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  1. I was there too. Though I stayed at Charlie's Huts on Samui and took a boat back and forth. Not sure about the one hundred figure.
  2. On a SIM registered before the 1st of Feb.... Seems I am just having to repeat the same things. Perhaps there was a two week grace period and you registered within it.
  3. Just buy the new laptop then.... It takes less than half an hour to fit the SSD and install the OS... The problem is that you wasted the time beforehand. It's that time you won't get back.
  4. This just happened to me today. Minivan driver making an illegal U-turn. I stopped just in time, but came off the bike. Minivan driver scampered away like spineless coward, as is usual.
  5. Those CPU are something special... Notwithstanding, I would spend US$20 on a solid state drive and run a clean install. US$20 is still better than US$200 and it will definitely perform a lot better than it does now. Some have reported that the problem went away with a new install. In addition, have you applied the latest BIOS updates and set the BIOS defaults? You keep repeating that it was a US$300 device, as if that has some bearing on anything. Spend the US$20 on an SSD. Worse case scenario, you can always use the SSD with another device. It's just US$20. No need to agonise over it. Even in the worst case, it was be eminently usable with ssd fitted.
  6. It's the norm...where have you been hiding? Though it's useless if you have a credit card that charges it own fees. Certainly avoid Siam Commercial. They charge an "Admin Fee" to make up for their loss of ATM fee.
  7. All old plans are still in existence....
  8. No, this is quite wrong. DTAC are the only ones who have not changed their tariffs. Your link is simmply the wrong one. You link if for a data and calls bundle. Data only is here; http://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/net-no-limit.html Same price as always. As are AIS and TruemoveH prices, for SIMs registered before the 1st of Feb.
  9. I should add that I tried it with a newly registered AIS ONE SIM yesterday and it didn't work. Only a message to contact 1175. So you got lucky.
  10. Not true, as Truemove H has done the same thing, for SIMs registered from the 1st of Feb. So, only DTAC is left. Your SIMs should be fine, click through as normal here; https://m.ais.co.th/ontop-package-myais If that doesn't work for you, tap in the code directly...
  11. Why bother, when you can take the same cash advance over the counter at a bank, with no fees?
  12. Have you adjusted the Power Options? https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/use-maximum-cpu-power-windows-10 What Temps are you getting?
  13. Ngon Villa was a good place to dine when we were there; https://hanoi.ngonvilla.com Eat as much as you like, but cooked to order; https://hanoi.ngonvilla.com/uploads/menupdf/NGON VILLA Menu 8 2017.pdf 493 baht. No time limit.
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