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  1. Well the clown in charge said he was in agreement, so rewrite the whole thing, if it cannot be amended. Prayut okays charter change, ending Senate’s power to vote for PM
  2. I don't know which saying is funnier on TV, "TAT predicts" or "Anutin says" ?
  3. Remarkable ! Thai testing can point to the date you got infected ? Could she not have contracted it AFTER leaving quarantine ? Or is it more towards keeping the "Covid free Thailand " image ?
  4. By the hand picked senate, full of ex military and family ! Not <deleted> democratically.
  5. It should never have been in <deleted> place originally ! Now amend the rest of it too.
  6. Can somebody please explain to this numb nut, he would actually be saving the country, not abandoning it, if he did this honorable thing !
  7. I would suggest the people selecting the hotels to be used for quarantine are not up to the required standard. They most probably put personal gain before the health of the people.
  8. You can't make this stuff up. Add to this, people impersonating politicians (also involved in embezzlement), and you see why Thailand is a laughing stock to other countries.
  9. It will bring "Happiness to the people" ! (To borrow a quote from a certain clown, currently in the news !).
  10. How convenient to bring that into the equation. You might have noticed, despite numerous, well attended protests against your lot, the Thai Covid figures remain the same !
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