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  1. Cranky old <deleted>, this one is a bit disappointing... And I'm sure sure you know it.
  2. Yeah, you keep repeating that agents are a good help to break the law...
  3. Hmmmhhh, I love the the typical Thai humanity of this statement.
  4. Why do you keep your wife's cosmetics in your workshop?
  5. What do you reckon should happen? Immediate deportation? or deportation following a couple of months in the slammer? This is probably what would happen, as T.I.T, while the two other parties involved in the fraud would remain unscathed and "resume duties" after a short cool off period.
  6. I reckon that the problem that most of us have is that when we came we weren't aware that we were moving to a third world nation with all it's drawbacks, poor education of the general public, utter corruption of the authorities, and quite often resentment against settlers coming from more privileged parts of the world.
  7. Thai pleonasm of the century, or millennium...
  8. Maybe "Lovethailandelite" has a vested interest in this disinformation?
  9. How about marriage based extensions of stay? The police order doesn't show (yet?) any new requirement. I came under Non O-A, but have always extended under "Thai Wife".
  10. Not everyone is on TV and follows what's happening in the Immigration madhouse. So it will be interesting to see people turning up for extension, after Oct. 31, with only a few days left, being sent back with "Go, get an insurance!"
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