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  1. Okay, I am on an extension of stay, not an extension of visa...but in any case my visa expired in 2016, way way way before October 30 2019....I have not left the country since I came in on that visa in 2016. By the wording on that sign, insurance not required. It seems straightforward...maybe I am missing something.
  2. That does seem clear to me...my visa expired in 2016, so not after October 30, 2019...and i have been on extensions of that visa that expired in 2016 ever since. So, insurance not required.
  3. I don't think that "almost every thai on wheels, does them all every day", but it is certainly a substantial percentage. The key, in my mind for the short term gains is enforcement. For instance, a cop can drive or ride right by a motorcyclist with no helmet and not pull him over, if it is after 6 PM, or not "downtown"...and the police ignore so many other traffic violations. But, if they started enforcement and the cop asked for a "cash payment with no receipt"...that will not work. There has to be some respect for the laws. And how often do we see cops "patrolling"...not that often. They are normally at checkstops.
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