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  1. Greetings All I'm now reaching that unwanted age, where I need modern medicine to help in managing my morning glory !!. I've heard that Viagra may come with a few unwanted side effects, so I'm wary of using that product. In the Philippines, I came across some chinese herbal pills, that did the trick, very well indeed. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find these wonder pillls in Thailand. Does anyone know of any pharmacy in Pattaya or Bangkok that sells this sort of chinese supplement?. Id rather do business with a regular pharmacy than those vendors, touting their stuff, on the street. I've often wondered what is really inside those packets, marked as viagra, kimagra and the like !!
  2. I arrived at about the same time as you, I've never seen such a long line leading to the immigration counters, at swampy . Fortunatelty, I followed a small family group into the priority immigration cue. That bit of very sly cue jumping probably saved me a 90 minute wait. Thai immigration really need to do something and quickly!!
  3. Greetings All I'm on the short-list for a job far,far from the Kingdom. My probable new employer wants me to produce a police clearance from the country in which I reside ( thailand) to show that I'm of good character and I've managed to keep away from serious trouble. I've never applied for such a police clearance before and was wondering whether anyone on this board has succcessfully applied for such a thing.If so, how did you go about getting it ??
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