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  1. I'd love to try one. And an air-cooled, 500cc speedway bike that has 75 HP and weighs 187 lb wet. Of course a speedway bike only has about a 1 mile range. After that, you have to change underwear and refuel.
  2. So now I don't have to tell my wife where I've disappeared to for the last day or so? Can I do a three day weekend?
  3. "My car was sucked into a Black Hole". "I thought the sign said "Free Valet Parking". " Despite her hair color, she's a blonde.
  4. Or an aneurysm. Quite common, can happen in various parts of the body. A few years back, I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm. It got to be 6.5 cm in diameter. Had it burst, I would have had only a few minutes to live. I now have a "zipper belly" scar that goes from nipples to nads. I had no symptoms. It ran in the family and a precautionary test showed it. Pop!
  5. I was especially impressed by the one with the front drum brake. Next thing you know, all the Moto GP racers will be running a setup like that.
  6. Their tuba player came down with a case of the Corona virus. Other members of the band were run over while trying to cross the street.
  7. I'd like to see some live video while these police guys are pixelating the perp's head. Victim beaten, strangled, finished off with a rock... Animals wouldn't do that. TIT.
  8. Unless they have current visas, sounds like duck soup to me.
  9. Wow, lots of tax and middleman markups. In the US, I can get a new Glock 19 or an AR-15 type rifle (semi-auto M-16 clone) for 15,500 Baht. A Glock 17 is about 17,000. A law enforcement trade-in is about 12,000.
  10. No one called to complain about the smoke from crop burning that day. Sellers of snack foods reported an upturn in business.
  11. Marching bands? Maybe like a New Orleans funeral to celebrate the death of tourism? Does look like fun.
  12. Yes, I'm Norte Americano y puede pretty bueno. I could teach with a New Jersey or southern drawl accent, maybe teach them a few choice Yiddish expressions. I used to work for an old American company that was purchased by a British company. They didn't seem too butthurt. The few British folks that came over to work were happy to celebrate Good Riddance Day (4th of July). Just another holiday.
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