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  1. Much appreciate, Elviajero. After this, I plan to lose my passport, fly to the US to get a new METV, and hope to get allowed back. The officer/worker at UD Immigration office said it shouldn't be a problem "flying in to Thailand" with yet another METV after looking at my long history, but she might know little about that. On a side not, she also apologized about having made a mistake with the date in my passport, stamping it with an alarming all-caps "Cancelled,' and then proceeded to scribble something in Thai below the error, ostensibly to inform the border officer to look for the correction on the *previous* page. I think that might have caused me some temporary trouble at my last re-entry.
  2. Thanks, JackDD. I don't know why I thought otherwise. This is like my 6th METV. Regretful and ecstatic. Will the "remark" stamp ('This foreign barbarian dirties our Godly Thai soil too often') from a tourist visa two priors ago in passport potentially threaten passage? Is this passage more precarious/scrutinized than others concerning the METV? What about the 2 visa-exempts allotted -- does that mean that one could stay 11 months without new visa needed? My brain is spinning but in a non-bad way, for once.
  3. I was surprised by the information I got, which seemed to be verified by others working in the office, today at the Udon Thani Immigration Office. The date on my METV sticker in my passport is Sept 24, and if I leave the country up to or on that date, according to the office worker who processes the visa from across the desk (agent? officer?), I can return for an additional 2 months. Is this true? This is all news to me if true, except that I had met a European a few months ago who suggested something suspiciously similar. I nearly had a good natured argument with the person except that his English wasn't great and I thought there might be a miscommunication (I'm American, but my English is usually passable). Is there any truth to this about the additional 2 months available at the expiration of an METV. I have already done the 60 days plus 30 extension twice in a row, so this question refers to 2 months following all of that.
  4. And the the surname of the owner of the hotel with the tour busses that line up is Chen or Wang? Party Membership, implicitly. And why not? I respect the Chinese. Survival of fittest. SE Asia is theirs.
  5. Chinese tourists to Thailand will stay at Chinese owned hotels, visit Chinese stores, and eat at Chinese restaurants (or just eat instant noodles in their hotel rooms). Thais aren't shrewd enough to earn money from Chinese tour agencies and tourists.
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