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  1. Well at least he’s got 72 virgins to look forward to......allegedly !!
  2. Here’s a couple of interesting and educational facts that you probably weren’t aware of but now you have taken the time to read this absolute drivel I am writing here you will probably agree that they are absolutely stupid and probably never read any of my posts ever again !! Your loss [emoji51]
  3. Is this Section 38 app available for IOS ?? It doesn’t appear when I make a search for it, normally if it isn’t available in the App Store country you are using it will tell you, I didn’t get any such message. Anyone using it on IOS , and if so where did you find it ?? TIA Andy
  4. Yes, the OP is looking for a hilly place to live , Mae Hong Son and Khao Ko are a couple of places I’ve visited and found them both to be beautiful. But, obviously visiting and living there are two different things, the OP needs a short list first and then an extended stay in each before making any move.
  5. So , I actually got the password and username today, 21 days after registering !! Will give it a go when I get chance !!
  6. Got a friendly wave from this farang couple as they struggled through the shrubbery !! Of course it could have been a cry for help !! These boats look like they are here for the duration !!
  7. Some cute cat photos spotted at a local Wat. “ I’m just here having a little meditation with my Buddha and you come along and wake me up !! Bloomin hooman !! “ “ have you spotted me yet “ ? “Yup here I am , now go away it’s nap time “ !! “ okay now you’ve woken me up I’ll have a little chinwag with my buddy “
  8. Finally I found the beach in Ayutthaya !! “ there’s a red house over yonder “ JMH
  9. Wat Nang Kui Ayutthaya The rare “ treecroc “ !!, or is it “ croctree “ ?? Also home to this Buddha Famous for something according to the newspaper cutting . Also some old temples.
  10. Wat Phut Thai Sawan Ayutthaya Someone had been busy with the white paint cos the glare was tremendous !!
  11. Portuguese in Portugal is harder to understand I agree, I remember staying in a hotel flicking through the channels and coming across RTP ,I had been in Brazil for a while by this time and had a good grasp of the language but could not understand about 50 % of it. Brazilian Portuguese is a lot easier to understand, the words are pronounced more clearly, almost a simplified version. Kinda like Spanish in Spain and Mexico . Or English in the UK or US [emoji51]
  12. Fluency in Spanish is certainly going to help, but let’s be honest, you are not going to become fluent living here in Thailand. Gain a good grasp on the language so you can make yourself understood and fluency will come quickly from immersion in the LA country. When I went to Brazil I knew absolutely zero portuguese, a few words in Spanish at best, but living there was like living in a 24 hour language school !! Of course I had motives, my gf ( later my wife ) spoke no English whatsoever, so I had great motivation.
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