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  1. I remember that song, I was 14 at the time , it was very catchy but the lyrics were nothing to write home about !! It was definitely following on from ABBA who won it the year before , the guy in the blue ( whatever you would call that attire ) is a dead ringer for one of the “B’s “
  2. When you want to give a good review and it backfires Too much info me thinks !!
  3. What about the Xpander ?? goes at around 800k and looks good IMO. See a new Sport version out, Xpander Cross, for around 899k, looks great .
  4. Another vote for Prachuap. A nice beach and market on the front, swift hike up the steps of the temple to fight the monkeys off and a pleasant bicycle ride out of town northwards to explore the rocky coves. Was a decent pizza place near the “ gift garelly “, or a couple of cold ones on the front overlooking the pier.
  5. The winner of the most condescending post in 2020 goes to ............
  6. As the op seems to be sorted i’ll just add this as it is notin plain view and might be helpful to some : There is also a good ( if basic ) video editor in Windows 10. Right click on any video and open in photos, you can then edit/trim ( other options also available ) your videos and save on your pc.
  7. Wat Maheyong, Ayutthaya. This place is expanding in all areas !! Some “ caves “ just finished with the male residence to the right . No expense spared !!
  8. Yup, i had read that !! If you have a large file ( a movie for example ) make several copies , keep the original, and load the others onto the flash drive. After you have loaded 8 or 10 gb check the first video in the list to see if it plays or is corrupted, if okay continue adding more. I had a similar experience buying some 128 gb flash drives, they would load 8gb but then it all went t1ts up !! Understood that they were 8gb flash altered to react as 128 gb, so instead of saying “ flash drive full “ when reaching 8 gb they started to overwrite and corrupted every file. I am 99% certain that your 2 x 2tb flash drives for $45 are not genuine .
  9. It didn’t work with Chrome for me , tried Internet Explore and it went through ( use IE purely for this now ). In the past Ayutthaya immigration didn’t accept online reports and it would sit there pending “ forever “. It is possible that your IO don’t accept online reports, a telephone call should answer your question .
  10. I read that the only 2tb flash drive available is a Kingston, it is a chunky little thing probably twice the thickness of a regular flash drive. Retails for $1100/$1200 USD , so 2 for $45 should ring some alarm bells !! Plenty for sale on the usual online shopping sites and FB etc etc . They do indeed trick the computer into thinking that they are 2tb ( or slightly less ) . Loading files onto them reacts normally at first until they start to overwrite files and corruption of said files occurs. Plenty of YouTube videos warning people of this scam. NOTE: apparently this scam also happens on flash drives with a lower capacity ( 128gb and 256gb also common). The giveaway should be the price, don’t go by the false reviews on these shopping sites !!
  11. The birds are oblivious to the scarecrows, much to the dogs delight, they are both eyeing up a tasty one each !! Lat Yao, Nakhonsawan.
  12. I was worried it might be a little cheesy, I was russian to finish it !!
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