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  1. I got one in Kohn Kaen last year for turning through a red light. Read the ticket and it tells you that you can pay at K bank and they stamp and give you a receipt, I don’t remember having to do anything else.
  2. An unsafe bus driven at an unsafe speed by a unsafe driver, who will be held responsible for the inevitable crash, probably the wet road. T I T
  3. For heavens sake get to a Doctor, I am still getting over what I thought was Dengue but turned out to be chikagunya, equally as painful. No real treatment for it apart from treating the symptoms, muscular and joint pain from My eyelids to my toes. The Doctor gave me one injection and two types of tablets for pain which helped greatly and now two months later I only have tablets for fluid retention. I am still not 100% and feel fatigued very easily , also swollen feet and lack of grip especially opening screw top bottles. My local pharmacist is a very knowledgeable young lady and she tells me that the symptoms can last for six months or more, age is a factor in recovery and seeing that I have exceeded the three score and ten I can’t complain. The cost of two visits to the Doctor, injection and initial tablets was 800 baht, further tablets from pharmacy another 120 baht. Get to a Doctor....Now....please.
  4. Every time I read of someone being executed in the United States I am amazed at the date of the crime, often over half a lifetime ago. After all that time it makes me wonder if the death sentence is a deterrent or continued imprisonment is a greater punishment.
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