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  1. As per above, and to add you only need the work permit, no need for business visa. When you get your work permit you can extend your stay for one year based on family, this is better than extension based on employment.
  2. If he doesn't approve, tell him you want extension based on marriage instead, lot more paperwork for him.
  3. There is a report that Yangoon will issue for child whiteout financial support. Only one report.
  4. Government hospital in Nathon has same price as government hospital in Korat, so you came here for treatment at a private hospital because it's better and then complain about the price?
  5. No Samui is not more expensive if you avoid the tourists. Tesco, BigC, Makro have same prices as in Korat. Actually Makro here is better than in Chiang Mai or Korat on fresh food because of the turnover, still same price. Local Muslim seafood market, bet you don't find a cheaper in Korat. Basically, if you come here as a tourist, you pay tourist money, even if you live in Korat. We, the locals pay Thai prices. Only exemption is gasoline, that's two baht more than on the mainland. Yes, I know you live in Korat and calls it a dump... Buriram is a nice place.
  6. So your ME visa expired in December 2018, you cannot get 90 extension on visas, you're confusing it with the 90 day report, it's not an extension of stay. Or is your visa valid until August 2019, I'm confused. Doubt that becase visas are only valid for a year and then you must have entered the same day as your visa was issued. Is it a non-B or non-O.
  7. When you say your wife, do you mean Thai wife. If so, why didn't you get a non-immigrant O visa?
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