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  1. June 30th headline: Country under state of emergency until July 31st ! Pathetic, power mad leaders.
  2. It is not up to you to tell people to "put on masks" If you were to tell me, I wouldn't almost beat you up, but I'd tell you, in no uncertain terms, to mind your own business.
  3. If people in high positions were properly disciplined, e.g., sacked with loss of pension, there is a slight possibility that it could help to stop other officials doing similar wrongdoings. Inactive posts are not the solution.
  4. Another useless poll. And absolutely NO social distancing in the article picture !
  5. There is no need for a curfew at all anyway ! But it does show how they have control of the people, which is their main objective.
  6. Yet it is proposed that the state of emergency continues until at least the end of June, with many millions still not able to return to work, due to the continued lockdown in certain major industries ! I suppose those affected will have to "scramble" for food, to quote a certain clown ?
  7. Which were totally ignored during my last visit to the Government hospital, 3 weeks ago. As for seating, every weekday, by 8.00am, the seats are full, with just as many people standing. Apart from finding a room quadruple the size, how do they expect people to "social distance" in these cramped conditions ?
  8. A massive fail, and a cause for many of the problems. Corruption starts at the very, very top, unless you stop it there, it will continue forever.
  9. The numbers are minimal. All extending it would do is give the clown at the helm the power and control to do whatever he wants with the people of Thailand and it's guests.
  10. “Making any change in his Cabinet now will hurt his image and credibility,” How anyone who illegally ousted a democratically elected government, then, rigged elections in order to stay in power, can have any positive image or credibility, is totally beyond me, and I am sure, many other people !
  11. Yet millions have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks to see if they can start to earn money again, to put food on the table for their families ! And the BTS and markets are packed with no social distancing, Bizarre !
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