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  1. I'm not disagreeing that it is a nonsense. ...is exactly right. But perhaps MFA wants to keep control as opposed to the Immigration Bureau...
  2. Indeed, i commented of the vagueness of the OP from the very beginning. Yet still no actual details forthcoming....
  3. Online agent is an idiot. If you have a US$ issued card(credit or debit), as you have been informed, you are using US$ to purchase Thai Baht via Mastercard/VISA. Use jackdd's links for the calculation. If you select US$ you will be using US$ to purchase Thai baht at at rate decided by a local institution(invariably at a much poorer rate than Mastercard/VISA). In actual fact it will be akin to using US$ to purchase Thai baht to purchase US$.
  4. Let's see their logo and then it will be clear. Siambury's has obviously set the bar here for 'borrowing' someone else's branding.
  5. Another shop that is ripping off the name of a major European supermarket group?
  6. Why would you need £s in Pattaya? Either way, dependent on the amount required, call and negotiate before arrival. That includes the SuperRich outlets at the airport. Compare with TT's offer in Pattaya.
  7. Is there anything you wish to keep on the back-up drive? If not, format it.
  8. Another example of misleading postings by billd766.... No wonder he is still at it a week after I gave him the correct solution and twelve days after he posted about the problem. This could have been sorted the day I gave him the solution and also sent him an link to the exacting guide.
  9. Thanks for the credit.... Perhaps you meant to write... For those who missed Jamjar's post.....
  10. They need a better server... https://thaievisa.go.th/Images/sliders/e-visa.mp4
  11. Not all tickets bought from OTAs are inflexible, which is why it is stated to check the T&C rather than to just choose the cheapest OTA. Southall Travel/Travel Trolley perhaps being better than, say, Trip.com in that respect. Travel Trolley used to indicate a £60 admin charge, but they removed that from their T&C for one reason or another. Some may be changeable for an airline fee plus the OTA fee. Some totally inflexible. I also don't always purchase directly via the airline, but I often do, as it suits me. Especially on complicated itineraries.
  12. Erm....if he dropped them off at the 13 Coins Hotel.....why didn't he simply go back to that hotel to look for them in the first instance? Perhaps it was they who contacted the airport to find him....and since their trip was recorded, he had little choice. A substantially different scenario.
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