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  1. Same sh*t, different day. Expect the same headline after the Songkran carnage.
  2. Another classic from the Thai book of excuses. Hardly a reason to terrify 2 young workers with a meat cleaver though.
  3. Next unread topic “She was shot in the back and her right arm. Another bullet grazed her right cheek,” I take it she will not be able to sit down for a few weeks !
  4. However, it fails to mention that the government DEMOCRATICALLY voted in was ousted by an illegal military coup, which makes a complete mockery of the Thai voting system.
  5. Unfortunately, another tragedy on the Thai roads. R.I.P young ladies.
  6. Should have issued one for the copper that let the dirty pervert walk free too !
  7. I think the message should be............ for Thailand's sake, lets move beyond undemocratic, unelected military rule !
  8. You obviously have no clue about alcoholism, but profess to be an expert on the matter. Alcoholism is more about dependency, and a lot of alcoholics need alcohol in their system, to function properly every day. I know many people who drink nearly every day, albeit in moderation, but they are certainly not alcoholics, and have never needed to seek treatment for drinking.
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