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  1. and yeah ,, fergie wasnt so far of the mark ,, i like matic and shaw as players but i was genuinely horrified when i saw an eye level camera shot of the both leaving the park,, i'm wondering if anyone else noticed this or something similar again i'm wondering if they werent worth SO much money the clubs would be so keen to get them bac ,, cos to me neither looked anywhere near the shape needed for an 'elite' athlete to perform at the required level
  2. <deleted> the queens english, this is the internet and text talk give or take applies and as you point out its YOU and others that has the problem not me ,, shortening words ect ect is ok when it suits RG comes up with using capitals to emphasis words,, ahhhh for a sigh loads and loads of them, asap the list can go on and on..
  3. Yeah i knew youd come up with digs and somthing borderline low brow .. i aint a doc .. but as i said this aint a post knock or tiredness thing i have dealt with 'bodywell being' via intersts and training and judging by their shape they looked borderline disabled IF either turned up for what i'm involved in then ..well tbh i wouldnt want them involved.. imo they be a risk and need SERIOUS help
  4. Thia aint a 'lookin for an arguement' post i'm a fan ish of both players just an observation saw a pitch side camera of utd players walkin off, as opposing the norm angle from above where all looks well matic with his. Shufflin bow ish legs hips and upper body looked almost deformed.and, lookin at his body shape. IMO he'll be a cripple in later life ok a rich one.. but ...and i was aHUGE fan of shaw but he was defo walkin witha PROUNOUNCED limp aka gazza not one from a recent injury.. that sort of fits cos he aint quite the REAl deal he looked earlier ... still good enuf but dont seem to quite scoot past oppsing defenders as b4 thoughts guys..
  5. Yeah,, some people just cant get over the playin the same old tunes ... ok seems topical football aint the strongest on here SO CLIE ryan giggs Atm is v aware of the record breaker
  6. Been a while So heres ones up until this ish season maradona held a record and it was beaten by player now playin in the chinese lge what was the record.
  7. Had some decent players at that time.. didnt they get dowling from utd.. banged a few in if i recall.
  8. Ahh.. gotcha .. me being a dumbarse.. it was a clue..
  9. so who were you thinking it was here then ?
  10. not the one i'm thinking of. think he started at sunderland and played with pele at new y cosmos and got a few england caps in between , the rest i've no idea.
  11. Sounds a bit like your doing your normal unwittingly trollish thing last time it was coming in and telling me i was wrong and vererity isnt the best left back at the club. REALLY... the weekish b4 the brexit vote i got 54 to the £ Now its 40 so do the maths.. not dificult And where people live has NOTHING to do with this thread OR you As you say hapi days .
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