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  1. I've had very positive experience with them, esp. Mr.Kamon at claim department Viriyah HQ. He speaks English, quite kind and helpful, saved me once from broken wallet. You could pay Viriyah HQ a visit to clear things up. But I think they can't push repairer over tech details, if a repairer says the car is repairable, then insurance hardly argue with them. So may need a good lawyer to pressure repairer/insurance anyway.
  2. PTT advertises their E20 as 98-99RON that would be great for old performance cars. Problem is, while E10s are mostly safe to old car I've heard big rubber chunks out of fuel filter for as low as 40% percent concentration. So whether E20 is a happy middle or quite dangerous, really depend on particular car I think... Pro is E20 wouldn't affect air fuel ratio too much like E85, so most likely PTFE braided lines, E85 pump & filter are everything needed to run E20. Which I planned to do in near future...
  3. Dunno about dealership & heavy damage, but had experience with insurance contracted garage, those are usually unmotivated and slowish... In 2017 my car front ended badly, insurance company sent her to a contracted garage nearby. They let car sit 3 months and rust. They did zero repair and took zero care to her. In the end i sourced parts and did all repairs at home myself, even upgraded FMIC, boost control etc. Insurance company happily paid me fully because even with heavy upgrades and imported parts I still quote less than that do-nothing contract garage...
  4. What I'm saying is Thailand mix 5% alcohol into 95RON "Benzine 95", or at least that's what i'm been told...
  5. IIRC Thailand Benzine 95 = 5% alchohol
  6. Even ancient before-obd2 MR2 engine could gain some power(advance timing, more oxygenated) from higher octane... with even lower boost level, no remap btw, I saw PTT advertise their E20 is 98-99 RON is that true? http://www.pttplc.com/en/products-services/consumer/for-vehicle/ptt-blue-innovation/pages/ptt-blue-innovation.aspx That'll be great for older cars with only little upgrades go to fuel lines, unlike E85 would mess up AFR without remap & larger pump injectors etc... 100LL now 80baht/L not cheap to mix anymore
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