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  1. My cat after learning about the mandatory health insurance being enforced for OA visas [emoji22]
  2. Looking forward to “ seeing “ in the new year !!
  3. There are 2 types of dog in this world : Number one is the spoilt , soft dog who is afraid of his own shadow. Then there is Chuck Norris’s dog !!
  4. I had a similar experience trying to report online ( TM30 ) , just got a generic error message. I solved it by changing server but using exactly the same info. Hopefully these apps will become streamlined with less issues .
  5. Some immigration offices don’t “ do “ the 90 day reporting online. My IO ( Ayutthaya ) doesn’t, yet I did a TM30 online which I presume they have some involvement
  6. I have a Jazz, chose it for its large carry capacity, it has carried more than its fair share of DIY materials ( sand, cement , 2.5m lengths of pvc/wood/ steel etc ), certainly the most flexible hatchback among your list. Has also carried me and the gf 55,000 km’s around Thailand in the last 3 years without any complaints. Have no experience of the others but the Jazz has served me admirably.
  7. Just an update on this . So I took it to a couple of places in my old hometown and they basically both said the same thing. “ you lucked out with the iPad Air 2 as Apple changed the internal configuration making any screen/lcd changes more expensive “ They would tackle the job but warned that it could, depending on what is found inside, run into several hundred £’s . The information on this site confirms this : https://www.iphonerepairleeds.com/pages/ipad-air2-repair.html Sooo, looks like my options are not good. 1) Pay £240 ( probably ) to repair it here in the uk. 2) Back to LOS and go with recommended places on here, expecting to pay a premium for the Air 2 configuration. 3) Source a new or recent used one here. My next steps are : Check out a 2018 model today ( owner upgraded ) I found on the net. Run by the repair shop ( above link ) to confirm cost of repair. Attempt a repair in BKK to keep as a spare or donate to a family member.
  8. Nobody stole them, you left them on the top of the board !!
  9. I entered on an OA visa in late 2016, squeezed 23 months out of it and am now on extension based on retirement ( 2nd extension done about 3 weeks ago ). I currently have no health insurance and self insure. My burning questions are : As I am on extension based on retirement, but originating from an OA visa, will I fall under this new ruling and be required to obtain mandatory health insurance. ?? If so , as I have extended recently would I “ be okay “ till next years extension or would I have to show proof of insurance when entering the country after 31st October for example. ?? If so , would I be advised to look at going the non imm O visa route or is it likely that non imm O’s ( and extensions ) will more than likely follow the path of the non imm OA ??
  10. You are confusing the non imm O with the non imm OA !! Multi entry non imm O ( 90 day stay ) is no longer available. Multi entry non imm OA ( 1 year stay + 1 year extra ) remains unchanged, except for the additional mandatory health insurance.
  11. I did post a similar thread in the Apple Forum but didn’t really get any definitive answers so having another go here. I have a problem with my iPad ( iPad Air 2 ) display in that the blue, red and green colours are all exaggerated and cause photos or web photos to be dark and distorted. Have done all the hard reset and software adjustments possible to no avail The problem appeared for a couple of weeks, rectified itself but then went off again after a couple of days. Googling has brought up: “ a loose display connector or failing lcd “ Either way if a few slaps on the back don’t cure it then the screen needs removing to investigate. I’m north of Bangkok (Ayutthaya) but am willing to travel into “ the big city “ if necessary. Any recommendations of any places that can do this without risk ??
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