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  1. No solutions, just anger and a sense of entitlement. Let her grow up in Thailand living like many of these people do and experience some real hardship. She's living in a fully industrialized nation and enjoying the full benefits of modern life. She's been flying around in a jet talking on her cell phone. Talk about hypocrisy! But I don't blame her. She's just a brainwashed drone of adult puppeteers. She's just a billboard for them. It's actually a form of child abuse. Her message offers no answers, only rehashing what her handlers have been saying for years. The ONLY thing unique is that she's a kid. Time will take care of that and she'll be a nobody.
  2. Oh come on! There has NEVER been an argument here! Nothing but pure harmony :). Will check the site for sure, thanks!
  3. I like this. Were you at all concerned about ants or such in between the two layers of blocks?
  4. Ok, I think we're pretty well set on our roof and foundation (foundation poured, roof panes ordered. The question is about walls and what to do? concrete block with stucco is my first inclination. But what about the inside? A vapor barrier, and where? What about insulation on the walls?
  5. I'm building a very similar building as to what you are building Jim. At this time, we've got the slab poured, the concrete posts in place and the supporting metal up on the roof. We're getting ready to buy the metal for the roof. Your post has been enlightening. For the sides, we're planning to use block. I'm wondering what sort of vapor barrier, exactly where to put it and how to insulate the walls. What are your plans?
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