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  1. Yeah.. bearing in mind indi cinema didnt really exist then pretty amazing that he even got it made given that he went against the hollywood studios vice like grip on everything 'cinema' in that he wrote directed produced AND starred in it.
  2. 3 minus 2

    Asian Cup: Thailand out to MAKE A POINT

    Well done thailand despite the managerial fiasco they've reached the ko stage .. next up china ko 2 pm uk time BIG game.
  3. 3 minus 2

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Yeah when he goes That oould work since walker we havnt had any SCARY pace down the rhs.. tho poch seems to go with wingers that can play both sides..
  4. 3 minus 2

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Saw some reports on us re lookin at malcom .. young brazilian at barca... know nish bout him though... lucus playing of ali anyone? could be worth a look, deli can hold play, finish and is more mobile than other options and lucus is just a terror..
  5. 3 minus 2

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Yeah jansson isnt he still out on loan? Thought it was a shame we never gave him another season. Decent physical presence and always looked well up for a challenge thought there 'was light at the end of the tunnel in terms of his development..he seemed to 'over try', maybe the pressure got to him, dificult but he defo needed just to relax and go with the flow,, easy sayin that but not so when the knobhead media and idiot prem fans ONLY judge you on goals scored..like kane, for me, and for whatever reason he was poor for the first 2 plus ish mnths of the season but all was percieved as 'well'cos he scored a few .. but hey everyone judges football by their own measure shallow or what ever.. and Some just look for the negative and aint got the nouce to realise that in anyway it dont look good but thats life i suppose, takes all sorts
  6. 3 minus 2

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    ^^^ IMO on a consistent level NEVER got the 'return' from him that his talent warrented. That at 30 ish he's headin to china NOT spain or one of the other 'major' euro lg's speaks for itself.. shame really.. but hey thanx for some great games and some outstandin performances wish the guy well
  7. 3 minus 2

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Yep.. so with kane injured and son gone NOW we're in a crisis.. 4 me not that much has changed all season .. traditionaly kanes a late starter and son's been absent with leave and not really match fit until ?? games ago.. so with lucas returnin soon, ali steppin up.. 4 me he aint been great recently and boy wonder pamela all well capable of world class performances/ displays we'll be more than ok.. from watchin many many worse crisis's at exeter .. IF HANDLED RIGHT.. a star in the makin will emerge..short term pain for long term gain.. so to speak.. but we'll c