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  1. <deleted> off. One person to blame, and he is shambolically running the country ! The sooner he goes, the better.
  2. It's no consolation whatsoever, but it's not just you school kids, it's 90% + of the population in the same boat.
  3. The whole country has been duped, not just this farce, but they have been duped by this shambles of a government for six consecutive years. The sooner they depart, the better for everyone, except them and their full bank accounts.
  4. How much of this was put to good use, and how much made it's way "elsewhere" ?
  5. No news nowadays with the words "police" and "corruption" together, surprises anyone, it seems par for the course, and has been for a very long time.
  6. This is just one part of the Thai justice system that is horribly wrong, they should face legal action anyway. This is more or less saying that if somebody steals and gets caught, pay it back or face legal action, however, if you don't get caught, fair play, making their only crime being "getting caught" !
  7. The whole country has a right to accuse this person of "abuse of power". From his initial, illegal act in 2014, his abuse has continued, purely for the benefit of himself and his cronies.
  8. "Use the budget efficiently and in a transparent manner" I very much doubt it, and it would be a first for this lot, if it did happen. Not surprised the hand picked, unelected, senate passed it !
  9. This denial thing is absurd, and, as they are going to punish anyone who claims that anyone contracted the virus in Thailand (a current incident in Chiang Mai is an example), it is quite obscene. I think the clowns in charge here actually think the whole world believe their "Covid free Thailand" bol- locks, while I am pretty sure that most countries do not trust the Thailand reporting about anything, never mind Covid !
  10. I would have thought "Our country is being run by military clowns" would have been high up there.
  11. So, in effect, if we protect the above mentioned vulnerable people, who are at risk of any virus due to age or pre-existing conditions anyway, the rest should be able to get back to "normal normal" ? I would call that common sense, rather than excellent management of CV-19 by Thailand.
  12. Let's put it into perspective, which is the bigger crime ? Anything the elected PM Thaksin did, or......................... Treason - the crime of betraying your country, for example by helping its enemies or by trying to remove its government using violence. I rest my case, Prayut and his cronies should be removed, and incarcerated for a long spell.
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