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  1. Or people make a trip back to their home country, get an O-A , good for two years, no insurance, no transfers, no deposit . Seems like the best option to me .
  2. This is the form I downloaded from the Embassy website in 2016 . Hospital nurse in Pathum Thani took my blood pressure, weight and filled in the form, the doctor put his stethoscope on my chest and asked me if I felt okay , I answered “yes” and he signed the form !! It’s amazing what they can do nowadays [emoji51] In the uk my gp said she couldn’t do some of the tests and therefore couldn’t sign the form ( fair enough ) , just gave an accompanying letter to say that “ from my medical records I appeared to be in good health “. Quite comical as I hadn’t visited my gp for at least 21 years !!
  3. I went to a local hospital but I guess a clinic would work. The key is to use the official form downloaded from the Embassy website.
  4. Re: medical certificate. I was already living in Thailand at the time ( October 2016 ) when I decided to go back for the O-A . While preparing the documents and looking at some of the threads on TVF there were some reports of people having difficulty in obtaining the medical certificate in the uk as gp’s were stated as saying that they had no way of doing some of the tests . So I decided to get a medical certificate in Thailand in case I encountered difficulties, plus it only cost 360 baht (£8 at the time) so no great loss. My gp said she couldn’t do these tests so issued a letter saying that from my medical records I didn’t appear to have any symptoms of the 5 ailments ( as I hadn’t lived in the uk since 1995 this was quite comical). My uk letter wasn’t accepted in Thai Embassy but the Thai medical certificate was , a masterly move on my part !! My recommendation would be to obtain the Thai version, as you are already here and it is obtained easily and cheaply, in case you encounter problems back in the uk .
  5. Ha ha , sounds like a good idea for a sitcom !!, although if you come from Bradford just another daily occurrence !. I arrived first in line to present docs but got set back because I needed 3 filled in copies of the form to apply for O-A and only had one, luckily I had blanks in my folder.
  6. Yup, I went through it a couple of years ago, works out a little expensive but worth it IMO especially with the new immigration regulations coming ! £125 for the visa , going up to £150 shortly. £45 for police report. Medical certificate can be done in Thailand ( download form from Embassy website, it’s in Thai and English), cost me 360 baht. Transpot to London and possible overnight stay depends on your location. Plus notarised docs varies in cost. The Thai Embassy in London is changing the procedure soon ( April 1st I think ) and from then on you apply online and pick up in person ( not sure if registered return post is available) so best to check on this before gathering docs .
  7. Where I have lunch sometimes is opposite a B Quik and it’s a constant stream of cars waiting to top up their tyre pressure, some pick ups but mainly cars, it’s like a drive thru , most don’t get out of their vehicles !! They definitely don’t adjust the pressure for different vehicles, it’s whatever the compressor delivers .
  8. So did I !! But it does pay to check !! I paid 40 years but still needed a further 6 years to achieve full state pension ( I assumed it was because I was non resident for many years but not really sure). There were changes made and it depends if you were contracted out or not. Last year I contacted them and got the details: Basically I would receive £26 a week short of Full State Pension = £1,352 a year. I paid £740 a year for the missing years so I figured it worth my while. ( as long as I live to 70 1/2 years old ) !! In my case I had not paid NI for 1 1/2 years so I paid a lump sum for 1st year and then another lump sum to get back up to date and monthly from then on . You can do it online via government gateway and then contact them via phone to get your repayment options. OP , log on to HMRC, create a government gateway ( your personal username and password) and you can get all your information instantly using only your NI number. You will get a forecast as shown .
  9. Another great child actor was David Bradley , his performance in this touching/funny/gritty story about a young lad and his trials and tribulations suffered on growing up in late 60’s Barnsley and his friendship with his pet kestrel was legendary. The humour in the school football scene is masterful and brings back memories of 1960’s Yorkshire. ( sub titles might be required for anyone not familiar with a strong Yorkshire accent ). [emoji51]
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