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  1. Thanks for sending the info on generator/welders. The ones shown are really too big for my needs. Where this little house will be built is at the far end of a rice paddy so weight is a big consideration. Future use of a generator will be at locations accessible only on foot. When it dries up we will have a relatively short window of access by truck or tractor and when it rains again that will close. Thanks for commenting.
  2. Well Far Flung, That is quite a collection you have. Great stuff. I too once had such a collection but no more.... Is that a rosewood handle on the number 7 sitting on the bench? Pretty rare these days. The big Makita electric hand planer looks pretty good to me but so far have resisted. Interesting stuff that you are up to. Thanks for contacting me Take care, Burton
  3. RE Finding BKK bank transaction details of your online banking account. Someone posted a small note explaining that there is a selection option that is a 'ghost' selection on the upper right hand of the screen. Selecting this will give details about that account of who was paid and when (deposits too). I have BKK bank online banking and cannot find this option and also cannot find the post where it was recently written. Does anyone know more about this? I rarely complain about Thailand etc. but how one of the biggest banks in the country cannot provide detailed information abo
  4. I am fortunate to have money on deposit that is in excess of the 800K required. Just the same, When my visa renewal comes up I go to the IO with my bankbooks etc. and ask if they need anything else, such as a medical examination performed within the previous 7 days, or whatever. I arrange at my BKK bank head office in Buriram to have al letter produce with the date on it when I plan to go for my renewal, and confirms the money shown in my passbook is there even if it is in the next week ahead. This year I am going to try to use my Thai DL and usufruct contract and apply w/o my GF going alon
  5. Thanks Pogust. Is it that 1.2mm steel just melts? Is it that 'protecting gas' is stick welding? I will do welding in my parking area so that should be OK. I am a bit of a tool nut so a small generator will probably find its way to my collection of stuff. So Far flung, Excuse me if you already know this but... Chain sharpening correctly is essential and something that I have yet to master to my satisfaction. When the teeth on one side become dull for any reason the cut will curve. Also if one side is cutting less well it will put more pressure on that side of the blade causi
  6. Wow! Back on the farm! Feet look very good, better than a couple of cement blocks etc.. How does your lumber come out with your mill? Around here they cut posts freehand or there is a huge circular saw tool on a bed for cutting planks. Down to about 1cm thick and pretty consistent along the length considering the tools. Two guys set up the saw on a squared up trunk and just drag it along to cut the dimensioned lumber. First time I have ever seen that. I'll try to find the pics and post them If I do. Thanks for your comments and encouragements. I have looked a bit on the n
  7. Thanks for the replies. Also home made projects, great. Just what I have in mind too. My first project will be a pair of trestles, 'sawhorses' we call them in Canada. Good tip about self darkening mask. How to know if the generator is producing a pure, not choppy, sine wave? Also, for the smaller welders, can a small generator power one? Will the 'generator friendly' welding units have a protection built in to deal with choppy sine waves? These are questions that I would normally put to a reputable supplier but I don't really trust the sales people here. Very nice people but I just do
  8. I want to put up a small house for the family on their naa for use when working there. 3x9 M floor area with 3x6 enclosed and a 3x3 covered open area at one end. Simple, straight, double pitched roof about 11M long. There is no power there although I put in some solar panels and pump down a borehole well. I see some small arc welders are 'generator friendly' . I understand that inverter type welders have electronic circuitry that can be sensitive to voltage variations in the 'sine'. (I just read that on the web and only sort of understand it) But, if a small gener
  9. I too am looking at small drill press tools. I like the look of the OKURA YD-13P (about 2000 baht) as it is Japanese made(?) I think. Get the largest size chuck (not 1/4") and be sure there are belts to regulate the speed. Good luck.
  10. I understand there has been a new person appointed to be the head of the immigration, visa etc. department. Any comments on his disposition towards those of us living here on retirement visas? I fulfil all the current requirements but would like to be prepared if there are new regulations coming up in the near future.
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