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  1. Out of a population of 69,90,850, it is a pretty poor effort, and will greatly inhibit any recovery for Thailand.
  2. More like a feeble apology for letting inter provincial travel continue in large numbers, when they should really have stopped it.
  3. Travel DOWN, Spending DOWN.........................................................................sadly, COVID UP, due to poor government decisions !
  4. Should be free ! That is a lot of money for some citizens. But submarines are probably more important than the well being of your fellow people ?
  5. Former MP and massage-parlour tycoon Chuvit Kamolvisit has dubbed Krystal Club “Club Thai Ku Fah” (Club Government House) for reportedly hosting certain high-powered politicians. Like him or not, that is funny as <deleted> !
  6. "it did not specify when" Surely, if this "variant" is as powerful and dangerous as they claim, they have the powers to close anything they want with immediate effect, so why the delay, giving it more time to infect people before they act ?
  7. Including all the corrupt ones ? You have to be joking, look at gambling dens and illegals entering the country, both major causes of Covid reappearing, all with the assistance of your beloved military and police !
  8. When Prayut tries to "assure" people about anything, you can guarantee things are not looking good.
  9. But travelling home for Songkran, many on crowded public transport, is not a problem, according to the Health Minister Anutin ! Maybe he should have consulted you before making his stupid announcement ?
  10. I would imagine that every one of the thousands of public busses they travel on could be classed as a "large gathering", that could increase that risk !
  11. Any idiot can see that closing these establishments early gives the possibility of late drinkers starting earlier in the evening, making them twice as packed as they would normally be at that time, making it a lot more dangerous. Doesn't want a scientist to figure that out !
  12. Obviously an expert in the N.S.C. has studied the science of Covid, and has come to the conclusion that it is more dangerous after 9.00pm ! Genius !
  13. Isn't it about time HE started to deliver on the promises HE gave to the people ?
  14. Another brain fart idea ! Does he not realise that drivers here will travel when they want, and when it suits them.
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