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  1. Not really. I think with smokers it's complete bravado and untrue while being far from the time that they will see any ill effects from smoking, whereas with an elderly retiree they're a lot closer to the event in question and a little more serious.
  2. I think you might be off with increased hospitalisation means increased ICU rates, possibly also that increased ICU rates means increased deaths, unless you have evidence linking these in cases of the Indian variant. Increased hospitalisation doesn't necessarily mean increased ICU rates. It could do, but it would depend on how that particular variant works.
  3. Are you sure about that? They're the breed that is most likely to rip a child's face off!
  4. Most people need a Staffordshire Pit-Bull Terrier to do their jobs and live their lives? I had no idea that they were that important!
  5. Unless the procedure at the airport is like checking in? So check when you leave your home country, check when you go through immigration in Thailand, then check when you enter Phuket? Then you get marched through the street by several soldiers pointing rifles at you and the Commandant tells everyone what they do to "escapers", before beating to death the weakest tourist as an example!
  6. You mean a Staffordshire Pit-Bull Terrier? Sorry. Still a Pit-Bull and still dangerous.
  7. Do they actually have a vaccine that is effective against the Indian variant? Or might all this be for nothing?
  8. Probably more important that parents get the jab before schools open.
  9. Unfortunately, according to the Bangkok Post, it's definitively workers moving between camps taking the virus with them. I don't think we're allowed to link to the BP, so you can search for this headline: Crackdown on workers moving between sites Crazy if true, but it explains why clusters have been so numerous.
  10. It's a funny one, because the dishonesty manifests itself differently in each country. Obviously both places have the "lie over anything if it benefits you in some way without hesitation or consideration of consequences" that is common in SEA, but I think that in Thailand it's a little less conspiratory. In Vietnam, in my experience, you're a lot more likely to feel like you're being "handled" or conned, while in Thailand it feels a bit more about maintaining status quo and not causing any embarrassment. I felt like I was a lot more aware if I <deleted> someone off in Vietn
  11. Is this actually true? Are they like transient people, spreading it from one camp to another? I guess that would explain how it appears in so many places with Burmese or other foreign workers.
  12. What's the motivation for it? They don't care about any money these people bring/generate and simply want to remove "low-quality" foreigners?
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