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  1. Wait for it........ I have a feeling this is not going to end well for those among us who understand responsibility.
  2. FWIW my car (Civic RS) is always returned to me from a service at Honda with 45psi all-round. The door jam plate says 30-34 (from memory). I've politely asked them not to do this, but of course they still do. I let some air out as soon as I get home and check the pressures monthly thereafter. TIT I guess.
  3. Blimey, the mind really did boggle after reading that headline
  4. No, you sit in the heavy traffic along with other ROAD USERS. Pedestrians are footpath users, where do you think the word footpath came from? Geez.
  5. No, you take the long detour. If your argument holds up then I can drive my car on the pavement as long as I'm careful, right?
  6. Seriously though, this is society breaking down that we are witnessing. It will steadily get worse the longer nothing is done to encourage respect for others, decency, right from wrong and some discipline.
  7. I'm just curious as to why anyone would want to film this. As for the main topic, I'd personally want to know the truth.
  8. 26 years here (Bangkok) and I've never known a 'cool season' as hot and dry as this one; it must be a build up of all the hot air emanating from the government.
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