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  1. 1 minute ago, Doiger said:

    If they look and check without us knowing there is nothing we can do about it.

    as I said before, I'm not American so what the NSA does I cannot change.

    ive nothing to hide, you obviously do before you are taking this so far.

    Since you can't stop the urge to reply as fast as you can I really don't find it healthy to keep arguing but I will tell you something you don't know, I am not American and I have seen my bank accounts numbers published on my Google profile so I know those bastards are as nasty as wild animals.  

  2. 8 minutes ago, Doiger said:

    The chances of your internet banking being looked at are very slim, especially coming into to Thailand as the OP has asked about,same as your e mails, and unless you get asked for specific passwords and give them, then you are not going to know about who is looking anyway.

    So it's okay for non 3rd world countries to know about your Internet banking if I understand you like NSA? Because in your previous posts you insisted if you have nothing to hide So be it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Doiger said:

    I do regret what happened on 911.

    And I definitely believe in freedom of speech, but i also know that I am required to live within the laws of the country that I live in.

    unfortunately I am not American so the patriot act does not affect me but I still stick by my words.

    if you have nothing to hide then so be it!!!!



    For your information patriot act effects everyone not just Americans, but if I may ask do you really care if your phone calls and your communications in general including Internet banking being monitored or you just don't care as long as you said you have nothing to hide?

  4. 4 minutes ago, Doiger said:

    I think whatever country in the world you go to then they have the ability to check your electrical items. (Whether you like it or not)

    But unless they have a reason to check them to me you have nothing to worry about.

    IMHO if someone asked to check my laptop or phone when I was traveling then I would let them. 

    The only reason I would not let them is if I had something to hide.

    if you have nothing to hide then not much of a reason for this post.

    With all respect the OP isn't stupid nor the other posters, point here is to let people know to be smart because once you get caught by a totalirian regime your life could change for ever.

  5. Point is that if they look at your social media accounts and find offensive posts as they interpret them against their government whether in Thailand or most 3rd world countries,I think you hear from them " you have big problem mister".  I know people been locked in prison for years because of of posts, tweets and so on.
    p.s I never use the term developed countries because a totalitarian regime will never develop.

  6. 3 hours ago, Krataiboy said:

    Be smart and assume the worst. 

    In Egypt for example people are stopped at check points and if any political views that they don't like on social media accounts people go to prison for very long time I mean like 10-15 years in prison so, I agree if someone has political views and travel to 3rd world countries including Thailand they should be smart and get rid of their social media accounts.   Screw politics enjoy life.

  7. 8 minutes ago, elviajero said:

    (e.g. You're the spouse/parent of a Thai or over 50, other), and the financial requirements which vary based on the reason for the extension.

    Unfortunately I am not a spouse or a parent of a Thai and I am not over 50 yet but I can meet financial requirement 65K baht because I am early retired.  So, I only have one option left which is (other) otherwise I'll just have to get a new one from home.

  8.                                                                                       Non-Immigrant Visa


    Those qualified persons can obtain an additional one year stay permit
    counting from the date of entry in the Kingdom pertaining to the Office of the
    Immigration Bureau's regulations on extension of stay. The extension of stay
    is at the discretion of the Immigration officer.


    Does the above mentioned can apply to my status since I am on NON-O multi visa without having to go back home and get a new non-o visa, appreciate the explanation 

  9. 1 hour ago, BritTim said:

    I must admit to being unsure if I understand your post. However, this is how I finally interpret it

    1. You had an unexpired Thai multiple entry tourist visa at the time of last year's trip to Vientiane.
    2. You were asked to provide a visa photo on entry into Laos for your Lao visa on arrival. You would also have been asked for payment for that visa. You can expect the same to happen if you travel to Vientiane again.
    3. It appears the Thai Airways check in staff failed to see your valid visa, and was asking for a confirmed onward ticket out of Thailand within 30 days. The condo title deed would have been totally irrelevant, but presumably the check in staff, or supervisor, spotted your visa, and this resolved that particular issue. If faced with this in the future, just point out your visa to them.
    4. You probably failed to fill in the "address in Thailand" on your Thai immigration arrival card. Immigration want this, and this is why the immigration official asked for it. In the future, fully complete the immigration arrival form.

    Last year and this I am on non-o visa multiple entry, I did previously visa run to Kuala Lumpur everything went fine no hassle at all.  No picture was asked when I entered Kuala Lumpur and no questions were asked when I left Kuala Lumpur the same day.  All I am talking about Laos is so primitive compared to Malaysia but thanks I got your message just not to worry.

  10. I did my second 6 months visa run to Vientiane last year on my previous non-O, I was to present a personal photo to immigration officer!   Next day when I went to airport to come back to bkk I was strangely asked by Thai airways if I had a returning ticket to my home country??? but luckily I had copies of my condo title deed and I told her I live in Thailand then immigration officer asked me which hotel I stayed at?.   I have to do my first visa run on my new non-o next April but maybe not to Vientiane unless someone comfort my worries.

  11. 1 hour ago, overherebc said:

    Should be ok for a while yet. Many years ago, and I mean many, you could get a multi B at many consulates just for the asking and paying the fee.

    This may be my last as I will change to retirement extension      ( not a visa lads, just to remind you ) when this MO finishes.

    Back to point A in the thread, I just want to say as long as foreigners can prove they have legitimate means of income to live in Thailand which its revenue mostly is dependent on tourism why bother from getting visas and visa runs not forgetting those who get killed doing such useless non profitable and zero security clearance.

  12. 13 hours ago, Munotlaw said:

    Don't get confused with all these good advices. You also can take the "short cut way", like so many retirees do, especially in Pattaya. An immigration lawyer / agent  could do all the paperwork for you, even provide you with the needed financial requirements. Costs, everything included  between 13 - 26k. You don't need to put 800,000 k in a Thai bank account.

    It's easy and all the stamps are legally issued by the immigration.

    Relax and have a good time without getting involved with the sometimes unpredictable Immigration people.




    What if I'm not 50 years old yet, would I be considered by an immigration lawyer or an agent please?

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