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  1. In the Buriram immigration office there is a note posted that proof of income letters from various embassies are no longer acceptable. I did not read past UK and US but there were a few more. I actually have an income and cash enough to meet their requirements and it is just figuring out how to present it to them in a way that they like to see it. In Buriram one officer said he wanted to see the money on my account and that he wanted me to spend it, every month. I have invested 3 or 4,000,000 in property here over the last few years and have a truck and just bought a new car in Thailand. Not to mention all the junk like a/c units, tv's, fridges, fans and on and on, that has been money spent in Thailand. I don't understand why this investment in the country counts for nothing when renewing my visa and having such a heavy look at my monthly spend. They have never asked me to show where the monthly deposit comes from. It is legal income but they have never asked. Is that just a quirk of my local office and should I be prepared to provide proof of the source of the deposits in the future? I have been refused a visa in the past because the bank letter stated that I had 1,430,862 baht on deposit and my bank book update was 1,430,826, both dated the same day. I am prepared to jump through all the hoops that they want me to, I just would like them to be the same ones as posted on their official web site without little added 'extras' that the local office deems worthwhile. (not talking about money, just rules). So the balance sheet Edited Monday at 06:29 AM by elviajero is very useful post but I cannot imagine my local office making any sense of it. It seems like the easiest way will be to put 1,000,000 in the bank and top it up when spending causes it to drop to 800,050. Also to put in a lump sum to cover larger spends for a car or something. Always keeping that account active and with a balance in excess of 800,000. It is difficult here sometimes but don't forget that the government in the UK has announced that migrant workers will not be given work permits if the are to earn less than £30,000 a year. How many nurses will qualify for that? How empty of professional workers the hospitals will be.
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