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  1. £5 for a bottle of Jim Beam when I went about 3 years ago. Cheap as chips.
  2. MCB's can be faulty too. They can be checked by a very good electrician but I would replace that MCB as it is easier and cheaper. If MCB's short many times then they should be replaced as they may become inaccurate or the terminals may weld together. In fact the reccomendation is to replace after a single short. No one does that however and I do not see the need to do that. I agree that an double pole RCD be fitted in place of of your breaker as it will ensure a greater level of safety on all circuits. You need to have an electrician do this as sometimes you may have circuits with leakage current or faults that the current system will not detect and a good electrician will be able to resolve those issues should they arise. I am a fully qualified NICEIC electrical contractor and part P installer.
  3. And it is already sealed in nature' protective skin. What need for a bag?
  4. They still automatically put plastic spoon and fork in the bag when you get a ready meal heated, even though I don't want them or use them. They never ask, same with straws. I get milk for tea, not to drink through a straw. They still waste and staff are not trained to ask. If they ask you every time if you require a bag, it might remind some to carry one and ask if the customer wants any kind of plastic. Including covers for drinks.
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