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  1. Glad you are not Police or a Judge. The law states that you 'must' give way to oncoming traffic when exiting a side road. It does not say 'except if you are travelling faster than adjacent traffic' or ' you are going faster than tbe speed limit for the road'. It was the BMW who should be aware of oncoming traffic and wait and take the furthest left lane and not the centre or right hand lane. You need to study the rules of the road and redo your test, as you would be a danger on the road witb your 60% / 40% in such a clear case of dangerous driving, blocking traffic, cutailing and abusing another road driver. Disgraceful.
  2. If the child came from europe and booked to return to europe, no problem. It is the child's residence that is important. Where it has lived last, legally for 6 or more months. It is to there that the child must go and any arguement settled in the courts of that country. It is not possible yo legally take the child from it's resident country without the expressed permission of the parent resident/citizen in that country.
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