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  1. I dont golf, but a few friends of mine do. They go through the caddies like water. The caddies make as much if not more than the best bar girls. Alot have homes and cars given to them by love stricken putters. They know that if the farang golfer can afford to golf , they can afford to have fun with them. Better than the cheap Charlie setting on the bar stool all day.
  2. Central and south America. Also Vietnam if your American.
  3. Probably voted most popular by his cell mates. Getting a stiff fine as we speak. He will miss his cell mates behind after he gets off with a serious tongue lashing about the evils of drunk driving.
  4. I would test the waters in neighboring countries. Meaning go live in each one for a year. Dont make any long term connections in any of them . Than you can judge where you want to be. Thailand isn't the same as when I started coming here 10 years ago.I think in a few years I will relocate.
  5. Set back and relax. Your stuck here for a while. Unless you want to jump through all the hoops needed to get back in. And the possibility of not getting back in. Decide where you want to be for the next couple years. And stay there.
  6. How will you know it is safe. There won't be enough history of it's usage until years from now. Plus the corvid is an over exaggerated illness. The more information that is coming out points to China and some socialist liberals causing panic.
  7. I think we should all stand behind them . And but them on your staff if you have any kind of business.. It would certainly take a load off the minds of the people here in thailand. Keep it up, with a stroke of luck we can all lick this problem .
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