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  1. Thanks JoeW, I just sent a PM as I don't understand how to get this reply box to open w/o including earlier replies. This one (reply box) just appeared so here is another question. Thanks Canthai for your comments and links to interesting Toyota information. I was thinking of trading in my car maybe for the same, CH-R or the new Cross model (hybrid). At the dealer they said that the trade in price was about 60,000 THB. I paid about 1.1+M a couple of years ago so paying 50,000 THB (in depreciation) for the use of a car for 30,000 km seems a bit much, frankly. I like the car, drives well a
  2. Thanks JoeW. I took a look briefly at the link you sent but have not tried any of the tests suggested in it but take your point about perhaps having to dismantle body elements to find the source of the problem. Why is it that you think it should be covered by warrantee? The car is well over a year old, getting on to 2 years since I bought it. Even though it is low kms it is not new. The car has not been modified in any way except to screw on a skid plate just behind the front bumper on top of the plastic one that kept getting ripped off with all the road construction we are bei
  3. Canthai55, thanks for the link to CAN which points out that this particular diagnostic system was developed and introduced about 20 years ago. The CH-R Hybrid was a completely new model and was touted to have all the latest cutting edge technology at the time. Toyota is no slouch when it comes to research and development and would hazard to guess that it has the CAN system integrated or one similar of their own design. It would not surprise me if, in the future, they incorporated a diagnostic system that would report on the health of entire fleets of delivery vehicles via their
  4. My car is about 18 months old with 30k km on it. Nice car etc.. The warning light came on with the message 'headlight system failure' and 'blind spot monitor failure' see the dealer. The headlights seem to work OK and I can see that in fact the little light that comes on in the side mirror does not come on. Otherwise everything is fine. I don't use it much so waited until I went for a service to see what the problem was/is. Here is the rub. They said it would take 4 hours to check all the wiring to see what the problem was. (Not under guarantee.) Aside from not planning an
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