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  1. OA visa is issued by the MFA. Extension of stay is issued by immigration. There has not been issued any new police order for immigration. Also immigration do not make distinction between an extension of stay based on non-OA or based on non-O. There's no requirement for health insurance for Non-O.
  2. Here is the review Manfred (dive instructor according to internet) wrote last month. Google translate from German. Not recommended 13.09.2019 by Manfred xxxxxxxxxxx I was on Koh Samui with <company name removed> So I would say, unbelievable, that someone like that has a base. His car is a disaster, because the thing consists only of rust, hardly starts and then he calls it even "car with character". His hobby is the customer care and that is well. He also does not care about safety, who takes photos during the try-in dive and in the course. In the course, he even lets exercises in the open water, especially the so important repetitions When it comes to money, he always asks first, before the trip even starts and if you're lucky you get your money sometimes back, but rather rarely to not even. Dive packages are booked in advance and if you can not dive the package, then your money is still gone. I absolutely can not recommend this base as there are much better on Samui.
  3. Not a tourist. He is a dive instructor. He has made a real nasty and personal review of a local dive company and its owner under his own name on Internet. Case of a German stitching up another German.
  4. So standard extension based on Thai child. This topic is about child extension while married.
  5. Did you need photos, presence of child etc. Can you list what documents they accepted.
  6. There has not been a single report that someone succeded. This would be the preferred option as you only have to show funds on the day of application.
  7. Found him after a quick search. He is a dive instructor. He has made a real nasty and personal review of a local dive company and its owner under his own name. Guess that wasn't the most clever thing to do if you were on overstay.
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