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  1. I remember from the DL theory test that car noise level is regulated, but they didn't mention emission and sorts, and we saw those old busses / pickup trucks(especially police pickup...) blasting black smoke all day long without serious consequence. Tbh, both my current car and previous car was decatted before I bought them. And renewed sticker every year without issue. Now In August my car exhaust developed some leak, while fixing her I'm inspired by an expert's build and start making a side exit exhaust, would also save some weight and ease maintenance though. I suppose if I could somehow keep the noise down it would be perfectly legal? And what if... just what if a hood exit on street? (my inspiration, note he had two mufflers welded to manage noise, still loud though) (since dont have money for big spooly boi, I welded v-band on cast iron housing to bypass royal painful 7-bolt flange)
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