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  1. I don't think you will soon be awarded a Nobel prize for Macro Economics.
  2. I think that talking about Cheeses is totally off topic. Try the religious forum.
  3. Radio Caroline? I hope this ship will not be victim of the walls that Bojo is building in the Irish channel / the French channel. Oh well, it's OK, as long as we can listen to radio Junker Luxemburg.
  4. Blind Faith is much better then Cliff Richard, or that Fizz thing that I had never heard of.
  5. QUOTE: I should have added, by the way, that we need to Brexit from Eurovision too, for reasons of national dignity. I agree, Cliff Richard with "Congratulations" was an insult to British Rock Music.
  6. QUOTE: Do you not prefer your own culture? I prefer chicken curry over toast with sugary tomato beans on top. Also I prefer sitar music over hooligans.
  7. .....and that dream I mentioned, is more then just a dream..... Remember Tchechoslovakia? Fed up with one another, now they are both members of the EU - after a friendly divorce, witout bloodshed. Of course, with Havel they had a statesman in their midst, not too many of them around these days.
  8. I have this dream..... The EU no longer being a federation of national states. The EU becoming a federation of regions. National states are obsolete in so many ways. They were invented in the course of history, with a lot of bloodshed - culminating in two mass genocides (WWI and WWII).
  9. More oversimplification. I am not taking sides in the Catalan independence movement, but it is not correct to say this is all the fault of populist politicians. Half the population of Cataluna has never forgiven the Spanish (the generalissimo) to have abolished their independentcy. Of course, that was a long time ago, and the other half of the population has come to terms with Spanish rule. So it's complicated. But clearly the Spanish governments (consevative and socialist) and courts overreact. By the way: the government of Cataluna is a strange combination of the conservatives of Puigdemont and the ERC (the very left wing inheritants of the anti Franco government). As I said, complicated!
  10. Why do you think remainers have hooters just like you? (not that there is something wrong with that, only angry conservative frustrated old men would think that).
  11. hahaha sure The Netherlands, untill their PM Blair introduced minimum wages, going against the Tories.
  12. And who opposed European labour legislation, including minimum wages?
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