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  1. Stating visa rather than MasterCard each time is quicker! Halifax clarity MasterCard. I’ve withdrew large cash amounts at Bangkok bank, Krungsi & Siam all free of charge. Haven’t come across any yet that charges a fee but if unsure, just ask. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. A football match in Africa resulting in rioting & killing in France. 44 Algerians arrested. Totally shocking!
  3. I withdrew 100,000 from inside Bangkok bank using my home banks Visa card and by showing my passport. It’s free of charge at all thai banks, my U.K. bank doesn’t charge a fee and they use the current MasterCard exchange rate, meaning no charges whatsoever. i also get the a better exchange rate than anywhere else. I then simply transfer the cash online to my banks Visa card and pay it. No interest charges unless I delay payment for a few days/weeks.
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