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  1. ^^ yeah good old bbc ALWAYS right arnt they..
  2. wanyama off to bruges ... .slipped well down the peckin order so no big surprise . tbh never really thought we saw the best of him.. familar tale persistent injuries ec ect https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49434927
  3. when he went into neg's with man utd.. i read they said his EARNINGS were £350.000 per wk... and wanted that at least to move .. and just b4 he supposedly talked to us a journo on the bbc who seemed v sure of his info, said that kane and ???? had clause's in their contract..s to give them 'parity' so it wouldnt have been just his wages levy had to accomodate.. others contractually were entitled to the same.. so on that it wasnt EVER gonna happen.. what ACTUALLY happened.. your guess is as good as mine.. pr wise us 'sniiffing' at a 'world stage' player did our 'non spending' image no harm..
  4. 4 it wont happen in jan for the same reasons as it didnt happen last window EARNINGS .. sayin it wont happen it could happen if he roughly half's his earnings .. which aint v likely.. and besides with that 'form' juv wont b lookin 2 hard to offload
  5. I m all fot giving young parrot a go.. any striker worth his salt aint gonna come to us knowing all he's gonna do it in kanes shadow.. however give young parrot a couple of years shadowing kane and u never know he maybe ready to fill his boots IF and WHEN kane does the off. the kids got a sublime 1 st touch and an eye for goal. tbh atm weve got a decent squad.. however this weird euro thing could REALLY cost us its just mad t that despite us closin our transfer window europeans can ignore that and come and plunder squads is just RIDICULOUS, close should mean closed.. no more in and no more out.
  6. bottom line is NONE of our forwards had much of the game.. it was as much as our 'midfeild' could do to stop their high line over running us . and consequently starving our forward players, last weeks game was tailor made for erickson.. play was 100% in their half and erickson ran between the lines and absolutely dictated the game yestday was a totally difent every ball goin to our front players was a battle and HARD fought for, sissoko's power helped bring it out but erickson came in and was expected to give a hand and he did however TUFING IT out and playin in our half aint really gonna show case his ability.. in fairness I dont think you can critise erickson and our forward players by comparing last week to this week.. POLAR opposite games in fact we did to villa what city did to us
  7. in fairness ALL of our players that 'perform' in and around their final 3rd had poor games... why was that you think ?
  8. barring that i thought you battered us,,and u must be feeling hard done by howwever playin your lot is all about hanging in there and taking the opp's thats given and theres no denying that we did.. oh just a thought I saw chrissy waddle do to guy ceaser at highbury what sterling did to walker peters and ceaser lost the plot and all but disapeared,, have to say walker peters Never shyed and in the end stood tall, big up to the kid.
  9. disagree, the new law has makes it v clear, in the build up to a goal, v easy no interpretation needed. the ball touch's a hand ,,, HANDBALL none of this was it hAND TO BALL OR BALL TO HAND ,, its done and dusted simple and clean without any lingering grey areas.
  10. again really decent goin forward, cebalus entertaining.. . but as per last 10 ? seasons suspect @ the bac, 2 me another cb which maybe should have been luis? should have been pickin up barnes rather leaving him for your holdin middie..suppose i'm nit pickin .. but small details at that level .. Barnes is maybe my fav outside top 6 prem striker.. what a total pain in the but he must be for defenders..
  11. ^^^ trouble is neve from what i saw of him he looked like he really needed a run of games and to bang a few goals in to get through where he was at atm and given the competition , looks like all he's likely to get is a few minutes off the bench will that be enuf? a conundrum for ollie. cos at 500 £ a week theres gonna be problems findin a new home
  12. you just couldnt make it up.. spends 135 mil and doesnt kbow if the teams stronger. UNFRIGGING BELIEVABLE ... seems v likely he's <snip>and the clubs a MESS.. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/unai-emery-admits-doesnt-know-18949784
  13. ^^ never really thought he lacked commitment. when i've seen him admitedly under muri , he was played slightly deeper and just looked desperatly short of match fitness out of nick in cricket terms.. no surprise he's got injured ,so often happens when 'chasing 'fitness. perhaps the recent run of chile games helped him along? .. if he doesnt get game time by xmas.. probably best he moves on .. be a bloody shame to let such talent go to waste.
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