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  1. "For the past five years, under the leadership of Prime Minister Prayut, he said national budget has increased year after year, but the country remains stuck and scarcely moving forward." I think 'moving backwards' would be a more appropriate description.
  2. Last year's sentencing of the three men (309 years each), obviously didn't send a deterrent to this evil man, so it's hard to believe it will deter every other sick pervert in future.
  3. The few big capitalists practically run the country, so other people do not really matter. Their idea is to make an even bigger wealth inequality by making the rich richer, like it, or lump it !
  4. I don't think these symptoms are anything to do with a 'Burnout', but more of a negative attitude about the country's capability to move forward, and be beneficial to the average worker, with the people in power now, and for the foreseeable future !
  5. It's getting to the stage where nobody will believe any person with any power here, as most of what they come out with is utter <deleted>. The fact that a certain P.M claims to care about the poor and needy, is a classic example !
  6. Their ultimate aim is to win elections And Prayut's ultimate aim is to make sure they don't win elections at any cost, otherwise, him and all his cronies at the trough are finished, and Thailand can look to move forward !
  7. I use the Government hospital in Khon Kaen, and it costs me 50 baht for consultation, plus cost price medication, e.g., Tramadol, 100 tablets, 100 baht. Even my weekly physio sessions, including Ultrasound, electrolysis, heat pack and 30 minutes in exercise room was less than 280 baht !
  8. Hopefully, this will avoid numerous scaremongering, nonsensical posts as in the other threads about the insurance
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