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  1. Yes, is now open. Was there 10th June. Very small room which is shared with another dept. On the day there only one officer processing. All very plesent and cordial, albeit only seating for about 10. Six of those seats occupied by farangs, others where Laos reporting residential address. When speaking to the IO he mentioned, didnt realise so many foreigners in Kalasin. They are looking to locate to a larger place. But knowing how quick things move here . . . l can see a ticket system being needed very soon.
  2. Savannakhet 06-06-19 Having read the recent post of long queues, heeded the advice to arrive there early. Thought 8am would be sufficient, HA , was l completly wrong. About 100 other hopefuls had the same idea ! ! by 8.15 that had doubled and by the time the gate opened maybe 350+. Was a very slow process to reach the One open window for submitting paperwork. I happened to be on a tuk tuk passing by the Consulate around 12.30 and saw the queue still there. Spoke to a lady next day who happened to be in that queue , she said , so many people they closed the gate at 1pm, 2hrs after official time. It's all gonna end in tears, this office is not prepared for this onslaught. Why mention Death in my header ? The amount of chaos l witnessed caused by shear number of minibus (groups) ,tuk tuk's, cars and buses dropping people off , all vieing for the closest spot to main entrance. All these passengers alighting at the same time and milling about on roadside. The Loa drivers passing through, slowing down to gwark at this new phenomenon, just added to the confussion. But the Biggest problem by far, is the numbers of foreigners trying to cross the road between Consulate and the little shop opposite for obtaining visa forms, photocopying etc, as well as the food place. I saw so many people try to dash across, some obviously from countries that drive on the opp side road to Lao. SO many near misses. It sadly, won't be long before theres a fatality. The officials hopefully will control this somehow. Next day back to collect PP. The tuk tuk driver l used the day before said l should get there before 12 as its always busy. Having survived the first day somewhat easier by being early, l agreeded for him to collect me from hotel 11.45. Was l glad having taken his advice, about 50 people already in front. This time queuing slightly easier as people had placed their bags on the ground, effectively holding their place in line. Most were stood under the shade of the trees, or again, across the road at PP hut. By 12.30 the queue had grown to 150+ As l was also seated across the road, had time to watch the chaos unfold again. BUT THIS TIME . . . . here comes my BIG BITCH, quite a few fckrs arriving late and seeing the lenght of line, were 'covertly' jumping the queue by casually walking up to the front and dropping there bag down in amongst the others. Because nobody was actually standing there, it went unnoticed later that there was an unknown bag amongst theirs. These shites ! ! just mingled in amongst the throng when gates opened. Hopefully some sort of ticket system is required to address this abuse. Totally unfair to those honest travellers further back in the queue , who have been waiting for hour + in the heat, totally oblivious to what was happening up front. Sorry for long rant guys, and sincerely hope l have given no one reading this ,the thought of also queue jumping. Have a great Day
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