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  1. He's democrat, so probably won't see any consequences. Just look at the difference between the reception of Trump and Biden when elected president.
  2. It's pretty well established that punishment is the only way that things like this decrease. Inform everyone that they are going to begin enforcing road laws. Begin to fine people and confiscate vehicles when they break the laws. Continue doing it, aggressively at first but, when people start to take notice, start to tone down to simply regular patrols and check points. Once you get to the point where people are so concerned about being fined that it "isn't worth the risk", then it will begin to decrease. None of this will happen of course, it's just not t
  3. "not severe, serious, or harsh", seems to fit. How would you classify it as more than mild? You can feel nauseous and vomit for many very non-serious reasons and it is rarely a sign of anything very bad.
  4. I don't know about misogynistic, but I don't believe it to be true. I don't see any way that having sex with multiple men, strangers, probably repulsive, no emotional connection, and have zero respect for the woman, can be anything but harmful.
  5. But the general consensus is still that prostitution isn't harmful and all women do it, but Thai women are best because they are honest about it, right?
  6. Thailand is literally the home of fakeness and face-saving at any cost. Even to the point where it is detrimental to the individual.
  7. Yeah, Thai people have this weird thing where they don't exactly "judge" and label people in the same way we do in the West, but they personally wouldn't want to be thought of as being a prostitute if they weren't one. It's a lot more accepted, but prostitutes aren't going to be respected members of society that regular Thai men want to marry. I'm often quite surprised how many people on this forum seem to have such a limited understanding of Thai society, but then they possibly only encounter one very limited aspect of it.
  8. Good question. As I was suggesting a toxic and hateful ideology might be behind it in Thailand, perhaps the same could be said for the West. Probably modern feminism combined with anti-family consumerism/materialism. (I'd want to marry an ex-slapper as much as I'd want to marry an ex-prostitute.)
  9. First sentence is missing subject/object and verb. Second sentence is missing a period at end of sentence.
  10. This doesn't really hold up as an argument, as countries do legalise things that are damaging and harmful. Also it's often a case of "it's going to happen anyway, better to legalise it to protect the workers". I guess if the per capita level of prostitution is the same in most places, then there isn't anything special about Thailand in this regard, but it does seem to be more accepted and more common place. I assume that many women who have financial arrangements or one-offs don't show up in any statistics. I certainly haven't seen the level of prostitution or discussi
  11. Doesn't that follow a lot of things done in Thailand? I'm not one of these "don't like it, then leave" lunatics, but I think you have to kind of accept that you have chosen to live in a very corrupt country. Everyone is obviously going to run into corruption/bribery/extortion in some way at some point.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of a weird requirement. Invest a ton of money, get married, have kids, own property (through wife), but no permanent residency if you didn't pay a little bit of tax.
  13. Thank god there are some normal people here. Back home I'm quite antifeminist, but I talk to people around here and it's all "well if the man does that then he can't help it because he is a man", "rape is sometimes ok", "prostitution is totally the natural way that women are without the fascist puritan values we have in the West". JFC.
  14. Your question is so loaded I'm not sure I can answer it. If your question was "what do you mean by sexual abuse?", I would answer something like an adult sexually touching or having sex with someone, either against their will or who is a minor. Fairly standard.
  15. I don't really think so, because I don't see the way women behave in Thailand viewed as some sort of lack of influence. As in, I don't think we have this situation because Thai women are free from pressure or influence during their development, so I don't believe it is the case that what we see is women behaving naturally when they have no one telling them how to behave when they are growing up. We know that Thai education is very much "indoctrination style". There is also this rampant love of money, like you can see women checking out a few hundred/thousand baht like its a juicy
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