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  1. Could well be. 12 simultaneously parked aircraft seems a lot to me.
  2. Not forgetting the water pressure. You’d end up with more than just s*** on the ceiling.
  3. It's a condo. My name appears on the front of the chanote as the owner.
  4. I bought the condo unit 19 years ago and my name was added to the chanote (not the blue book) at the Land Registry Office.
  5. Thanks. As my name is not in the blue book (and I don't have a yellow one, although perhaps I should have) I included the Chanote (title deed) which has my name on it. I thought that would suffice as it proves ownership.
  6. I bet the pigs are relieved as they won't need to do a TM30.
  7. I applied as a condo owner on June 20th. Still my status is "Waiting Approval". I read on here that if the documents submitted were wrong (I submitted copies of passport, blue book and chanote) then the office (Chaeng Wattana in my case) will not inform me that the application is not going through. But how am I supposed to know for sure? I could go to immigration but I work Mon-Fri and it's not easy getting a day off. Any ideas what I should do? Thanks.
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