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  1. COVID 19 will definately be back but next time no closures as the current lockdown has cost too much both in monetary terms and the suffering, hardship and deaths as a result of closure. The deaths due to closure far outweigh the 56 mostly elderly, frail and sick people who supposedly died from COVID. I myself believe that COVID is an exasserbation to an already weak immune system and would never "on it's own" cause death. The "weak virus" dies at extremely low temperatures so we don't want people recklessly going into saunas and on threadmills and gym bikes raising temperatures and killing it, do we? Strange how Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos had no deaths? ( some of the poorest and least equipped countries in Asia) isn't that lucky?
  2. Go on, another month and the country will have a revolution. People are starving and the government have refused millions the bare minimum to survive. We may get democracy back when this government is brought down. People are already screaming for a return of the Shinawatra's.
  3. The standard masks do not prevent the spread of the virus nor offer protection from viruses it is stated clearly on the box. What they do do is get you to inhale the bacteria. Germs an carbon dioxide you are supposed to breathe out therefore changing the PH of your blood and subjecting you to illness. Making them compulsory could land a number of businesses with claims for compensation, especially from staff who are forced to wear useless masks all day every day just for show. An N95 hospital mask may offer some protection but those are extremely hard to breathe through and are not for long term use. They dhould only be used in a hospital setting by professionally trained medical staff. They can be life threatening to those with lung disease like COPD, Bronchitis or Asthma to name a few and therefore should not be worn by those affected under any circumstance.
  4. The children are at home with their family, their family meet others and the children meet and play with other children. There is no way to stop the spread of this virus unless you want to live in a bubbl and never interact with anyone ever again. The only way to fight this virus is being healthy. Government giving good advice on what to eat and what supplements to take. We do not see this happening and it is the only logical thing to do." Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be your food" (Hippocrates). This so called virologist is an idiot.
  5. You have been watching too much mainstream news. Need to curtail that as it is detrimetal for people and countries. If you are in fear, then protect yourself by wrapping yourself in celephane and hide in a cupboard. However, do not impose your totally illogical fear on the rest of the country as government " specialists" have been doing. Italy has downgraded their death count by more than 96% and tests of a PAW PAW have come back as posative in Tanzania. Durian is in quarentine. There is a cure announced by the President of Madagascar so do not worry about this flu.
  6. I have a Honda HRV RS 2018 the red colour with 12K Km perfect with lots of extras inc. Full leather interior if anyone wants to buy? Bangkok area. PM me if interested.
  7. Like Italy the UK, US and France will see the numbers of alleged COVID patients drop by 96% as near everyone who died was recorded as COVID. Facts revealed by MP's in the Italian Parliament. There is a natural cure announced by the President of Madagascar and the President of Tanzania who is himself a qualified Doctor and scientist, sent many samples to be tested giving them ages, names and a sex. He sent samples of Durian, Sheeps blood, Goats blood, Paw Paw fruit, engine oil and many more. The tests that came back from the lab were laughable. Paw Paw is a gonner having been diagnosed as positive and Durian is in quarentine. Then they expect people to trust the tests? No one is sticking anything in my body to test or other. I am not going to be tracked by government either. Rights are taken little by little and with stealth. Beware.
  8. You can always stay at home and hide from the boogy virus.
  9. The advice from medical professionals is that children up to the age of 17 should not spend more than 20 min. Looking at any screen (TV, Phone, Computer) without taking a break of 40 min. That is currently not being done. As my 12Yo plays on her computer daily during her spare time, this additional time on computer daily without sufficient breaks will have a detrimental effect on my child's health. I believe something should be done as schools will be open to law suits should children show adverse symptoms from too much screen time.
  10. The Thai's they are asking don't frequent pubs as anyone who does would not vote that way. It's like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.
  11. Keep the bars shut, I'm saving a fortune. Open the massage parlours, my head hurts from all this control and slave mentality. Thai's don't frequent pubs. However, if they stay shut the tourists won't come and that will be the final nail in the coffin for Thailand's tourism trade. When tourists go elsewhere to enjoy more free and open countries hospitality.
  12. A complete waste of time and money with unsocial distancing. This is certainly no worse than a flu, so why the changes? In Thailand there is no one on the streets with it. It will be back again next year or after. What will government do then? Shut down again? Unrealistic and foolish. In fact what was done so far has been idiotic. No need whatsoever. A control mechanism. We cannot stop the world for every cough and sneeze. This kind of epidemic should be dealth with by giving good health advice and improving immune systems. No vaccinations which do not work and spread disease.
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