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  1. as noted by a previous TV member, if immigration said come back next time with an SETV, you should be fine with your next entry. especially considering your time out of the country since that conversation (over a year). i got the same warning many years ago, too many visa exempt entries, start using tourist visas. i started using tourist visas and was never stopped again. i was staying in thailand 8 months a year (i'm now old enough to be on the non imm O). just be sure to have a good story to tell immigration in the rare instance that you get stopped/questioned. things like 'i'm unemployed at home or in between jobs so thought i'd take a vacation' or 'i'll be seeking a job in thailand' aren't good. be sure to tell them you have a job at home and will be going back to that same job. i wouldn't mention a thai girlfriend or a condo lease. you are here for pure tourist stuff, enjoying the warm weather, good food, visiting the sites, beaches, etc... plus carry the 20,000thb and proof of plane ticket home (even though the visa should have you covered on that).
  2. OP - are you saying that immigration pulled you aside to ask you questions on your first ever trip to thailand ? you mention you've never had a VE entry so you are not saying it was your first time entering using an SETV.
  3. OP - i don't know how long you plan to spend in thailand each year, but you refer to retirement and marriage options so it sounds like most of the year (or as much as possible). you'll have to use SETV's and extensions and maybe one visa exempt plus extension per year. after 2+ years, you may have trouble getting SETV's at consulates in nearby countries as they'll see all the SETV's in your passport. so you'll need to get a new passport. around this same time, immigration at the airports will see that you've been staying long periods in thailand on SETV's so you'll need to start using land borders to cross (not poipet). and you'll need to carry at least 20,000thb in cash each time you enter as financial proof that you can finance your stay. plus proof of a flight out of the country before your permitted to stay date is up. this is an alternate option to the METV at home country noted by others.
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