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  1. No worries, mate. Next coup will do. They've been doing this for years and years on end. More predictable than the weather, for sure.
  2. The rest wanted a moto-cy taxi guy who didn't overcharge and had good tires on his bike.
  3. Retirees are a rather small and captive audience, easily cowed. A bazillion Chinese tourists waiting to be plucked are of much more interest.
  4. As well they should. I've see some shaky work trucks here in the USA that are barely road worthy.
  5. I'm still in Virginia in the USA. Wifey has been back in Thailand for about 2.5 years as the advanced party. She's coming back for about 6 months for good pizza and steak and we'll see where that leads. I still have a 90 year old Mother and a brother who need looking after here. Contact me if you need to bellyache. Misery loves company, as they say.
  6. I never had run-ins with Police except for two occasions. Both had to do with carrying about a 10 inch long pointy machete. One was in my suitcase on a night bus. The other was in the market in Loei in broad daylight. Rather amusing after I talked my way through it (in Thai). I like them, you people sell them, I buy them. What's the problem? Up-country in Loei, I do have the advantage of family and a few friends in town if I need support. I would love to get back to Loei while the current governor is still there. He apparently was a monk kid at the temple, and was befriended by "Pra Tom", a monk from New Zealand who spent years there. I visited Tom a few times and swapped stories. It's who you know over there. You have to make friends. Be important or at least be interesting or amusing.
  7. I hear you. Always thought I'd move to Thailand for retirement. Married 40 years to a Thai gal. We own a fairly recent small house in Loei, have nice family there and longtime friends. Money is not an issue. But things like the health insurance and the BS stuff with Immigration check-in and reporting just galls me. The only good thing is that I have a lifetime Thai motorcycle license. Probably cost me 100 Baht extra back then. oh, and we do get some nice fruit from the trees we planted.
  8. You can get a whole outfit up in Isaan for very little money.
  9. Violent Little Machine Shop sells some stealth gear:
  10. They ought to add some additional prohibitions for the day: No drowning of Chinese tourists on tour boats. Mini Van crashes are forbidden. Brake failure excuses are banned for the day.
  11. Which one did you get? I would think either one could be easily propagated by air layering once it gets going and branches out. But they both seem very vigorous, so one plant may well cover quite a large area. Just direct a few branches initially so it spreads out evenly. The Red Jade Vine is said to get as big as 100 feet (30 m). The trumpet vine is a bit smaller, 30-40 ft. (9-12 m). I suspect that this is a single plant. I'll have to ask the wife.
  12. I did that one day at work in the aftermath of a hurricane. A very large co-worker lady offered to escort me to my car. Pretty funny.
  13. Years ago in a refugee camp in Loei, I had the floor of a bamboo outhouse collapse on me. It was just a thin coating of cement over decaying bamboo. Fortunately, I ended up sitting on my arse at the edge of the hole and my legs didn't reach the level of the crap. I only weighed about 53 kg.
  14. I kissed my wife once before we got married, though it was different times 40+ years ago. We're not much more fun these days.
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