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  1. That is just bloody sad mate!!! I hope you get better soon. You either love Thailand for what it is or just <deleted> off and stop bloody whining about it!!! <deleted>!!!
  2. Come on Pilot, we are the expert informants...I say yes to this guy moving back and enjoying this rich and diversified culture. We all have, obviously, survived the rigours of living here under such harsh conditions for such a long sustained period so, I think that the OP needs to test his metal and do so him self...???
  3. I am certainly no expert and all of the faux investor / financial advisory / strategists that have been posting so far have not made any significant clarifications, that I can ascertain. My understanding is that if I bought an ounce of gold 15 years ago for 8,000 Thai Baht and sold it today for 30,000 (approximately) today, I would make a profit????? Would that be an investment realised??? All the rubbish about bull markets and bear markets and so on are just that, rubbish! Put it into context, and you can surmise at your will here...someone has a piece of gold, normally reserved to porn for Songkran travel expenses or the new school term expenses, come on most of you have experienced those phases of life, they would receive significantly more cash now than in previous years, Yeah?
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