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  1. "seek attention for themselves" Looks like they got that trait from Prayut, Prawit and others. With those it's all about me, me, me !
  2. Appeals Court sets bail for eight PDRC core leaders at 800,000 baht each
  3. If only he had been at the helm in 2014, Thailand would be a far, far better place than it is now for the people !
  4. The one person who should be behind bars ! I take it that if you make yourself P.M., then amend the rules to make yourself untouchable, that is accepted in the Thai justice system ?
  5. "to protect the public interest" The 3 bodies mentioned will probably ignore the public interest, but rather act to protect their own interests.
  6. Panel to probe conduct of six Palang Pracharat MPs for abstaining in censure vote They were most probably bribed to join Palang Pracharat for a big financial gain, and have now seen that the party is just one totally corrupt outfit, which is obvious, just look at the person at the helm of the organisation !
  7. Always been the way, and always will be the way. Too much money at stake. They never seem to catch Mr Big in drug smuggling either !
  8. I believe they contact T.A.T. and ask them to pull some numbers out of the hat !
  9. The emergency decree is due to expire next Monday but is still needed in order to help contain................................further expected protests against a corrupt, inept government would be nearer the mark !
  10. A Thailand mall has two San Francisco-themed floors and it's wonderful Something nice for the Thais to look at, whilst taking advantage of the free aircon during the hot season !
  11. Pheu Thai Secretary-General Prasert Chanthararuangthong said that the opposition will now use their evidence to support legal action against some of the targeted ministers via the Constitutional Court, the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders. Theoretically a good idea. However, when the 3 mentioned bodies are as corrupt as anyone (including the N.A.C.C.), they haven't got a cat in hell's chance.
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