it from there. There was no charge at all.


    I don't know about anybody else but two successful requests for me and both supplied in less than a week.


    Personally, I'm happy with the way TW have organised the system 

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  12. 3 minutes ago, scubascuba3 said:

    Previous threads have indicated you have to specify the correct drop down choice otherwise it won't be processed as Intl payment

    Yes, there are several options in that drop down box. But not everybody would choose the 'funds for long stay in Thailand' option. Do you expect me to list all of them instead of just saying you must choose a reason for the transfer without knowing his intentions????


    I was replying to a poster who was wary of opening a TW account because he was unsure of the system. There was no indication of why he might want to use their services, and he certainly didn't mention highlighting an international transfer was required. So I simply advised him there was a choice of options. It's then up to the poster I was replying to to choose the option that best suited his needs. 


    Because of his uncertainty, I posted a guideline on the simple process to successfully open an account and do a simple transfer using TW. If the poster requires any more detailed information he only has to ask (whether it be on the open forum or by PM) I will be more than happy to try and help him, as I'm sure many other will also.

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