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  1. That’s a good price for the Typhoo One Cup from Lazada. I bought the Typhoo One Cup Special Blend ( Red Box ) for 145 baht in January. A quick look at Lazada and saw some chancer trying to sell the same for 290 baht. !!
  2. The scrabble and international school comment was meant as tongue in cheek as was only of any interest to the author . But my other comment stands : The author of this thread uses another alias often when he wishes to comment as a typical poster ( not a TVF employee ), he should use that alias for his political comments and keep his weekly column as it used to be , fun and light !!
  3. I remember the good old days when this weekly topic was all about things that had happened in the past week interspersed with a reasonable amount of British humour and tales of scrabble and teaching at International schools. Lately it seems to be a platform for one man’s opinions , those opinions can be aired on any of the numerous vaccine threads clogging up this forum. No need to turn what was a good Sunday read with a cuppa into a thread to raise the blood pressure, even more , of the TVF populate. In these troublesome times we need your humour Rooster not your stanc
  4. While the approval of Moderna was obviously good news it is becoming increasingly obvious that hitting the deadline of October is unlikely. When Moderna will make it to Thailand, due to high demand, is anybody’s guess but, IMO, it won’t be this year. Also, IMHO, those who have registered appointments in June and those who get offered the vaccine together with the rest of their “ village “ as reported, would do well to take up their offer even if Sinovac is the only vaccine currently available. With Moderna months away and the delay in AZ production , 6m next month already drop
  5. In the uk they started off with AZ but due to the blood clot issue in younger people have now gone with Pfizer. Here in Thailand they are hearing of the issues from practically all the current vaccines and using their rights to defer judgement until a later date possibly spurred on by the fact that : In Thailand the only current vaccine available is Sinovac which initially was contra recommended for the over 60’s but now that ruling has been overturned ( only here I believe ) !, the fact that Sinovac is the only vaccine currently available is purely coincidental
  6. Yup, mine not working either ( has worked before, last report in person ) tried Safari, Chrome and IE, just got the “ contact your IO “ message. 15 days from due date, will try again on Monday
  7. Yup, sounds very familiar!! Mine tends to get words mixed up: Burn instead of blood. Protection instead of injection. Censor instead of cancer. Does make for some interesting conversations. , and of course the words she knows but struggles with : Shwimp is my favourite Of course I shouldn’t make fun of her as her perseverance with the language has proven a lot stronger than my feeble attempts at Thai !! Wonder if her and her friends make fun of my saying “ kwai “ instead of “ kwai “ or “ khao “ instead of “ khao” or “ “kha
  8. That was then, this is now !! My Mil ( 72 yr old) was offered Sinovac recently she politely refused . Another 1/2 million shipment free from China just arrived, guess which will be given to foreigners ??
  9. I like this collection of Blues - Rock favourites from Rayo .P . As well as some old favourites he introduced me a couple of new ones.
  10. Hence, I suggested covering the solar panel as you can test out your options via the remote at your leisure. Maybe it isn’t designed to turn on automatically at dusk ??, sounds crazy yes but could possibly be that way !! After all why have a remote ? My lights are far from sophisticated, Lazada/China quality costing 150 baht !! and not very powerful but they serve my purpose and are very easy to use set up, access to the battery is via a screwed in panel , also the battery is in a holder so no messing with soldering wires !. I bought one for a test and couldn’t bel
  11. To test the solar light during the day just cover the solar panel or put it face down. This should replicate nighttime and the light will illuminate. These lights usually have different modes , I have some that have motion detect and illuminate for 45 seconds when sensing movement ( only at nighttime ) or they can illuminate at dusk and stay illuminated as the battery allows with a couple of strength options. Yours doesn’t appear to have motion detect ( usually a small white dome on the lamp itself denotes this ). I should charge the battery with 8 hour
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