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  1. I am a 49 yo man married to a Thai national. Last year I found an agent in Laos who obtained a 1 year Non-imm O ME. I need ME because I work around Asia (never Thailand) but mostly China and travel in amd out of the country frequently. This year I went to contact him again and can only assume that with the visa changes in Laos that he has ceased to operate. My Visa expired 21st January and I returned to Thailand on 25th on VoE 30 days. I was advised by a guy that I met yesterday that it is possible to get a METV 60 days or a Non-imm O ME 90 days at the Cambodia border without staying over night in Cambodia. Can anyone confirm this and / or recommend the best border point to do this. We currently live in Pattaya.
  2. Throw the bank book at them they mean. Let's face it the Pattaya are only interested in increasing their bank balance. If it's not financially viable they're not interested. Thinking today that the whole Pattaya RTP should be kicked out of Pattaya on on regular basis to different provinces. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts the most.
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