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  1. Thanks, It is with the TV sound connected via the optical cable only. Thanks to your suggestion I now just use the BT on the PC and screen share to the samsung TV. So it doesn't really matter in terms of usage, just an irritant when something that should work doesn't. The other one works OK, however. It is like trying to recode your car key following a dead battery. You must do certain actions in a certain order or it doesn't work. Switch the key 5 times, open the door, beep the horn and close the door, for example. Except in the official instructions they forget to mention close the door... Thanks again for the BT suggestion, saved me from a sense of humour loss getting some sound out.
  2. Well, The suggestion from KittenKong worked a treat although I am not really very sure which combination of plugging and unplugging, turning off and on, changing various values in different sequential orders really did the trick. So now the speakers work with the TV but the sound is stuttering, only with the optical cable connection. Not with the TV sound on with a movie and not with the TV off and the sound directly via BT to the speakers on the PC. Also not with the PC off and Youtube selected and playing through the TV speakers. It does stutter with only the TV on and connected with the optical. (If you think the description is confusing, you should have been here doing it to experience the action first hand!) Any ideas about the stuttering by chance? The suggestion to play movies with the BT connected from the computer and the picture on the TV works great and that is what I will do. When I want to look at the smart programs on the TV, such as Youtube or Thai TV I will just use the TV speaker with no stutter. Thank you very much for that one KittenKong. For a smart TV these Samsungs are pretty stupid. Although generally very happy with them.
  3. Thanks, will give it a try. This is a problem suffered by many and it is a surprise that Samsung has not made an effort to provide a fix with their smart TV updates. The TV sound is OK, just not as good as the Edifier speakers. The Edifier R1280DB are not costly and consistently get rave reviews, by the way. Any thoughts on plugging a BT dongle into a USB socket on the TV? Thanks again.
  4. I have 2 Samsung NU7300 55" TVs and 2 pairs of Edifier R1280DB speakers and 2 Asus PCs. The TV and speakers both have optical audio connector sockets. The optical output worked on the first one and then stopped months ago. The new TV setup (in the gym room) did not work at first and I changed all values to PCM in both TVs. Then I changed the HDMI connector to the second socket in the new one and the optical connection worked. Tried the same thing on the older one with no luck. The Edifier speakers work with bluetooth on the computer but bluetooth is not included on the NU7300 TVs. The TV sound functions on both units and show up on the 2 PCs as the default player device. Both TVs are connected to the PCs as an extension viewing screen. I tried putting a bluetooth dongle into the USB socket on the TV but had no luck with that either. I have reset TV factory setting with no luck. Any ideas please? Thank you
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