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  1. a firm isn't from Thailand, nor from SE Asia
  2. I went to the immigration and got a residency certificate or, rather, notification form from them. I don't know which it is. I didn't pay for it. However a firm where I sent it to, says that they accept documents only with a full address on them. Whereas on my document it states only the name of my appartment/hotel, building number, and a street also I think. "Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand, 20150" -- is what's missing. Is there such a document issued by the immigration with the full, fullest address on it? Should I go and ask them to specify my full address on the document?
  3. Thanks. 1. Can it be done by myself with no issues? Or only an agent will be able to do it the next day and otherwise I'll have to wait almost a month? 1a. Also, I've read that it can only be obtained by first time visitors. But you say that that's not the case and moveover, the process be repeated by leaving the country and then re-entering?
  4. 1. Can the "ordinary" visas (E class) be extended not when it's getting closer to the end of my 30-days stay, but after a few days after I've entered Cambodia? 2. What are relatively easy ways nowadays to extend it for those who don't work in the country? Not retired, not married, with no property owned. I'd need 6-12 months, preferably multiple entries. Or at the very least - 3 months, single. 3. I've been to Cambodia multiple times, with 30-days visas, around 1 time once per 1-2 years. That is, I've always stayed under a month per year. Would I be granted EG exntention for my E-visa this time with no problem? For 6-12 months?
  5. Thanks. As I've said - any type of address confirmation will do, as long as it looks legitimate and more or less official. That is, what I need it for is irrelevant. 1. Ok. 2. Ok. But there're no notary publics in Cambodia, nor in SE Asia either. There're simple or local, or whatever they're called, notary services. That should work as well.
  6. 1. anything that looks more or less official will do 2. guest house/hotel Ok, I'll ask my embassy.
  7. I need a concreate information. "Try to go somewhere, may be they'll help you" isn't what I'm looking for. What bank? Why do you assume I have a bank account in Cambodia?
  8. There's no agent providing me VISA.
  9. How can I get a confirmation of my address in Cambodia? The more official it looks, the better. With a tourist visa. Is there a procedure akin to one in Thailand where I could to the immigration ask them for such a document?
  10. because 90% of the time anywhere in the country they won't understand English no matter how simple a request is. In some banks they often won't understand the phrase "I want to open a new account". As if I was the first foreigner who came to their bank ever with such a strange request.
  11. How are western tourists superiour than Indians? Why have western tourists, who are so-called rich, been travelling to the country less lately because of .... the strong baht?
  12. How to obtain a statement (transactions for N last weeks/months) + my address on it from Kasikorn bank offline? How much does it cost?
  13. is that true for pattaya only? On practise I mean. and is it me who must care about something what the owner of my condo room has to do?
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