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  1. I'll have a Whammy Burger and fries.
  2. I was making the princely sum of $125 USD per month at the time. My net worth was probably $3,000 or so.
  3. I agree. I like natural women. I would like to have several. I had to shave when I went to Thailand in the Peace Corps in March, 1977. I soon grew it back. An uncle of mine was a part-time farmer on the family farm. He said his cologne/after shave was "Evening in a Barnyard". Same guy who gave me a puff on a cigar and a chew of tobacco as a wee lad. I nearly puked.
  4. Copper thieves and a power pole (Texas, USA): Those rail tie plates are what keep the rails in alignment and allow them to expand and contract longitudinally as temperatures change.
  5. How long does it take without an offense to earn points back?
  6. Kimchi in cocktails: https://www.nightclub.com/food-drink/fermenting-passions-kimchi-cocktails
  7. My wife's parents were Vietnamese. She's so busy around the house it drives me crazy sometimes. And she's over 60 years old.
  8. Sort of like me and my 3 siblings. I 'm the only one whose nickname is "<deleted>".
  9. "... The steaks were recovered but weren't allowed back on store shelves. ..." But they had a parking lot sale on "Tube Steak".
  10. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai Pen Rai ... what's the diff?
  11. New York Times, though they don't name the "officials". https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/16/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-autopsy-results.html
  12. What will they do without you in Hua Hin? Turn the lights off until you get back?
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