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  1. Thanks for the reply. Just looked at my paperwork my quote was 85k-95k at BPK9. Thats with one night at the hospital. As my GF just said "normally its more". Cost to get into the Dr. was only 700 baht and hes only there on Wed. GF said it was somewhere in between 120-150k estimate at Bumrungrad. Remember BPk9 has the foreigner upcharge I imagine u can get it cheaper somewhere else. I'll for sure consider going to get a second opinion. If I do I'll let u know my quote. I may just go and get it through Dr. Arun sounds like I'm not going to find much better.
  2. I never seen him at Bumrungrad. I was just saying he primarily works there. The cost is still going to be really expensive like 100k+whatever else they tack on. At Bumrungrad, it was going to cost like 130k+ whatever they tack on I believe was the quoted price. BPk9 has a foreigner upcharge on everything not sure if it did two years ago. I take it your experience was good with him? Would this be the guy you would go to if you needed a similar surgery today? I'm not as much concerned with the price as I am having a good doctor. The fact he looked at it for like 5 seconds and was ready to go makes me nervous. The other thing is the idea of a spinal block freaks me out. Thanks for the reply
  3. Hello, I was recently diagnosed with a fistula. I was having really bad abdominal pain and some mucus for about 3 months so ended up getting a colonoscopy/gastroscopy which diagnosed me with Ulcerative colitis and a fistula. I was told the only way to fix the fistula would be surgery. The fistula was just mucus before but after the colonscopy, it started bleeding quite a bit. I feel like whatever she did during that made it worse. So I made an appointment with Dr. arun rojanasakul. He works one day a week at BPk9 international hospital where I've been going he normally works over at Bumrungrad. He looked at it for like 5 seconds and said fistula needs surgery. He told me he does one everyday over at Bumrungrad and he made his own technique called "lift". It felt like he was really quick to diagnose it but I guess hes an expert. Looking at the surgery on youtube it looks pretty awful and I'm getting a lot of anxiety about this. I talked to Dr.Donna over at a medconsulant and she told me how all the doctors here want to do surgery so that made me even more nervous. I dont want some guy just messing around my butt if its not 100% necessary. My surgery is supposed to be on Wed im debating canceling it or not right now. I'm just curious if anyone has had this or has any advice for me. Thanks for reading
  4. Thanks and one more question for you BritTim or anyone in the know. Is Chiang Mai airport considered "safe". I could buy a ticket from Vietnam to there and spend the night and fly back to BKK if thats the case. Thanks.
  5. Havent fully committed to Vietnam for a visa. Kind of cold feeting over the fact I've got 6 tourist visas in there(over 3 years) and have to travel through an airport. I've gotten 2 tourist visas from Vientiane both in 2017. Would I be safe to get another without getting the blue stamp? I see you guys talking about Savannakhet is that a good option?
  6. Ye I might of misunderstood I wanted to make sure there was no rule like that. I was planning on doing one this week on the 13th Wed and my depart day was going to be Saturday the 23. I didnt want to waste a day going to Chaeng Wattana to be told I cant do one. I take it the Bangkok immigration does them two weeks early? Thanks
  7. Hello I seen this posted in another thread and just wanted to confirm. It was said that you can only extend your 30days at immigration a week before the date you have to leave. I always thought you could extend whenever you wanted. Is this a written rule? I was planning on extending 10days early this time. Thanks
  8. Oh it can only be up to a week early? I was going to do one two weeks early i never knew that.
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