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  1. I don't think it was actually closed. Do you have any evidence of this? They don't drive on the right side of the road in America?
  2. Didn't notice that before, but yeah. Seems to be swerving right around the side-on car, then swerves left and seems to break when he gets round. All the protesters were the other side of the vehicles and that's what he would have been looking at. I doubt he even saw them until it was too late. Of course, some nutcases will claim that it was all planned and he deliberately killed two people with his car (before stopping and waiting for the police). They pretty much have to arrest the guy for something to proceed with the investigation. Hopefully the truth will come out and it won't be some ridiculous scapegoating.
  3. Sadly, there are some quite unpleasant people who seem to take joy from saying "your times up buddy, clear off", even though they have no say in what the Thai government decides. The decision may be that another month or more is added to the amnesty and, if this is the case, then people can stay. Until a decision is made, no one can say what will happen. Why some people choose to fantasize and then seem to want to torment others with their desired result is a little beyond me. I hope it's just an internet/troll thing, and these people aren't as mean to those around them in real life.
  4. Or just stay in Thailand until they no longer allow it...
  5. Do you even know what the term freeloader means? Most people who are still here will be waiting for the border to open and paying their way. That isn't freeloading.
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