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  1. At one time, my MIL had about 8 tookays in the house. A house I rented way back had wooden shutters, no glass or screens. One time I had a swarm of flying termites come in and land on the floor. A big tookay came in and gobbled them all up. I watched from inside my mosquito net.
  2. Yes. Where I am in the US, it's getting easier to get a shot. I was just in Walmart today and they have shots. The private sector is important to help roll out this stuff. In my small state alone, look at the number of shots given by other than government agencies: Here's one of the UK Covid buses.
  3. Well, they read about it on the Internet and it seemed worth repeating. They had to quote someone, though they didn't quite know who he was or if he had a permanent address. I heard that Queen Elizabeth jetted off to China to get a couple of factory fresh Covid vaccine shots. None of that frozen stuff you know. Guess she got tired of bangers and mash.
  4. I'm in the USA now. I have 300 Amp service (320 Amp meter) and a gas line for heat. Gotta love kilowatts. My garage alone has a 100 Amp panel for welders and boy tools. Over here, the antique 5 Amp meters are incorporated into table lamps just because they are cool.
  5. I dimly recall getting a 5 Baht monthly electricity bill back about 43 years ago. I used a light bulb or two and had a cassette player. Much of the time, the voltage was not enough to light a fluorescent bulb if you turned it on after dark. 220 Volts was more like 150. Had to have a multi-tap step-up transformer. About every 20 minutes in the evening, you had to turn it down a notch when the over voltage alarm would buzz. Charming.
  6. Not sure where you live in Thailand, but maybe the French didn't like the food there. That may account for the "victory". Or at least the aftermath.
  7. It's like eating Chinese food. An hour later you're hungry. (That's what we used to say in the USA when we were kids.)
  8. "...cleaning out unwanted food from fridges could lower bills by 5-10%. ..." Cleaning out your house from unwanted people could reduce your bills by a lot more than that. My 3 years in Thailand years ago, no refrigerator, no aircon, no hot water. Third year I got a house that had bug screens, big upgrade (still no glass windows) . I had a few light bulbs and a monaural cassette player until it was stolen. Life was cheap and good. Sit on the porch in a pakama and stare back at the locals ...
  9. I'd throw the food over the fence and then maybe the cats would hop on top and yowl all night. And I would wait for the pool to open and then pee in it. But I'm American and a sorta Republican, so we have our ways of dealing with it.
  10. Do they have cash flow problems? Submarine, check. High speed rail and some highways - Check. Vaccines - Oh, we didn't budget for that.
  11. When you're riding down the sidewalk, it's the drop-off on the side.
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