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  1. Well I think Ive found the right product to try and internally fight the Dog Tick battle and Ive found some thing to clean her kennel out with . One area where I’m struggling is finding some thing that I can use on my new dog that will help remove / kill any ticks from the skin when I shower her. Ive tried several tic and flea dog shampoos from Tesco Lotus and after continually using them for a few weeks I can’t say that Ive seen much of a difference . I have had a look through some past forum posts on the subject of controlling ticks on dogs , but so far Ive not found a product that I could use when I shower my dog that gets a good recommendation . I’m wondering if any one could recommend a product that can be applied to the dog while its being showered that won’t harm the dog but hopefully get rid / control the ticks. .
  2. While looking at various different posts on numerous subjects I keep seeing a reference by the poster about how long they have been married to a Thai woman. The longest duration ive seen so far posted for a foreigner being married to a Thai woman is 20 years So I’m now wondering how long other forum members here have been married to their Thai partners , so my question to any other forum members who are married to a Thai partner and have been married for a relatively long time is this ….. If I asked you to give any snippets of advice to other forum members who may be considering marriage to a Thai woman or have just started out down the road to married life with a Thai partner. What would your advice be , what after all Your years of being married to a Thai woman , in your personal opinion makes a successful long term marriage work ? Thanks WMG .
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