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  1. The lesson here is don't hit power poles. Seems easy enough. But yet so many do it.
  2. There are small houses here called knock down houses. I checked into them around Korat. The most basic started at 125,000 baht. And up. We built one for the in-laws so they could live next to my sister in-laws home. I paid for the materials and the family put in the labor. Steel frame. My total cost was just over 100,000.
  3. Hopefully he will learn how to take care of himself and not suck off his moms titt the rest of his life. My wife has 2 sons 21 and 25 . Both sponging off their mother. Every baht she earns goes to the care of her elderly parents and lazy sons. The two boys always have an excuse for not working.
  4. Mindles sheep shaking in their boots brain washed that you will be one of the 1% who will die from this. Did you die from the flue 2 years ago. Or 5 years ago. And the thought that any government is responsible for your health after you left it's borders. So if you break your leg or sprain your ankle they should swoop in and hold your hand. What a joke.
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