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  1. I often go to Chaeng Wattana 7-9 never take toll road. Traffic is other direction unless there's an accident.
  2. Need to keep luggage off public transportation. People are rude and dangerous. Yes, they definitely need help with the large bags they obviously cannot manage. Rolling bags over others toes and general idiocy. Bogey's are packed already with commuters. Take a taxi. They should disallow roll bags on BTS MRT. Porter service? Any other city in the world do this? To answer the OP. Taxi to the airport, no need for toll road. Sanam bin = airport
  3. ozmeldo


    I've always brought clothes from US. Better quality, value, style, fabrics, fit. I can't think of one good reason to buy here outside of sheer convenience.
  4. Try Moscow or Bucharest. I don't think that style is very popular outside the former Eastern Bloc. Maybe burroughs of New York City.
  5. Undeveloped islands lol. Every nice island has it's share of overpriced bungalows, most choked with environmentally unfriendly resorts as well as local mafia. This is the second time I've commented on the article. Not only is it horribly inaccurate. It's just a big lie. And now the USD is creaking well below 32, the article is just a huge lie written for international consumption and tourism. With the immigration issues of late and the poor cross rate, I'd be moving on save for being married and making a decent living here.
  6. No, the solution for Pattaya is lock it down and make Lao Khao the only alcoholic beverage. Make it absolutely free. Leave cases in the streets. Everyone drinking themselves to death, fighting and killing each other. Thailand would become the hub of heroism.
  7. Actually that's sort of brilliant. Just ban all private transport. Serious
  8. Thanks. Yes, I've toyed around with the app. Line pay just as crazy complicated as Line. Japanese make things that are so sensible. I don't understand. Anyway, I think I will try topping up with SCB ATM. Yes, I absolutely need to avoid the BTS lines of insanity. Thanks again and my apologies for hijacking the thread. It wasn't my intention.
  9. Thanks. Yeah it has a ton of discounts but I don't see any I'll use. My issue: if I use this Line card, must I be connected to the internet when using it? Nit only for purchase (yes), but when I actually use the card thru the turnstile. Not so much issue for top up, but riding BTS is a deal breaker. Also usually using the discounts mobile data need be on. Dtac is cool you can dial a code. Thank you
  10. So, there are two cards? I can just toss the promo card and get a regular stored value card? Yeah, I'm not insane. With the standard stored value I can top up with cash. Thanks so much.
  11. I went back to my wife's mother's village to get married a decade ago. Her parents smart enough to move to BKK decades ago. Maybe 20 years ago I was traveling around Issarn instead of the Andaman for the cool season. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people. I like the food as well. On my wedding day I notice the tiny village void of productive members of society. A ghost town save for the lovely older people that attended our wedding. Walking down the street in wee hours as I was getting into the car to go to the wedding, a pair of shitfaced drunken 20 something's. The only males under 50 I saw in the moo ban in two days. I would never give 20k or 200k to my American wife if I'd ever wanted or had one. No reason to buy land and home for Thai wife. There will be far more left for her when I'm gone than her being single or having married a Thai man - which at 33 when I met her, impossible. So to the OP. You're done with Thailand. You resetting her in UK or divorce her?
  12. Yes, the nation's toilet has the orgy of idiocy running better part of two weeks. This is one day. Zero impact. They'll just add two more days on at the end. Why not, it already has absolutely nothing to do with Buddhist tradition. I bet everyone drawn to that dump a second time during the holiday period has an IQ below 90. It's so absolutely stupid.
  13. Only idiots stay in country or not locked down in their domiciles when the annual scouser, pleb shitfest occurs. Buy a bottle of scotch prior or better yet GTFO.
  14. Clueless for ten years. As for BJ solving the problem, perhaps but not due to TRP sleuthing. Now Immigration will go after the poor Burman. Ten years.
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