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  1. I might be screwed. My license is for a Jakayan Yon, which was a bicycle with a motor if I understand it correctly. But a big bike back then was a 250cc, like the single cylinder BMW bikes. Folks told me that they were good because no one would steal them. They stood out from the crowd.
  2. I still have a bunch of Royal Laos paper money, which is worth a lot now that toilet paper is becoming scarce. I do have two bars of silver that I got from Hmong refugees, but it was from the era that the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market, so I got a bit screwed. I was just trying to help out refugees cashing in to go to USA, but sat on it too long. Like these:
  3. You know that at the first sight of an insect landing on a good bud, the Thai farmers will be out there spraying a potent organophosphate insecticide on them. At twice the recommended strength because they want to see bugs die immediately. ( I was a volunteer 40+ years ago in the agricultural sector. OMG!)
  4. I've had a big Thai bike license for over 40 years. Issued in 2521. It's about 11 cm wide and 9 cm tall. Even folded in half, it's not wallet size. I might be able to trim it down to 9 x 7.
  5. And for many years (~ 1999-2011) the 2.5-liter SOHC engine was renowned for head gasket leaks. And some 2010-2018 Subarus are prone to CVT problems.
  6. Is that a NOx bottle on top, with an injector he can huff on?
  7. 43 years ago, we used to have a favorite little place down there to get lunch. Just literally a hole in the wall in an alley with about 3 booths. Near the big Indian cloth market. Cheap as chips and even got a write-up in one of the papers. Yaowarat/Pahurat area. On the street, there was a distinguished Sikh (?) gentleman selling some small fried dough balls. Excellent. I went back about 15 years later and he was still there! By that point, he had an assistant, who told me that the guy had visited relatives in the U.S. One visit to Singapore way back, I ate breakfast in an op
  8. That's flat track. Kenny Roberts loved it and he developed a style of GP riding based on observations of Jarno Saarinen. Kenny took it a step further with lean angles and a dirt track drift in the corners. And duct tape on his knees. Kenny just couldn't compete with the Harleys on the Yamaha 650's at the time, so he had to go Moto GP.
  9. As long as that includes the free shrimp buffet and mango/sticky rice. And a souvenir bath robe.
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