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  1. So the TV extension line was like 3 people when I walked in. I think they were going to just give me the extension(not 100% sure) but they ended up pointing to my "this person travels to Thailand on TV often" blue stamp from SAV and said I have to go to the other line. I didnt even notice the stamp actually it was so hard to see and they didnt say anything so yeah that was lame. Waited another 4 hours to get into the TM30 line. I noticed tons of older couples complaining and frustrated. Talked to another 60+ couple whos lived here 27 years saying how its tough for them and they had to come down. Anyways waited and tried to act like I didnt have my GFs info but they said no take. Had to print out a rental agreement and GFs info and ended up getting the extension spending the entire day down there. Honestly if I didnt have a GF here I'd just not bother anymore. Talking to that couple who has 4 kids who're born here and speak fluent Thai and are more Thai then USA/British but arent even Thai citizens says all you need to know. Even the people who feel good today under the rules shouldnt as anything could happen tomorrow. It was the extension fee +a 800 baht fine. I imagine gf gets a fine in the mail or someting.
  2. Ok I can live with that. I was just worried they'd send me home to get some type of paperwork or something. Thanks for the timely replies!
  3. She hasnt registered for it.When we did my last TV extension 3 months ago nothing was said about the TM30 but I guess now its a different climate. Will I be able to just pay the fine and get an extension?
  4. I have to do the Extension Tuesday. So she can just log in online and she can fill out the TM30 and I'll be good to go? Would the problem just be a fine? Thanks for the reply. I've been seeing some people say its not problem on tourist visas searching through the facebook group and reading websites but cant find a concrete answer which is why im here.
  5. I've been staying at my GFs condo and she hasntfilled out a TM30. Is this going to be a problem when I go down to CW to extend 30 days on my passport? If its a problem am I looking at just a fine or being sit back to get a bunch of paperwork? Thanks
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