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  1. Don't assume that they cannot see your bank account... https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/government/centrelink/is-centrelink-checking-your-bank-account
  2. GREAT resource, Many implications for many scenarios - surprised I did not know about this
  3. As an addendum: Rent in OZ (Entirely depends where your "ties" are) - For me PERTH WA. Someone I know does Homestay $125.00 per week, ALL UP - private room, Air conditioned, INCLUDES 3 meals a day cooked for you, ALL utilities, NBN internet - unlimited. They ONLY do travellers, max stay 28 DAYS. It is just an example - if you look hard enough you will find them too - It will consume half your Centrelink "NEWSTART" allowance. However, if you do not have other bills (Or smoke/drink), you can live quite comfortably on $130 per week "Pocket money. AS you are over 60 (Born 1945?) (63 for some younger than you) you can apply for a seniors card NOW :- https://www.seniorscard.wa.gov.au - Plenty of extras here. Free transport, Free drivers Lic, Bulk Billed Medicare, Free Ambulance cover.. etc., etc.,
  4. Hi Mate, I can answer most of your questions, however, there is no SINGLE answer to ANY question except perhaps the last one - NO medical required whatsoever. See my answers in the quote above - BE PREPARED for other members to have had different experiences.
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