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  1. In China we invest much in electric cars, EVs' mileage worsen in cold winter, but in Thailand they would fare superb if there's no trade barrier! ( elec cars AC consume less than heating ) I love the BYD hybrid-plugin SUV, 0-100 4.5~4.9s awd, heavy 6 pot disc brakes all around (mistaken. only for debut promo version), 80km on battery, using safer LiFePo rather than questionable 18650. For a neat new price of ¥170k ~ $26,000, far more accesible compare to Tesla!
  2. When I got my Celi and ran into an accident, they insurred me without problem(3+, Viriyah). The insurance company noted it's a different name on insurance document, but said no problem and did not notify previous owner (I think)
  3. Did a lot diy repairs to my daily grocery getter, now wanna push her see how she performs, no way do that on Bangkok streets -- tuesday I go road test at 1 AM still encounter traffic jam XD Google map "car race track" within 2hr driving from Bangkok, showed up: Pathumthani speedway (Pathumthani) Thailand circuit (Bang Phra) BIRA (Pattaya) Kaeng Krachan circuit (Phetchaburi) Anyone have experience with them (or any other missed by google)? Consider entry cost (only BIRA listed hire fee 3000THB); circuit condition; whether crowded (more empty the better!); which is best for a budget car enthusiast? Any input would be appreciated. Cheers!
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