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  1. Ok Mystic Meg calm down, we'll see what happens. You are like those who say a no deal Brexitwill be a disaster? Just like they said about us not joining the Euro. They all read the tarot cards and some look at the entrails of animals for these "Predictions". I myself are sceptical of all the <deleted> I read eminating from the losing remainers side who control the BBC and the Hoses of commons. The people voted, we knew whst we voted for and we know what the EU is. It is the remainers that need educating. The EU want a Roman style Empire with their own flag, anthem, army, dictatorship government. Listen to Verhofstadt on those subjects. See if you are not convinced of their goals? Wonder how their army will march? The goose step? How will they salute Ya Vol Mien Fuhrer?
  2. Does this mean retirees on Non Imm 'O' require the insurance or not? It seems to me they have only specified O-A. If it is brought in for Non Imm. 'O' then the insurers are pricing us out of the country. There is no need for outpatient cover as that is always affordable. If the long stayer retireee can show that he has always had over 40000 in his account at any time during his stay then he would be able to pay outpatient bills. The cover of 400000 would not be enough for most xpats like me and reasonable prices for a more extensive cover should be provided by the insurers. Govering holidays of no more than a month duration with worldwide, Europe, Europe and UK and Worldwide inc USA or USA and Asian countries. I admit it would be wise to have cover but at tje moment any reasonable cover from a half decent company is knocking on 60000 Baht per year for a 60 year old or less. There needs to be a clause yo ensure renewability at a reasonable cost after 70. Insurance companies could make a bundle from this do it should be fair and reasonable. There should also be an insurance policy to cover Thai government hospitals for those who cannot afford the private hospitals cover. This would help fund Thai hospitals and prevent non payment of bills. Though I doubt that few long term retiree have failed to pay his bills ic any. Most is caused by tourists not being insured. That should definately stop. I have never gone anywhere without insurance cover.
  3. This only apply's to O-A visas and not retirement extension 'O' nor family visas/extensions for the moment. The available insurances are too expensive and inaduquate at the lower end and anthing aduquate comes out at 80000 per year. 8 months wages for the average joe. The outpatient requirement is not necessary for most xpats. Now, having to trabsfer more than the 800000 because of the rule saying gou have to have thd money without youching it gor 5 months and only half after thag means transferring some 1.2MB in my case to account for the months without touching the money. This a over £33000 which is a huge amount to have to transfer especially with a strong Baht and a weak pound and totally unnecessary. It looks as though the want shot of us. I cannot afford thst and it means my family here will do without if I have to leave. There is no tbought put into these schemes and regulations at all.
  4. My x did not have to pay anthing in the UK when she got pregnant on a student visa nor when she had numerous other treatnents and an operation to fix a jaw problem. Also given full legal right to stay in UK without marriage and benefits. Thailand is mocking us!
  5. The UK will be ultimately better off without the EU. It's like living in a dictatorship with Germany at the head. Why did we fight two wars and see all those people dead and maimed for? Better to have let Hitler win in that case. If we dont get out the Brexit party will be in and Nigel Farage will be PM. No bad thing that. Get rid of the musty sleepy House of Favoured Peers and get a Senate. Dont like this newish Court of getting things wrong though. Its like getting stopped by a cop for chewing gum and he wants to fine you or jail you. You tell him it is not against the law and he says " soon rectify that one, hello is that the supreme court"!
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