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  1. Well I've got the Amazon Firestick attached to the TV and of course it comes with Alexa. All you have to do is ask Alexa what a particular word means and it'll come up on the screen, spelling and definition and Alexa also says it as well. I thought I was onto something and it'd at least save me a job. Unfortunately, Alexa doesn't have a <deleted> clue what she's saying either.
  2. Do any of your girls get angry as well? Mine does. She'll ask me what something means and i'll not have a clue what she's on about. She'll keep saying the word and she starts to think i'm misunderstanding on purpose. She then gets annoyed, especially when I start laughing. And the more I laugh, the angrier she gets. Until I finally understand the word she was looking for and then I just point out just how was I to link that particular word to what was coming out of your mouth, then all is forgiven.
  3. This could turn into comedy gold. Disaster is another one she struggles with. For some strange reason she says diaster- as in-dee-aster.
  4. I have some fun with the missus with squirrel and sausages. The word we use for an illegitimate person is also good. I shout it out regularly when the footballs on, she copies me but she thinks i'm saying basket. Really funny, she loves her football, always shouting "dirty basket" at the screen. I don't have the heart to tell her.
  5. Wow, you could easily mistake that for a garden hose couldn't you.
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