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  1. A simple fact of life, the man who put the badge on the Ford Focus in Australia was paid over $1000 per week ( 25,000 baht at the time). The worker also enjoyed penalty rates, sick leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave and numerous other expensive benefits which made labour the most expensive part of car costs. Ford abandoned assembly in Australia and imported Focus from Thailand where a man put the badge on for 2500 baht per week, had few benefits and actually worked. More and more manufacturing companies will leave the higher paid areas as they need a profit, can we blame them?.
  2. Note that “ he flew to Indonesia “ he then paid people smugglers to take him from a safe country to attempt an illegal entry to Australia. Apart from the very vocal minority many in Australia feel that if you want to come here you should apply in the correct manner. Pictures of predominantly fit young Males, with no papers and often an attitude do not raise much sympathy from the majority. As to the award who has ever heard of it ? The previous poster has summed up the attitude to a group of migrants In Melbourne that have totally destroyed the image of refugees happy to be in Australia, they have simply brought their unacceptable ways with them and to criticise is RACISM!!!
  3. All that I would want is pain relief if necessary, chemo only seems to prolong life without regard to the quality. I put forward my view concerning me only, a more youthful person should make their own decisions. The Doctor May be blunt but should she lie ?
  4. Did this last year from Kalasin and only got as far as Sara Buri. Drove up from Krabi midweek before Songkran and averaged mid 70 kph On the drive back on the Tuesday the average was 28 kph with three lane roads having five lanes of stop start traffic, never again.
  5. Enjoy the music but don’t forget its a movie not letting truth get in the way of a good story.
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