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  1. I really just want to be covered if there is a cheap fare somewhere and I have the time to grab it..... its not the 2799 baht as I can always use the data at home if I have a bunch left at the end of the 12 months , If it works as advertised , then I can just get off the plane and have Data for Line , whatsapp , skype etc If I see a need for a local sim then I can get that in a day or 2 but I am covered for Data , I am not going to use the Data for Netflix etc so if will last a long time , I have 5GB a month ( now 8GB ) in the USA and do not use half of it , The only problem is with the Fly2sim is there are very few reviews in english of how it works in Europe , I am sure Thais have left reviews in Thai that I will never find , I am realistic , its never going to be 100% , thats OK , And maybe its better to get a separate Thai Sim and just use the Fly2sim for out of Thailand use , Anyway , I do appreciate your thoughts , I know there are more than one answer , I am just trying to learn if there are any land mines along the way Cheers
  2. Thanks for your ideas , does the Sim2fly sim allow data to be used in Thailand ? Like I said earlier the main idea is being to have Data when I do other places in Asia or to Europe , I could just get another Sim card for Thailand calls text and data Does True or anyone else have the same idea for an International plan ? and it seems you can turn the Sim2fly international roaming on and off , when you turn it off does it extend the 1 year validity ? Again thanks for your ideas.....
  3. If its not too hot , take any of the old public buses with open windows to the end of the line and have a bite to eat and head back , Weekend mornings are best so you are not stuck in traffic.....
  4. Hi I wanted to get the one year AIS Sim2fly sim with 15GB for 2799 baht , Its good for a year and works in most of Asia and Europe , Anyway can I have a regular Thai number with calling and SMS on this Sim if I pay extra. And can all the AIS add ons be added to this sim like a normal sim ? I need a Sim to use when traveling in Asia and Europe , this could solve 2 problems I hope , a Thai number with calling , SMS and Data and International Data. But will this work like that ?
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