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  1. Just driven that stretch ( Bang pa-in to almost Nakhonsawan, came off on the Kampaeng Phet bypass ) strangely no check point at Ang Thong but maybe they were attending the 4 car shunt in the fast lane. The owner of the Porsche Cayenne looked far from pleased !!
  2. Sorry kids but Santa seems to have thrown the towel in !!
  3. Things are just getting worse in the US of A ( according to CNN ) !!
  4. Maybe grandma wasn’t just an innocent little old lady, maybe she was a secret genius !!
  5. Come on guys !! Street hoes like to dance too !!
  6. That is great Andy !! Nice videos !!and thanks for settling my doubts about the gps on video. So you have a Pro with gps front and rear ? I see you have a pick up, mine would be going in a hatchback so will have to take a look at the mounting arrangement.
  7. Anyone any experience with these Xiaomi 70Mai dash cams ? They get some good reviews. A couple of models: 70Mai Smart dash cam 1S : Voice activated ( sound off, take photo etc ) and strangely no screen. ( around 1000 baht on Lazada ) But I am more interested in the: 70Mai dash cam pro: Better resolution than the 1S, voice activated option and also a gps additional module giving position and speed ( although I have read that position and speed do not appear on saved video ?? ). Around 1,500 baht on Lazada. Anyone ??
  8. Not a great KFC fan, always seems very greasy with too much skin and occasionally some dodgy meat inside. Texas chicken ( Church’s ) is a refreshing change, good value and a good menu ( IMHO ) . Wraps, honey glazed “ biscuits “ , Coleslaw and mash make a nice change. Never had the fries there so cannot comment .
  9. Well, if i can find a Scarlet Johansson mask then i’m all for it , means i can keep my eyes open during the dirty deed !!
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