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  1. Pattaya most certainly is not dead. In the 20 odd years I have been coming to / living in the area I have seen massive changes. Are those changes for better or for worse? That question can only be answered by each individual. Personally on the whole despite the odd improvement, I preferred the place as it was 10+ years ago.
  2. They should also be prosecuted for still having a Christmas tree in their foyer.
  3. I don't think there are any set times, but in the evening they can become very infrequent.
  4. In years gone bye, the old blue and white coaches would do exactly that, stopping regularly along the road. However these have now been replaced by minivans, and I am unable to advise exactly how / where they operate. I would however tell you if you are not already aware, the vast majority of those minivans are driven by utterly reckless morons, I went in one to Bangkok once and will never set foot in one again. If you go to Sattahip in the White songthaew, you should not have too much trouble working out how to continue the journey, as there are not that many options.
  5. Behaviour as described here most certainly should not attract prosecution or arrest, I rather think it should be encouraged.
  6. The white sonthaew only go as far as the town centre in Sattahip. From there you will need to know which one to change to in order to complete that journey.
  7. I do live here and have witnessed the entire fiasco from start to finish, including when there were hoardings up along the North part of the beach for over a year, and no reconstruction went on behind them, just crime, vagrancy and antisocial behaviour. Here are a couple more images, all of them taken around 8.00am yesterday. Also you mention "digging it up", that is not the case, just rebuilding of the areas that have already eroded / been washed away.
  8. Well two weeks ago, clearly you did not see the beach end to end, because the sandbags at the very North of the beach were exposed a few months ago, and still are. What they have done is simply papered over the cracks, the sea will always win, and the current repairs already being carried out are no better, just a bit thicker paper. To reconstruct Pattaya beach and have any hope at all of it remaining pristine end to end for any length of time would require a major civil engineering project, and given they are seemingly over recent years incapable of building a simple promenade that doesn't collapse in parts every time it rains heavy, I can not see that happening. Buried sandbags will never achieve a long term solution to the problem. Other than my suggestion above, the only other option for a lasting solution is to reinstate the shore line as it was, which would mean losing the promenade, Beach Rd and a number of buildings on the opposite side of Beach Rd, again, will never happen.
  9. Yes the area of the beach you photographed does indeed look OK. But clearly you know little / nothing about coastal erosion or basic fluid mechanics. The erosion originally started at the very North end of the beach, where for a number of years, sand had virtually disappeared. That very area was the first to be completed in this latest fiasco, and within days of it opening, the bags were exposed and the covering of sand had completely washed away in some parts. As a result of this, the North end of the beach is now undergoing further reconstruction, just a few months after the completion of the first efforts. There are also further reconstruction works currently going on opposite Soi 6, an area of beach that has only been re opened a few weeks. It is not a question as to whether or not this beach regeneration will fail, because it clearly already is doing. This winter there has been little in the way of strong winds or rough seas in Pattaya, and the new beach has not yet had to endure a full rainy season and the flooding that always comes at this time, but despite that, erosion continues. How long do you think it will be before the area in your pictures is affected?
  10. Maybe a more pro active approach to this problem would be to jail the scum that dump the rubbish in the first instance? But such an initiative would involve real Police work.
  11. "Silence descends"!! Well I appreciate the building being discussed is a religious establishment. However, in the 20 odd years I have been coming / living in the Pattaya area, silence and Russians are two words that I could not comprehend being in the same sentence.
  12. You can rest assured that this will be a direct result of the deceased's involvement with criminal activity.
  13. if this story is true and correct, this officer should be recognised in some way for his services to the community. Also the family of Ekkachai Bun should be eternally grateful to this officer for freeing them of a great burden.
  14. In my own experience, forget the agents, I have never come across one in Thailand either Thai or farrang that is nothing more than a self serving parasite. Do yourself a favour and just take a drive around, buy or rent direct form the vendor and save yourself at least 30 - 40%
  15. The whole lot should be banned in public, both vaping and tobacco products. You say vaping has no odour, just as smokers of tobacco are totally oblivious as to how vile they smell to non users. Smoking is antisocial and a danger to health. Those that wish to partake should be forced to do so in their own homes where they will not offend / harm others.
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