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  1. We all know "Boss" screwed up hitting that policeman with his Ferrari. Terrible driver. A real pro driver in the USA rear-ended a bike and kept going in grand style, taking the bike with him. The rider was thrown clear and was merely bruised a bit. But he was puzzled as to where it got to. The perp continued down the road a considerable distance before turning off the highway where the bike got detached. Perp then wrecked the van into a fence and did a runner. Called cops to say the van was stolen. Brilliant.
  2. So, farangs... Let the race start. Then run your patoot off and beat them to the finish on the same course. Taa Daa!
  3. The Loots are strange birds. They seem to come out in the summer - they don't like cold, rainy weather. Wouldn't get those new sneakers dirty.
  4. That link was a good one. That little gal doesn't care of they loot a Gucci or Nike place, as long as they have enough to eat. What, they sell the loot? Or strut around in new duds and then loot a KFC or grocery store? They need clothes ... ??? I get stuff from Walmart or another place on closeout, cheaper than you can buy in Thailand. Pants and shirts at $3 - $4. (USD). Ridiculous.
  5. One needs to give them enough rope to hang themselves.
  6. They give you wings and hope for a new day of looting.
  7. Larry, that you have. In our Peace Corps Thai class after a few weeks, you'd write a two page essay in the time it took me to write one small paragraph. And I still remember the time you called me in the U.S. years later, speaking rapid-fire Thai. <deleted>? You had me going. I'll get even some day, 555. I understand Joe Cummings got pretty fluent. I worked with an American guy when we were doing the refugee resettlement interviews for the embassy back in 1979/80. He hadn't been there long, but he spoke wonderfully. My "Khun Ying" landlady in BKK swore up and down he was Thai when he called on the phone one time. The guy was nearly a Catholic priest, then discovered Buddhism. OMG, he could lecture in Thai about it. The drunken Thai Army guards at the refugee camp would avoid him at the only eating place in camp. He would start talking philosophy and they would all move away. Pest repellent, LOL.
  8. 7-11s were popular in the US when I was a kid. Then they went downhill. Pretty grubby.
  9. Yes, I had to watch the grainy video a couple times before I could see it. Perfect trip wire for motorcycles.
  10. I've only owned zingle zylinder bikes.
  11. These are the kids who are putting their lives on the line to race. They had better take care of them.
  12. I hope they feed him well and scratch him behind the ears. It might work out nicely for them.
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