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Andrew Dwyer

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  1. Andrew Dwyer

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Yes , you can “ reverse google “ her picture to find out about her . Her nickname is Thai University Girl.
  2. I’m siding with the OP on this one ! Everyone should be responsible for their own waste, including bagging it properly !! I lived in an apartment block for 18 months and the waste collection room was a sight ( and smell )to behold !!
  3. Andrew Dwyer

    What is this morning market item?

    Her indoors had no idea. The bottom one looks like a rock !
  4. Just transfer all the IO’s redundant due to abolishing 90 days reporting over to the airport to check bag tags !! You’re welcome [emoji6]
  5. Andrew Dwyer

    Finding your way with a GPS app

    Yes, same route just faster on two wheels [emoji51]
  6. Andrew Dwyer

    Outside tiling - sand and cement or adhesive ?

    In the end I went with sand and cement plus adhesive as I felt without adhesive it lacked a little stickiness. I actually stuck a couple down with sand and cement only and then about 3 days later pulled them up and felt that they came up very easily, of course could have been they hadn’t bonded properly or I’d put them down too wet or too dry etc. From what I’ve seen Thais will use sand and cement for the floor and adhesive for the walls ? But I could be wrong . Bit of a learning curve for me, but am glad I did it . Got another 75 sqm to go down but I’ll get someone in I think !! Here’s the finished product. ( actually I have to paint the cement render on the roof still )
  7. Andrew Dwyer

    Worst Joke Ever 2019

    The cheesiest pick up line I have ever seen !!
  8. Andrew Dwyer

    Lazada issues getting worse

    Did you specify “ round eyes “ when you ordered them ? Sorry
  9. So I understand, but according to the link in the OP it came from playing cards ! Hence my “I’ve never heard that before “reaction . So, is the rice porridge theory a myth or are KhaosodEnglish.com guilty of dodgy reporting ??
  10. Andrew Dwyer

    Lazada issues getting worse

    Yep, not sure what the ratio is. Usually when I’m searching I use the filter for local and COD , if no joy, I “ unfilter “ local but always pay COD.
  11. Don’t tell me !! Tell KhaosodEnglish.com !