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  1. B4 I go.. great performance ..thought you did to them what man city couldn't do to us. And.cant see how he can bench Jota now..
  2. Well..it'll be ok though peeps signed on for another 2 years Quick juggle of the books and a suprisingly large sponsorship deal.... And bobs your uncle...peps done SO well.. he's bought yet another top end team..
  3. There so good atm, their goal difference suggests relegation form rather that title contenders....
  4. Yeah son made the crusial breakthrough and the game could have played out completely diferently if he hadn't but Kane IS gettin bac to his best.. first time I've seen him make those deep starting power runs and actually pull away.. however the REAL reason we won the match was sissoko and hjoy... Our holding midfield pair were EVERYWHERE, coverin our wing Bacs CBS ... The lot. They were TRULY outstanding..
  5. Man !!!! Have a closer look at what you post b4 you put you critise others.
  6. Durin the gam Been thinkin perhaps not. Hand perhaps not in a unnatural pos.. ref in a good position. Blah de blah. ....BUT half time saw it in slow mo. and 100%.he even moved his hand to ball .. var did look at it, and how the Duc that wasn't a clear error by the ref.. consistency consistency consistency PLEASE. ..
  7. Phillips not worth a start ? Surprised thought he looked ok... Just needed more time Wow. matip.... That was a pen..
  8. Yeah when I've watched them this season .. they've been sloppy at the bac... Slow to close down... and losin their shape enuf to be exploited ...something they were double good at last season.. v. V Disciplined... Not so this year.. and NO DOUBTS they've missed henderson...bloody shame he's languishing as runner up at man utd, for me he's a top notch keeper..and should be at LEAST challenging pickford...ramsdale this season early doors, he looked as though last year's relegation shook him a little, he's turned it around. BUT. For me their poor form for them started.from their
  9. As I said b4 personal attacks are not acceptable. You don't like or can't be bothered to read wot I write just ignore DONT ATTACK
  10. Good win and sounded like you deserved it just caught the clips on bein.. decent shot.. but Think ramsdale is havin a bit of a hard time atm.. he got a.good hand to it think he should have done .better? . pushed it out around the post or down? . but hey... Semantics..congrats
  11. I've seen enuf to know what pep does. And frankly it's boring watchin you try to demolish teams with your relentless tippy tappy football.. silghty better/diferent when you had silva .. he was special and could pull something out the hat .. but now ... Atm you ain't very good at it .. like your lge position suggests..
  12. Yeah. Football moans are slightly diferent.. that's what football forums are for.. but just to attack and villify someone with little or no point.. that's just being a c$$$t
  13. Perhaps not every the exceptions like Leeds thnk they can storm the prem.. but they're findin out the hard way ... The 'budget' way to stay in the prem primarily is to sort your bac line out.
  14. Yeah .. my mother used to say. Unless you've got something positive to say nothing...
  15. And..EVERY team in the prem have sussed it's easier to improve a defence AND far cheaper. and honestly I find city games boring to watch the tippy tappy relentless high press cuts the game in half.. imo ruins spectacle..
  16. I watched pogba in the week for France .. Tbh not noticed it b4 but he looked a player SERIOUSELY out of nick ,. Would be the cricket term..
  17. Just thinkin about yesterday A Target man wouldn't have been a be a bad option. But don't suppose that's in peps play book ..
  18. AND arguably most importantly you need to be scorin.. something your forwards this season are are struggling with
  19. Trying to put a neutral hat on.. I HONESTLY don't think anyone found yesterday's game dull or boring. It was a great spectacle...
  20. And I went on to explain it depends on the opposition.. but yeah the same that's the structure he's built/sorted. but with some flexibilty. as I said prev' flexibilty will be needed the chavs are a more dificult proposition than yourselves they have a number of midfield and striking formations... so I expect he'll start as per and adapt. Last time they took us apart b4 Jose adapted . But if teams sit back there's enuf guile about ndombele kane son and bale lucus or bergy. To unlock most solid defences and with moussa and hje lookin solid and FINALLY givin our wing Bacs suffici
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