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  1. You will get 90 days per to stay based on your non-B visa Your WP will be valid.
  2. If you enter before August 20th, you will receive 90 days permission to stay. You can get a new visa after that. You are confusing validity of visa and permission to stay. Permission to stay is what counts. You don't have to renew your visa 30 days before.
  3. Renewal or first license, last time I renewed I didn't need a medical certificate.
  4. Happens here also when passing a restaurant that is frying dried chilli.
  5. Thipadee Paweenasathean, 50. Future forward candidate for Lampang. Yes, she's 50.
  6. Hey, my son (7) also loves Roblox. In fact his English reading and writing is better than his Thai. He goes to the EP here.
  7. I use 400.000 in a fixed saving account. Never been asked where the money comes from. Could you tell us what immigration office you use as requirements differ.
  8. As said goldshops might not offer best value but they will lend you money as a pawnshop.
  9. They will be transferred to IDC in Bangkok. They will be detained until they can pay for the overstay and have tickets home. No time limit. IDC is a hellhole.
  10. They made a bike lane on a road here on Samui. Excellent for parking cars.
  11. Only applies if you are are unconscious. Else you could have selected a cheaper hospital. Bangkok hospital KS is the most expensive hospital in Thailand
  12. Almost five years now since a 46 year old German got killed on Samui, they caught all three, still police have not turned it over to prosecution. Old article here, nobody cares anymore, nothing going to happen. http://www.samuitimes.com/brutal-murder-of-german-in-samui-goes-unpunished-two-years-after-the-event/
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