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  1. The ability to edit a post only lasts for 30 minutes (?) after initial posting. But you can ask a moderator to remove it for you, PM one or just add @ before their name to alert one .
  2. Not sure about the healthiest option but I like this: Available at Big C
  3. Must admit he looks good for 51 but 30 years of injecting snake venom just to end up looking 49 ?? Nah, will give it a miss !!
  4. I bought a Smarthome 3.5 ltrs from Lazada, the digital version costs around 1,800 and the manual a little over a 1000 baht. Check what size you want before buying as there is a large range from 1.9 ltrs to 5.5 ltrs. more or less. Philips seem to have a big range of sizes but are also more expensive. Prices in general seem to be coming down and they are everywhere now from the tv shopping channels to HomePro and Megahome pushing them like they are going out of fashion. They do a good job on fries and chicken wings etc although my gf seems convinced that the lac
  5. Saw a rather interesting snake “ ritual “ a few years ago in Taiwan at a night market. You chose your snake from the cage and the seller did a sort of short dance with it culminating in the snake being swung around his head and hitting a pole with it. He then slit its throat and drained the blood into a small bowl. The lucky purchaser then got to drink the blood while the snake was skinned and cooked . Gave it a miss !
  6. Just finished watching season 1 of Warrior, loving it so far and downloading season 2 episodes as they are being released. Kinda makes me think of the series Kung F-u back in the early 70’s and how it was critically acclaimed and well received but as a young teenager I wanted to see more action and less about Chinese philosophy and culture . Warrior on the other hand is full of violence and sex and swearing ................... if this had been on tv in the early 70’s pretty sure I would have been sent to bed before the “ good bits “ !!
  7. That’s good news, those front legs taste kinda nasty !!
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