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  1. Doubt E20 would negatively impact power output, unless dyno prooved. Unlike E85, whether closed loop or wot, E20 have very little difference than Gasohol 95 in terms of power density and AFR, if not for better (slightly leaner would increase power for most cars, until you can't hit certain AFR in 90%++ duty cycle). Also E20 is said have at least (if not better) same 95RON as Gasohol 95. And Gasohol 95 itself is E10, too. Alas Thailand fuel grades are just s*lly. 91 RON is only 87 AKI if in states, and even worse almost no much cheaper than 95. Should be phased out ages ago. And should introduce RON100 pump gas like in Malaysia!
  2. Doubt V-Power would be much better as it's still gasohol and 95 RON, guess maybe someless ethanol contets or some additives for GDI engine, but that's it. Malaysian 98 V-Power would be great though, too bad in Thailand fuels capped at 95. E20 has been advertised (at least by PTT) having 98-99 RON, could be used by most cars without big modding, would be best pump gas except E85.
  3. I never use aircon except rainy day defogging lol impossible to do with a black car
  4. Most practical colors grey/silver, reflect as much heat as white car, camouflage little dirt, and looks metal.
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