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  1. Well, I am 58, so "age permitting" as per your suggestions. However, due to pre existing conditions, it is far more advantageous for me to self insure, leaving funds in a fixed deposit account. Although my conditions are not life threatening, my premiums would be extortionate, and anything connected to my respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system (I have neuropathy), to name a few, would not be covered. I also have no problems using Government Hospitals, so the cost to me would be exceedingly less than the rip off Private hospitals here.
  2. He must be thick, because, I think everyone else can predict how it will unfold ! In Prayut's favour.
  3. let's try to not track off to other issues and discussions and just ignore those who are bitter and angry and thrive on creating discord and distraction. Those that are bitter and angry appear to be the ones that are leaving !
  4. I think the justice system here does a perfectly good job undermining itself, without any outside help from third parties !
  5. “Our fight against Thaksin and his clique is not over. We fought them on the streets and now we are going to fight them within the parliament system,” he said. And if they beat us, we will just overthrow them AGAIN ! Pathetic !
  6. There is no formal extradition treaty between Thailand and Greece, but that does not mean he cannot be extradited back here. It would be a very complex, and long drawn out process, but, if he has committed the murder, it is possible it could be done. Also, should he travel to any other country that does have a formal extradition treaty, he will be arrested on arrival, and the process to return him here would be a lot easier.
  7. The book of Thai excuses gets bigger and bigger every day !
  8. I would substitute the word 'great' with decent, and emphasise the word 'some'.
  9. He has no pride, (or shame), so it doesn't <deleted> bother him.
  10. The cable company explained that it was all a misunderstanding, and Mr Chakaree must have his wires crossed !
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