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  1. Tell them you have a job interview at another school, and leave. If they gave me grief, the next words out my mouth would be go f¥ck them selves. Of course it would be right after payday. 5555.
  2. A source that doesn't want to be named is not a source. Totally made up BS usually follows such a statement.
  3. Lie down with dogs you get fleas. People without money only use people with money.
  4. Don't do it. It is dangerous. I use my sister-in-law sometimes and at night time I can't not see out the windows . I have to roll the windows down just to see if a motorcycle or truck with <deleted>ty lights are coming at me at intersections. Plus I do not give into this whole the sun is going to kill me vampire life style. I know people that can't have a normal life because when and where to go outside is controlled by the sun.
  5. I'm sure it was a fantasy of yours when you were in your twenties to have sex with a 65 year old wrinkly grandmother. So I'm sure it feels the same for her. Hope your paying a large sum monthly and leaving everything to her. As she will need therapy many years after you are gone.
  6. Why not sugest the female teachers get themselves a english speaking native man. So they can improve their english skills among other things.
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