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  1. Margerine is just a few molocules away from plastic and even a rat or cockroach won't eat it. My father lived to 84 and was capable and healthy ( died from a stroke) he ate fat all his life but worked hard, so I cannot see the harm in fat despite what we are told. Butter was a staple partt of any diet 70 - 80 years ago and men and women fought two wars on it if they were lucky to get it. As said above however, Olive and Canola spreads seem to be the current go to spread for your bread. I pesonally use olive.
  2. Just remember if they move out you will be footing the bill!
  3. The PCR test was never recommended to be used to test for viruses and is always giving false positives. Are people dying from it? No, they are not. The worst you can say is that people are dying from pre-existing conditions that 'MAY BE' exacerbated by COVID. This is not the deadly disease that it was touted to be in the media so cases are meaningless.
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