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  1. I see a issue here as most thai drivers would lose their licence in a day in a western country And then we have the police your drunk you have no insurance and they pull you over pay off the officer all good to go. The only way they going to get fined and lose points is by cameras. Thai just don't care on the roads there are no rules period This will come into force and be forgotten in aboit 1 month like most things here
  2. 100% agree with you mate considering a 600 cc will travel faster then most cars
  3. Some travel insurance companies do cover bike accidents. Mine does. I'm amazed how many expats that live here don't have any insurance I have many friends that don't to me that's insane. Medical insurance here is expensive to get a good one it's around 45000 + and most have a ceiling limit here. And a cut of at 70yrs of age. I have not found a good expat insurer here that covers your needs for less then 80 000 b a Yr
  4. Quick Guys get out The old buy some gifts get out the camera and all is forgotten manual. Save face at all costs never are fault. He will get a visit from the Roster I'm sure as he's in Krabi doing his i want to be the prime minister again and i will be? If the kid looks scared now wait till the rooster rocks into town. Hope the little man is doing OK.
  5. Not going to happen 12 mouths ago in Bkk the government said they were rounding up all the stray Soi dogs and a relocation to the country or be put down. And 1 yr on its situation normal Like everything here its all talk when the shit hits the fan they try for 1 week no results it's to hard so time to have lunch. I hope the little guy is OK not a nice way to spend your holiday or remember thailand is it?
  6. A point system would be good as there be no traffic on the roads in about 1 month. All the Thais would of lost there licence. Farangs are a easy target we stand out. But Mr Police man don't worry about no helmets, riding on the foot path, no lights on your bike, drunk riding, riding up the wrong side of the street a baby on the bike with no helmet or a food kart parked in the middle of the road or maybe 30 Soi dogs sleeping on the road ignore that go for the farang as they have the money. Very soon there be no farangs left here thays becoming obvious.
  7. The issue I have is in most farang country's you can't take you social security till you 60 I'm 50 so to have 400 K looked in a thai bank acc at all times with 1% interest is a worry . When I could be using that money I'm my country to create further income. around 5 % per month on fx trading Also I cant see why they Couldn't have a rule that if you have full Thai medical insurance here you don't need the 400 K as I believe that's why they want you to keep the 400k in the acc if you get ill it's also free money for the thai banks. How do they know if you go under the 400k in the year in your thai acc as he states you can't go under it ( buy the 90 day report) looks like the Thai elite visa is the go 5 yrs 500 K no rules free limo fast lane thru the airport and when you weight it up its pretty good option now with no dramas.
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