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  1. The Op might contact the Sun Gard film installers I briefly spoke with at the Architect Expo earlier this month in Bangkok.
  2. I have had significantly better results and longer UPS life with APC brand UPS offered in Thailand. The OP might consider the Honda EG6500CXS generator. It is a reliable source of economical, portable power. With 6500 watts, the EG6500CXS generator offers convenient electrical power and is available from any Honda Power Products dealer in Thailand. In Buriram I found it to be easy to start with the key or on the first pull. It is the largest genuine Honda petrol generator sold in Thailand in 2019. Rated AC output is 5.0KVA. Maximum Output is 5.5 KVA. The 24 liter petrol tank can offer you up to 8 hours of emergency back up power in Thailand. If you are 7 meters from the Honda generator the noise level is 72db. Same shops who sell the only genuine Honda HRJ216K3 self propelled grass lawn mower could have the Honda Inverter and traditional Honda power generators in stock in Thailand.
  3. I would not rule out Solar in May 2019. There have been many advances in the products and installations of solar power systems that I have personally seen in Buriram and Surin Province. I have visited homes that are off the grid. I've seen hundreds of dc brushless submersible deep well pumps connected to 6BB 340 watt Poly solar panels. I've been in a home in Buriram with solar air conditioning.
  4. Stiebel Eltron water heaters should come with a helpful template and instructions. You can consider getting help from the Stiebel Eltron "PC" that might be at your local home builders merchants, Global House, Homepro or Thaiwatsadu.
  5. Green Plasterboard would not be my choice for soffit or eve areas. Conwood | Diamond Wood | Elephant Wood | Shera wood sheets or boards are specifically made in Thailand for soffit or eve areas. Every Home building center sells soffit boards and sheets. Soffit boards are easy to repair. Shera dealers employee well qualified technical advisors to assist your Buriram house builder in selecting the best outdoor ceiling soffit boards when you build a home or repair a home in Thailand.
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