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  1. I hope EU deny giving UK an extension, this charade of incompetence has gone on far too long. Must be very embarrassing to think a once nation cannot even grasp the concept of the people's vote.
  2. Rain is good, fill up all those empty reservoars.
  3. ... except everybody is doped out, the word "awareness" doesn't seem appropriate.
  4. I believe that Thailand is not ready for a FTA, nor should EU engage with them whilst racist policy exists against foreigners. They must stop behaving like children, and become adults. Sadly, they are light years away from this.
  5. It shows you how racist and backward Thailand really is. When the world mentions Thailand, it will be judged by its actions. Currently Thailand is not classed as an important country, nor will it be when policy like this prevails. Shame on you !
  6. Copy-artists trying to emulate Europe (as usual) with the expected results of failure.
  7. Buy alcohol before the ban and drink. It has no value trying to dictate to people.
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