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  1. Manual usually gives range of motor oils depending on climate. Being a 2ZR engine, it should be able to run 0w-20 I put 15W-50 into my Toyota though
  2. Be careful about aftermarket options. Undercoat should only be applied when the chassis is throughly cleaned and prepped(like a total stripe), otherwise do much much more harm than good. As long as don't scratch the underside, I wouldn't worry about rust. I have a 94 Celica & 01 Rolla, both beaten but underside are still really clean. Both rusted from inside cabin(trapped moisture, clogged sill, spilled drink and etc. ), I have to make and weld half the trunk because some lousy aftermarket sound deadening, being not applied right.
  3. To be clear not saying alcohol would do any good to rubber, just believe some saying 10% gasohol would be disastrous for EFI cars is bit exaggerated. I wouldn't care unless 1. it's a vintage carburettor; or 2. alcohol content is well above 25%
  4. Great point, never cared that before. But in practice we know gasoline, kerosene, atf etc. can take down hard seized parts, epoxy paints, many kinds of glue... with ease. Alcohol and isopropyl are known weak and evaporative thus doesn't even hurt paint nor skin.
  5. I think exhaust leak and the car would sound like tractor, even like rod knocking
  6. Gasoline is a much potent solvent than alcohol Even older EFI cars with no provision to alcohol should be able to use E10, E20, I seen in MR2 community many using gasohol on original hardware no problem. Only at about 40% alcohol things start go north, and first to fail were fuel filter and fuelpump filter, not any rubber seal. If really worried about gasohol, more easier just change fuel system. Actually in Bangkok any parts store you cannot find a fuel hose that isn't rated E85
  7. Belt would be more akin to 'squealing' If there's whistling when give pedal could be a generic boost/vacuum hose leak, as air is forcing throught a slit under pressure, if leak is minor and car have MAP instead MAF the car could appears driving normal. Both before turbo intake and after throttle plate have significant vacuum, thus should be noticable whistling when sudden left off throttle; otherwise more like main boost piping after compressor. I'm not expert just my 2 cents though
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